Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


2. Breakfast & Dinner

Next morning,Mira's mom (Holly) "Mira sweetie wake up.There's someone who wants to meet you.Come downstairs quickly."

Mira "Okay mom."

Holly "Wear something nice."Mira jumped out off bed and brush her teeth.She wore a nice blouse with flower printed skirt.

When she got downstairs,Harry "Hello love ready to go out for breakfast.You look lovely."

Mira "Thanks but mom there must be a mistake.I thought it was Zayn.If it is Harry,I won't go."

Holly "Don't be such a baby.You two look cute together.Go.You'll be late."

Harry "Let's go love.Where shall we go?" At Amazon Cafe'.

Harry "What will you have,love?Coffee or tea?"

Mira "I'll have a cup of coffee and turkey sandwich, please."

Harry "I'll have tea with finger sandwiches,please.You like coffee,love?"

Mira "Don't call me love.I don't like that sound it gives me chill."

Harry "We're from England.It's our traditional.If you don't like it,what shall I call you then?"

Mira "I'm Mira so called me Mira only.My friends called me that."

Harry "Don't you have a nickname."Liam arrived.

Liam "Hello mate.May I join you?"

Harry "Hello Liam you could but I'm on a date."

Liam "Oh sorry I didn't see you there.I'm Liam.Nice to meet you."

Mira "Nice to meet you too.I'm Mira."

Liam "What a nice name?"

Mira "Thanks you're so sweet."Liam kissed Mira's hand and greeted Goodbye.

Harry "Never mind that.Can I see you again tonight?"

Mira "I don't know."

Harry "I want to have a dinner with you tonight at 7:00pm.You can bring your friends.I'll bring mine."

Mira "Okay I'll bring them.You would love to meet you guys."Mira texts her friends.

Mira texts "Harry Styles said I could bring friends to dinner tonight.He's bringing his friends.Are you in?"

They all text back  "Count us in."Later that afternoon,they all arrived at Mira's house.

Jenny "So Harry Styles want to have dinner with us."

Selisia "How did this happen?"

Crystal "You are on a date with Harry Styles."

Mira "It's a long story.My mom set up a date for me.Cause she realized that I'm crazy about One Direction."

Lily "But you like Zayn Malik.Why would you go out with Harry Styles?"

Mira "I guess my mom doesn't know the difference.She doesn't tell Zayn and Harry apart.They're a complete different person."

All "We agree that."

Jenny "Let's go and buy dresses for the dinner tonight."

Mira "That's a great idea."They went to the mall.

When Mira get to the mall,her cell phone rings.It was from Harry Styles.

Mira "Hi Harry.What a surprise?Now,I'm at the mall buying dress for your dinner treat."

Harry "Hi Mira.I just want to tell you that I've already bought a dress for you.Take your dress at Pretty Girls store."

Mira "Hmm.. thanks I guess."

Harry "You don't need to I would do anything for you."

Mira "Bye!"Mira and her friends arrive to Pretty Girls store.

Cashier "Ma'am you must be Mira.Mr.Styles bought this dress for you.Here you go.It is already paid."

Mira "Thanks."She took out the dress.It was a long black dress with sequins all over the place.

Lily "It's so beautiful."

Jenny "Let's go find our dresses."

Crystal picked dark green short dress.Jenny picks hot pink short dress.Carly picks red short dress.And Lily picks yellow long dress.Selisia picks aqua blue dress.

Crystal "I know that color.It's Zayn favorite color.Blue."

Mira got a little jealous.They all went home.They did their makeups and at 6:30 pm a limo arrives in front of Mira's house.

Limo driver "Miss.Mr.Styles asked me to bring you to the restaurant.Bring your friends.We're going there.I'm driving."

Mira "Thanks."She called her friends."Come on guys we're going."

All "To which restaurant?"

Mira "I don't know.Mr.Styles ask me to bring you guys and limo driver is going to take us there."

Mira thinking to herself "Did I just say Mr.Styles to Harry?OMG it's weird."

They all arrived at the restaurant.

Jenny "Wait.I know this place.It's Olive Garden restaurant.That's all the celebrities eat."

They all went inside.Mira went first.Zayn saw Mira.

Zayn "Hey check out this girl Niall.She's beautiful.Look at the way that her hair falls.Straight hair with a head band."When Crystal arrives.

Niall "That' s more of my type.Who is she?I think I've saw her before."Niall stands up and greet Crystal.

Niall "Hey Do you remember me?"

Crystal "I know you.You are the one that accidentally knocked over my books the other day.I'm sorry I haven't called you."

Niall "It's okay."When Jenny arrived,Louis stands up and offers his hand for a hand shake.

Louis "Hi I'm Louis but my friends call me Boobear."

Jenny "I'm Jenny.Call me Jen."

Louis "Hope we can be great friends."

Selisia arrived.

Selisia "I'm sorry I have to help Lily and Carly with their dresses.There's been a problem.

Suddenly,Lily came into the room.Liam approached near her.

I'll post more hope you guys like my story.


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