Carly,Crystal,Jenny,Lily,Mira and Selisia are best friends.They met One Direction and they realized that this could be the beginning to start a new relation.Things started out innocent.At last everyone falls in love with the wrong person.Who's with who?Check out the story and read.


7. Be Mine

Zayn phoned to Mira.

Zayn "Hey Mira.Do you umm..maybe wanna go to the dance with me."

Mira "Harry already asks me out."

Zayn "So did you say yes to him?"

Mira "Of course.He was begging me to go with him.I feel bad."

Zayn "Okay I understand.I'll just take Selisia then.Oh Mira."

Mira "What is it,Zayn?"

Zayn "I wanted you to tell you that I love you.I can't stop thinking about you ever since.Whenever I closed my eyes,all I see is you.You made me the happiest guy alive.If you don't want to go with me then,it's okay."

Mira "Zayn wait.I'll cancel the dance with Harry.I'll go with you."

Zayn "I don't want to hurt Harry's feelings.Don't do this because of me."

Mira "I don't like Harry as my boyfriend.He's my friend."

Zayn "Never mind.It's up to you."

Mira saying to herself "What did I just do?I'm a terrible person."

Zayn "No you're not.You're cute actually.I like you and you like me too.I think we're a couple now."

Mira "OMG I forgot to hang up the phone."She answered "Yes of course.I love you."

Zayn "I love you too babe."

Zayn's point of view "I know that I was wrong to fall in love with the same girl that Harry likes.She's all he could ever talk.Was I wrong?Should I date her? Harry's my buddy I can't stand to see him all sad.I can't break up with her.She's my everything.She's my Juliet."

Jenny got out of her house.She's in a hurry and suddenly,Louis catches up behind her and yelled her name.

Louis "JJJJJJJJeeeeeennnnnnnnnyyyyyy."She turns back at Louis.

Jenny "Oh hey Louis.What's up."

Louis "Nothing.Let me get this straight.It's about the dance.Are you going?"

Jenny "No.I'm not.I don't have a date."

Louis "About that.I was hoping I could go there with you."

Jenny "Really How come?"

Louis "All my friends are going and they all have a date.I'm the one who doesn't have a date.I feel all alone."

Jenny "No you have me.I'm feeling like this too.Maybe we should go."

Louis "Wait.Are you serious?"

Jenny "Yeah I will go with you."

Louis "Thanks Jenny you are the best."

Jenny "No I'm not.I was just being helpful.That's what friends are.Right."

Louis "Yes."

Louis in mind "I was starting to have a strange feeling on her.I realized that I'm falling for her.I think I love her.I wasn't so sure at first but I know now.I should tell her but I don't wanna ruin our friendship.It barely started.It's only a couple of days.I have to keep it as a secret.Gosh I need to tell somebody to make it better."

Jenny snapped her fingers in front of Louis face.

Jenny "What are you thinking about?"

Louis "Nothing."

Jenny "I don't think so.Looks like you're in a deep thought.Are you thinking about someone?

Louis "No.I'm okay."He walks away.

At that time,Selisia's best friend Kelvin arrived.She picks him up at the airport.On the way back home,

Selisia "Kelvin what are you doing here?I thought you were away for years."

Kelvin "I know.I have something to do in the town.And I missed you."

Selisia "I miss you too."She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kelvin "I heard that Mayor's going to celebrate a valentine's day dance at the city hall."

Selisia "Yeah that's right."

Kelvin "Whom are you going with?'

Selisia "I'm not going."

Kelvin "Why?"

Selisia "Because I had nobody to go with.I'll stay home and have a manicure with Lily."

Kelvin "Will you go to the dance with me?"Selisia went silent for a while.

Selisia "Sure."

Kelvin thinking "I love her a lot.She doesn't know.I should tell her about that at a dance.Before it's too late."

Selisia "We're home.You can crash into my place.You sleep in the guest room."

Kelvin "Are you sure that your mom's okay with it."

Selisia "My mom is out of town for a business trip."

Kelvin "And your dad?'

Selisia "I don't want to talk about it."

They stayed up all  night watching movies.

I'll post more soon.

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