Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


8. The Truth & Dance

Kelvin "How come you don't have a date to the dance?"

Selisia"I don't know we haven't been to the dance since you moved town."

Kelvin "Yeah I promise I'll go to the dance with you.And I'm back in town we can go to school together.My dad rented the place cause he got transferred back."

Selisia "Really that's a great news."She hugged him.

Kelvin thinking "Wow what is happening to me?I feel like I'm in love.I should tell her now.I can't hide my feeling forever."

Selisia "Hey what are you thinking about?"She tossed a pillow at him.

Kelvin "Huh!Nothing.Selisia I have something to tell you."

Selisia "Really sure tell me."

Kelvin "I-I-I love"

Selisia "What is it?"

Kelvin "Nothing I was going to say that.I love this movie."

Selisia "We're watching Vampire Diaries."

Kelvin "Huh Vampire Diaries."

Selisia "Why are you acting so strange suddenly?"

Kelvin "Never mind.Let's watch this movie."

An hour later,they fell asleep.When they woke up,it was 3 in the afternoon.

Kelvin "Hey what time is it?"

Selisia "It's 3 in the afternoon."

Kelvin "That means we fell asleep all day."

Selisia "That's not the problem.The problem is today is Valentine Day.We have a dance to go."

Kelvin 'Yeah right right."

Selisia "I'd better go and dress up."She rushed into her bedroom and took a bath and put on her dress.

An hour later,Kelvin was already dressed.

Kelvin "You look beautiful."

Selisia "Thanks.You really think so."

Kelvin "I don't lie."

They went to the town hall.

At the dance,Lily "Carly why are you alone?Don't you have a date."

Carly "No.I came here cause I love Valentine Day even I don't have a date or not.I'm coming."

Lily "That's good cause there's a really shy guy at the dance who would like to have a dace with you.Do you mind dancing with him?"

Carly "Who is that guy?"

Lily "Nothing that you know.His name is Liam Payne."

Carly "No way."

Lily "Yep way way"

Liam approached near her and said "May I have this dance?"

Carly "I would be my honor."

They danced.Meanwhile,

Niall "Where's Crystal?I'm worried.She's never late."

Crystal "Hey Niall I'm sorry if I'm late."

Niall "That's okay.You're just in time.Let's dance shall we?"

Crystal "Indeed we shall."

By that time,Stereo Hearts song was playing.

Louis "You look amazingly cute in that dress."

Jenny 'Thanks.Lou."

Louis "Would you care for a dance?"

Jenny "Sure."

They danced.At that time,Harry and Zayn arrived.Zayn saw Mira first.He went near her.

Zayn "Mira.I'm already late.Let's dance."

Harry seem to saw Mira too.He said "Let go off her.She's with me.I'm her date."

Zayn "Mira you said you would cancel the date with Harry."

Mira "I'm really sorry.I've messed up."

Harry "I forgive you.Let's dance."

Zayn "Sorry isn't enough.I thought you like me."

Harry "Hey back off.You're making her cry."

Zayn "Don't cry.I didn't mean to.I'll back off.You must have problems.You look cute.You two would make a great couple."

Zayn thinking "I really love her a lot.She broke my heart.I hate to see her cry that's why I back off.If Harry makes her happy,that's not the problem.As long as she's happy,I'm happy.I'll try."

Mira "Harry.I don't want to the dance with you.It's Zayn.I love him."

Harry "Zayn Zayn Zayn why does everybody choose him?What does he have that I don't have?"

Mira "No you're prefect and handsome but I love Zayn.He's been my celebrity crush forever since."

Harry "Never mind.I'll go away.I don't disturb you."Tears started to fall from Harry's face.

Mira "Don't cry."

Harry run away.

Mira "Zayn I'm sorry if I have ever hurt your feeling.It's you that I love."

Zayn "Don't you think you're too harsh on Harry."

Mira "I don't know.What have I done?I'm a terrible person."

That time,Louis "You broke my friend's heart Mira."

Jenny "Don't be mean to my best friend."

Louis "But your best friend broke my friend's heart.She'll have to pay for it sometimes."

Jenny "You're being mean.Why?All of a sudden."

They are yelling at each other.

Zayn "You should go and talk to Harry."

Mira "I think I should.Maybe next time."She kissed his cheeks and went to find Harry.Finally he saw Harry sitting on a bench at the bus stop.She went near him.

I'll post more.I've been busy a lot lately.I'll post 2 chapters every week.

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