Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


6. Will you be my Valentine??

At that time,Harry phones Mira.

Harry "Mira I'm so sorry about our fight last night.I was thinking for myself.I know you like Zayn and that's clear.I see that.Valentine day dance is coming up.I thought you would like to go together with me."

Mira "Harry I forgive you but about that dance.I don't think I can go together with you.Cause I'm waiting for the right guy to ask me."

Harry "I know.You're waiting for Zayn to ask you."

Mira "That's true."

Harry "I understand but you would make my world happy if you go to the dance with me."

Mira "Harry.It's not that I don't want to go to.I'm sure plenty of girls want to go with you."

Harry "That's right but I only want to go with you.Please.Just for Valentine day.Or else."

Mira "Or else what?"

Harry "I'll hurt myself."

Mira "Please don't do that.Are you crazy?"

Harry "Yeah crazy about you."

Mira "You make me smile.You're so sweet.I'll go but please don't hurt yourself.Promise me."

Harry "Thanks Mira.I love you."

Mira "What do you mean?"

Harry "Errr..I mean I love you as a friend.Don't think the other way."

Mira "Never mind.Us dating is never gonna work out.How about we just stay friends?'

Harry "I'll take that."

Mira "Bye."She hangs up.

Harry still on the phone "I can't take this.There must be some way to show her that I love her.I really do."

Niall comes into the library and he sees Crystal.He goes behind her.

Niall "Excuse me ma'am have you seen Niall Horan?"

Crystal "Niall Horan.I don't know him.Is he Irish?"She jokes.

Niall freaking out and says "Hey Crystal don't you really remember me?I'm Niall.Please don't forget me.I'm here.My name is N-I-A-L-L H-O-R-A-N"He spells.

Crystal "You don't need to spell your name.I know you.I was just kidding."

Niall "Thank God you remember me.Anyways about the dance.Maybe do you want to go with me?"

Crystal "I would be thrilled.Of course.I'll go with you.I don't know who else I'll go with."

Niall "Sounds great."

At the door of Lily's house.Door bell rings.So she comes and opens the door.She was surprised to see Liam because Liam was her star crush.She likes Liam about three years.She saw him on X factor.

Lily "Hey Liam.What are you doing here?"

Liam "I was in the neighbourhood I thought I stopped by and say hi."

Lily "How do you know that's my house?"

Liam "I've got my covers."

They both laughed.

Lily "You're so cute and funny.What do you want to tell me?"

Liam "How can you tell?"

Lily "I know people I can tell by looking at their eyes."

Liam "About the dance."Lily hoping that he would ask her.

Liam "I'm asking Carly to go together with me."

Lily "What?"

Liam "Why isn't that a great idea?"

Lily thinking "I thought he was going to ask me.Who would ever likes me?I'm fool to think that Liam was falling for me.I should say yes.Carly's my best friend.I would never do anything to hurt her.She likes Liam too that's my problem."

She decided and said "Yes Carly would be thrilled to her."

Liam "Really thanks I owe you one."He hugged her.

More chapters coming up.

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