Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


10. I'm sorry

Louis texted Jenny.

Louis "Hey I'm really sorry about the way I acted.I was being a jerk."

Jenny didn't reply.Louis called and called her cell phone.It was over 20 miss calls.

An hour later,she picks up.

Jenny "Hello."

Louis "Hey Jen It's me Louis."

Jenny "Oh hey what's up."

Louis "I've been calling your phone for an hour now.You can check the miss calls.It's over 20."

Jenny "Sorry.I didn't hear cause I've put my phone into vibrate."

Louis "Where were you?Why do you put your phone on vibrate?"

Jenny "It doesn't matter.I don't want to tell."

Louis "Please tell me.I'm really worried about you."

Jenny "Well when you put it that way."

Louis "Please tell me quick."

Jenny "Actually I was meeting my old friend.He just got back from Canada."

Louis "What?Did you just say he?"

Jenny "Why?Why do you care?"

Louis "Nothing.We need to talk.I'll meet you at your house."

Jenny "I'm going over to Lily."

Louis "Then I guess I'll come to her."

Jenny "Can you tell later?"

Louis "Okay.As you wish."

After hanging up the phone.Louis thinking "Who the hell is he?What's up with them?Even though they're nothing.I can't loose Jenny.She's my everything.I can't live without her."

At Zayn's house.Harry came and confessed the truth.

Harry "Hey mate.I need to talk to you.It's important."

Zayn "Don't stand there.Come in.Sit."

Harry "Okay."

Zayn "What do you want to tell me?"

Harry "I don't know how to say this."

Zayn "Why?Is something wrong?"

Harry "Everything's wrong.I feel guilty.I can't live with that guilt."

Zayn "What's that?"

Harry "I kissed Mira."

Zayn said with tears falling from his eyes."Why?"

Harry "I'm terribly sorry.I don't know what just happen.It just happen.I was controlling my feeling for her."

Zayn "Sorry isn't enough.How could you?"

Harry "I know.That's why I'm guilty."

Zayn "By kissing my girlfriend.That's new.I thought we are my best mate."

Harry "How can I make it up to you?"

Zayn "Don't.Just say away from me."

He grabbed his jacket and went outside.

Harry "Where are you going?"

Zayn "Why do you even care?I've got nothing to say to you."

Zayn texted Mira.

Zayn "I'm coming over to your house.On my way.We need to discuss about you and Harry.I know everything so please stop lying to me.If you love him,just say.I'll try to understand."

Mira "Zayn please let me explain.It's not what you think.Harry kissed me.I didn't even planned for it."

Zayn "Oh stop.Enough with the lies.Harry told me the truth.He feels terrible about hurting my feelings.You don't even care.The whole world knows that you had a feeling for Harry.Stop hurting yourself."

Mira "I'm really sorry."

Zayn "Sorry isn't enough.I'll try to understand."

He arrived to Mira's house.

Zayn "Mira why didn't you tell me?After everything I've done for you.This is how you repay me?By playing with my heart.Messing me around."

Mira "Please let me explain."

Zayn "We're done.I don't want to talk about it anymore."

Mira put herself down in her knees.

Mira "Please just me one more chance."

Zayn "There's nothing to talk about now."


Zayn went out.Zayn thinking "I think I should give her a chance to explain.But I was too depressed to hear about that.I need sometime.She cheated on me with my best mate.Why would she acted that?"

I'll post more soon.Who knows what will happen?

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