Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


4. Surprise text

Zayn grabbed Selisia's hands and said "Wait before you go can you at least tell me about Mira a little thing."

Selisia "I've told you.I'll set you up with Mira on a date tomorrow night.Can you just wait?You are starting to annoy me."

Zayn "I can't wait.And I'm sorry that if I had annoyed you."

Selisia "I gotta go.I'll keep my promise.Bye."

Near Crystal's house,Niall "I had a great time with you tonight.I hope we can do this more often.Wish we could know each other a lot better."

Crystal "I know.Right."

Niall "By the way,I forgot to tell you that you look amazingly cute in the dress that you're wearing right now."

Crystal "Thanks.I love you accent.It's cute."

Niall "Thanks to you too.I'm Irish."

Niall was about to kiss Crystal and suddenly Crystal backs off.

Crystal shyly said "I need to go now.See you later."She kissed Niall on his cheeks.

Niall "Okay bye have a sweet dreams."

Niall thinking to himself "Was I going too far?It's only one day since I met her but I felt like I've known her forever.What's happening to me?I had to apologize."

At the door of Jenny's house,Jenny "I had a lot of fun tonight.Think we can do this more often?"

Louis "I'm sure.We'll make some time."

Jenny "I sure hope so.I don't really have time."

Louis "What do you mean?You're are on a summer break,aren't you?"

Jenny "Yeah that but I have been attending many musical and instruments classes this summer."

Louis "Anyways we're starting to get to know each other."Louis took out a piece of paper and writes down his phone number.

Louis "Here's my number call me anytime.We'll have a coffee sometimes."

Jenny "I would love that.See you later Louis.Bye."

Louis "Bye."

Louis the same as Niall.Thinking himself "I kinda like her.She's cool and I love her eyes and her hair.It's just so beautiful.Her deep rounded black eyes looking into mine.I think I'm falling for her."

"Snapped out of it."He said to himself.And he took a cab and went home.

Next morning,Zayn texted Mira and said "Hey Mira.It's me Zayn.Do you want to have a breakfast with me?You can bring your friend Selisia too.She gave me your phone number."

Mira talking to herself "What is happening now?Am I dreaming?"She pinched herself.

Mira "No I'm not.I can't believe this is happening now.OMG my heart is beating so fast.Why would Selisia give Zayn my phone number?I mean she likes Zayn too.Why?Why?"

Questions pop out of nowhere in Mira's head.And she looks at her phone again.It says a new message from Zayn Malik.

Zayn "Are you coming or not?I'll be waiting at Amazon cafe'.Please come.I'm dying over here.I want to talk to you."

Mira texts back "I'm coming.Can you phone to Selisia for me?I just woke up.I need to prepare."

Zayn "Sure."

Zayn calls Selisia.

Zayn "Hey morning sunshine."

Selisia "How do you know my phone number?"

Zayn "Let's think again shall we?"Zayn said in an announcer voice.

Zayn "Last night when  I asked you about Mira's phone number.You accidentally gave your phone number to me.You just don't know that.Anyways I'm meeting with Mira today at Amazon cafe'"

Selisia "Well good for you."

Zayn "I want you to come too.Please for me."

Selisia "Okay."

Zayn 'Thanks you are the best.What am I going to do without you,Selisia?"

Selisia "You'll have to live without me then."She teased.

Zayn "Don't okay.Bye."

At Amazon Cafe',Zayn saw Mira and greeted.

What will happens next?I'll post more.But starting this Monday I'm going back to school summer's over.So I'll be posting my stories every Friday and Saturday.Hope you guys like it.Please tell me what you think.


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