Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


3. Fast Food & Late Night Walks

Liam "Hi.I'm Liam.You look lovely darling.Red is one of my favorite colors."Carly comes into the room.Unfortunately Carly tripped herself she almost fell.Liam grabbed her quickly.

Liam "Are you alright love?"Carly looked up and their eyes met.

Carly replied shyly "I'm okay.Thanks for catching my fall."

Liam "I was frightened that you might fall.You would have go hurt."Carly hears that Liam's heart was beating so fast.

Carly "I can hear your heart beating loudly and fast."

Liam "That's because I'm afraid."

Carly "What for?"

Liam "Nothing.It just..."They were still in that position where Liam catch her fall.Harry cuts them off.

Harry "We're not shooting a movie.Please take a seat.Let's eat"Harry pulls out a chair for Mira.Sit here love."

Mira "What did you call me?"

Harry "No I wasn't talking to you."

And they all sit together preparing to eat.

Harry "Before we eat,I have something to tell you.My mom set up a date for me with this lovely girl.In fact,I can tell her that we're sorting dating."

Mira "What??I only agreed to go on a date with you because I thought you were Zayn.How foolish of me?I don't like you."

After saying Mira realized herself "Wait a minute!Did I just say Zayn?Oops!"

Harry "Don't mind my words.I was just kidding."

Louis "Dude you need to add your charm when saying this.By the way,if you want to make it real you have to work on your acting skills,to make it real."

And Louis high-five with Jenny.Niall whispers Crystal "Let's go somewhere to eat.I don't think we're going to eat here today.They're in fight."

Crystal "Great idea.Let's go."

Niall "But where should we go?"

Crystal "I have an idea.Let's go to MC Donald's."

Niall "It's my favorite fast food restaurant."

Jenny grabbed Crystal's wrist.Jenny "Where do you think you guys are going?"

Crystal "Oh I almost forget.Do you wanna come and join us.We're going to MC Donald's to have a bite."

Jenny "Sure.Let me say goodbye to Louis."

Crystal "We'll wait."

Jenny "Louis I'm going to MC Donald's.Bye.See you later."

Louis "Wait Jenny.Are you actually planning on leaving me with Harry and Mira.I'm coming too."

Zayn overhead their conversation.

Zayn "I'll come too.Are you coming Selisia?"

Selisia "Count me in.I hate seeing them fight.Let's leave."

Zayn "Aren't you going to say goodbye to them?"

Selisia "No.How about you?"

Zayn "Nope.It's better cause if they come they are still going to argue."

They all left with Harry and Mira.At MC Donald's,

Crystal "What are you guys ordering?"

Niall "I'm ordering beef burger with french fries and a soda.I'm really starving."

Zayn "I'll take chicken burger and a cola."

Jenny "I'll take french fries and a soda."

Selisia "I'll take chicken wings and a cola."

Louis "I'm going to order a salad with lots of carrots.I love carrots."

Niall "We know."

Crystal "For me I'll take veggie burger and a soda."

They ordered their foods and ate them.After eating,Niall looked at his watch and realized it was late.

Niall "They are six of us including me."

Crystal "Oh my God we've left Lily at the restaurant."

Niall "Anyways I'll take Crystal home.I've brought my car.Louis can you take Jenny home?"

Louis "That would be my pleasure."

Niall "That leaves us with Zayn and Selisia.Can you take Selisia home?"

Zayn "Sure.It wouldn't be fair to let a pretty girl walk alone at this time.It's dark out there."

Selisia "Was that a compliment?Ummm...Thanks."

They all left MC Donald's.

Louis "I'll walk you home Jenny.I haven't brought a car.I came here with Niall's car."

Jenny "It's okay.We'll talk on the way."

Niall took Crystal home.

On the way,Zayn "Hey can I ask you something?"

Selisia "Sure.What's that about?"

Zayn "It's about Mira.I think I like her.Tell me about her.How's her family?Her parents name.What kind of personality does she have?Her favorites.Especially her phone number."

Selisia "Harry likes her too.It won't be fair for one of you guys.Her phone number is ........She never really talks about her dad but her mom is struggling.Her name is Holly.She's a single mom raising two kids.You have to find out her personality."

Zayn "Why won't you tell me please please tell me?"

Selisia gets annoyed because she likes Zayn too."

Selisia "I'll set you up with Mira on a date tomorrow.You find out yourself.I'm going."

Zayn "Where are you going?"

Selisia "This is my house.Goodnight."

What will happen next?Check out next chapters.Hope you guys like it.


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