Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


8. Chapter 7

*Natalie's POV*

When I entered the house, I only had one thing on my mind. Carly and Ashley.

I had completely forgotten about them and I had to tell them all that was happening. I had to quit lying to my best friends.

I went inside, said hi to my mom and ran upstairs. I got my phone and dialed Carly's number. It rang two times then she picked up. 

-Phone Convo-
Natie: Hey Carly! How are you?

Carly; I'm fine girl, how about you?

Natie: To tell you the truth I really need you and Ashley to come over. Like right now. I need to talk to you guys.

Carly: ok girl, we'll be there in 5.
-end of convo-
I was in my own world thinking about anything and everything until the door bell rang. I knew it would be the girls.

I rushed downstairs and opened the door. "Hey girls," I said.

"Hey" they said.

"So what's so important that you called us here at 9:30 to talk to us about?"

Ashley said. "Well lets go upstairs and I'll tell you" I said. So we walked upstairs and went inside my room. 

Both of them plopped on a bean bag while I just say on my bed. I didn't know how they would react and I was scared. I lied to them and they hated it when I did that. But I had to tell them.

Here goes nothing.. "Ok so guys this is gonna be shocking to you and you might be frustrated with me cuz I didn't tell you the truth. It's just I've been on loads of pressure lately and-" I started saying but Carly cut me off,

"Can you just get to the point Natalie. You talk too much. Jeez." all of us laughed.

"Okay... So remember when we saw Justin at the shoe store?" They nodded. "Yeah...well... umm.. when he asked for my number... I maybe kinda gave it to him." I said and pulled off a half smile.

Ashley opened her mouth to say something but I spoke up before she could say anything "now look guys before you say anything can I just finish?" I said and they nodded. "After we left the mall that night and we said our goodbyes and everyone went on a different block to go home I bumped into this kid named Bryan. He was really sweet and stuff and decided to walk me home. When I went home he asked for my number and stuff and I gave it to him, too." They're eyes widened at the fact that I had given my number to two guys that I barely knew on the same night.

I knew they were gonna kill me but I had to keep going. "So after that when I went to sleep I got a text from Justin and Bryan. Both of them were flirting and being regular boys. I went to sleep and the next morning I got a text from Bryan saying he wanted to walk me to school, so I said ok. When we were walking we saw Justin pull up in his car and ask if he'd like to drive me. So Bryan, being nice, told me to go with Justin.

"When I entered the car Justin rushed me with all these questions about Bryan so I got mad at him because he had no reason to be up in my business and got out the car and walked to school. That was why I was tardy when you asked this morning," they gave me a face that said 'oh now i get it.'

"I made up an excuse so you guys wouldn't keep asking questions and head straight to my locker." Ashley cocked her eyebrow at me but I just kept going. "I went to my locker and felt a pair of arms around me and I turned around and saw it was Justin. He pinned me against the locker and like he was an inch away from my face so I got frustrated and pushed him off." Now they had shocked looks on their faces.

"Then, I went to class and Mr. D decided to partner me up with Justin and I was still really mad at him so we didn't get along. While I was walking home Bryan asked me out and I said yes." They gave me a look of disbelief as in 'all that was going on and we didnt know?'

"I was getting ready for my date and the door bell rang. I thought it was Bryan so I went and answered it and it was Justin. He came to work on the project to make it up to me. And when he came in, Bryan decided to show up and I told Justin I had to go with Bryan so he got a bit mad. But I left. Anyways Bryan bought me back and he tried kissing me but I kissed his cheek. Then I called you guys and now we're here." I told them everything from the beginning till the end and all they did in return was leave me here with their jaws open not being able to believe all that happened in the past day and a half.

Ashley started speaking "OH MY GOSH NATALIE. I can't believe all that happened. And it's been only a day and a half."

"I cant believe it either." I replied.

"Okay so first thing's first, it's obvious that they both like you." I knew bryan liked me but I didn't think Justin did.

"I dont know anout justin.." I said.

"He pinned you against the locker and he came here to apologize. Don't try telling me he doesn't have feelings for you" I decided not to argue cause Carly always thought she was right.

"But the question here is... Which one do you like?" Ashley said.

That was an easy question. Of course it'd be Bryan. 'Stop saying that to yourself Natalie you know you have feelings for Justin' I was having a war with my sub-conscience. No I don't. I like Bryan. 'Maybe you do but you can't deny the fact that you like Justin' Would you just shut the hell up?!

Suddenly Ashley and Carly turned their eyes on me with shocked expressions on their faces. "Jeez Natalie it was just a question!" Carly said.

"Wait.. Did I just say that outloud?" I replied.

"Uh yeah." Carly said.

"Sorry.. I.. Umm.. Nevermind. I think like Bryan I mean I went on a date and everything with him." I answered their question.

"Just cause you went on a date with him doesn't mean you like him and that you dont have feeligs for Justin." As Carly said that I thought about our date. It was so perfect. 'But you thought about Justin, remember'  I hated my sub-conscience.

"I guess you're right. But I don't like Justin, I like Bryan. I'm positive." 'don't lie to yourself Natalie'

"Okay whatever you say" Ashley said.

"We better get going Natie, it's friday tomorrow so it's still a school night." Carly said, yawning.

"Okay guys see you tomorrow," I said getting up and hugging them both. They left and I took a quick shower and changed into my pajamas. I went to bed and as soon as my head fell on the pillow I fell asleep. 


*Justins POV*

I thought about Natalie and Bryan for a while then decided to go to the park just down the block to get some fresh air.

When I got there I walked around and saw a really big tree so I went and sat under it with my back to the trunk.

Just then I saw to guys coming my way. When they came over they introduced themsleves. "Hi I'm Chaz and this is Ryan." One of them said.

"I'm Justin" I replied. They seemed like pretty cool guys.

"Mind if we hang out with you." Ryan said.

"Yeah sure." I replied. They took a seat next to me.

"So what are you doing here all by yourself?" Chaz asked.

"I just thought I'd come and see this place. I'm new here."

"Oh right! I think I've seen you in school." Ryan replied.

"Come on bro, it's obvious your not here to see the park. Why are you really here?" Chaz added. It was as if he could see right through me.

"Well... Umm.. So there's this girl named Natalie.." I started but Chaz interrupted.

"Natalie Carlson?" I nodded. "Yeah I know her. I saw her staring at you the other day in class. That was dead hilarious." 

Wait.. She was staring at me? I guess that was why she was saying it was embarassing. "Haha. So as I was saying.. We got into this argument then we got paired up together on a project today. So I went to her house to work on it and make it up for her but she had a date with some guy named Bryan. She went with him and left me there looking like an idiot and I was really angry. So I just came here for some fresh air and to just think about things." I finished.

"Looks like you like her" Ryan stated.

"What? I don't like her." 'Sure about that Justin?' My sub-conscience was talking.

"Yeah.. Suree.." Chaz said. Why didn't they believe me? Nevermind.

"I don't like her guys and I don't care if you don't believe me." Both of them chuckled. "Why are you laughing?" I said as I got more frustrated.

"You really dont hear the way you talk about her or the way you go all lovey-dovey?" What were they talking about I don't go all lovey-dovey on Natalie.

"What are you talking about guys?"

"Whatever Justin," Ryan said. "O-kay.. Well I better get going before my mom starts worrying." I stated, standing up.

"Ooouuu mamas boy haha." Chaz said, chuckling. 

They got up and I gave them each a bro-hug. "Bye guys maybe we can hang out tomorrow since it's Friday."

"Yeah see you in school Justin" Chaz said.

I headed for my car and drove off. Chaz and Ryan were really nice and they get me. I think we're gonna be good friends. They really helped me get my mind off of things.

I got out my car as soon as I got to my house. "GOODNIGHT MOM!" I shouted as I headed to my bedroom. I took a hot and relaxing shower. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

I thought about Natalie... I thought about how pretty she looked today for her date. She was really beautiful. 'If only you were her date, not Bryan..' My sub-conscience is really annoying the hell out of me.. 'You don't like it cause you know its true. You just dont want to admit it.' Why should I admit something that isn't true? I'm pretty sure I don't have a crush on Natalie. 'Why so positive? Everyone else thinks you like her.. You just don't notice the way she makes you feel' 
I think if she made me feel anything I would have actually felt it by now. 'You have Justin, you're just pushing it away.' I DONT HAVE ANY FEELINGS FOR HER. 'But you're drawn to her. Why did you bump into her in the mall? And why did you go all the way to her house? Why can't you just face the truth Justin? You like her. Hell, you're head over heels for her, but you're just too scared to admit it.' Would you just shut the hell up? I don't like her and I wouldn't be afraid to admit it if I did. But then again, why does everyone think I do? Did I really like her? That question kept me up for almost the whole night. I kept arguing with myself, but I finally fell asleep. 

-{Next Morning}-

*Natalie's POV*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping. It was Friday! I really couldn't wait for the weekend. These couple of days have been really crazy and I just can't wait to relax.

I got up, took a shower, and got dressed in this: 

I checked my phone and I had gotten 1 new message from Justin: I'll pick you up in 5 minutes babe ;) . I rolled my eyes at the text. I hated it when he called me that cause we weren't even dating. I wasnt his 'babe' and I doubt I ever will be. 'Dont jump to conclusions Natalie.' my sub-conscience was bothering me again. 

Just then I heard a car honk outside. I ran downstairs. "BYE MOM I'M GOING TO SCHOOL," I shouted and headed outside. I saw Justin there with his car. Wow. I never noticed his car.

It was a white Ferrari and it was beyond amazing. Last time I rode in it I was too mad to even notice it. His car was sick.

"Like it?" I didn't even notice Justin standing there with his back against the car door. He looked like a celebrity (a/n - ironic right? lol) or a model standing like that. 

"So are you coming?" He said breaking me from my thoughts agin. I realized I never answered his first question. But I nodded and headed for the car.

I was about to open the door but he beat me to it and opened it for me. Well he was being extra nice today. On our way he kept his eyes on the road and we talked a little. "What are you gonna do today since its Friday?" I asked. "I met these two guys yesterday named Ryan and Chaz and we were gonna hang out somewhere." He replied.

I looked at him and couldn't help but notice his muscles. It seemed like he was working out. I also noticed some of his tattoos. He had a tiger, a fish, an owl, a dragon. Almost like a zoo. He also had 'believe' and an 'X'. On his right hand he had something that looked like a toaster haha.

I decided to reply to what he was saying, "oh that's cool."

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Umm.. I don't know yet probably something with Carly and Ashley," he gave me a confused look. "They're my best friends."

"Oh ok.. Umm.. Do you guys wanna come hang out with us? I'm sure Chaz and Ryan wouldn't mind."

"Yeah sure." I was looking forward to tonight for some reason but I didn't know why. 


We made our way into the school parking lot and Justin parked his car. As we got out, some people turned their heads, but returned to what they were doing.

"Justin?" I said.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"Umm I just wanted to say I was sorry about yesterday. It was a tough decision, I mean I really wanted to stay with you but I had already promised Bryan.." He didn't reply. He just pulled me into a hug.

I could feel the warmth of his body. His hugs were so nice. I could stay in his arms forever, but I knew I had to let go, so I did.

Justin spoke up, "It's okay Natie." He smiled at me so I smiled back. His smile was the most precious thing. It was so beautiful.

I heard someone clearing their throat, making me break my gaze from Justin. 

I turned around and saw Ashley and Carly standing there both cocking they're eyebrows and each with a smirk on her face.

"Uh.. Hi Carls, hey Ashley" I said.

"Hi Natie," they both said.

"Umm Justin, these are my two best friends, Carly and Ashley."

"Hey, I'm Justin," he said to them.

"Hi" they replied, smiling at me. When he wasnt looking Ashley mouthed 'he's hot' and Carly winked at me. I just rolled my eyes.

"C'mon Natalie we have class together next period, bye Justin." Ashley said as she grabbed my hand and started walking off.

"Oh my gosh Natalie you have got to be kidding me. You chose Bryan over him?" Carly said. It was always Carly that gave me the lectures and what to chose and how to do this and that.

"Carly! It was my decision, plus, you havent even met Bryan yet and you don't know anything about Justin." I replied. 'But didn't YOU say that Natalie.. And then you ended up falling for him.'  I don't like him now shut up.

"But he's hot like you said," Ashley said.

"You have a boyfriend Ashley!" I said as she laughed.

"That doesn't change the fact that he's hot," she replied to me, shrugging. I had just remembered that I has science with Justin, not with Ashley and Carly.

"Bye guys I'm heading to my locker I'll meet you in lunch." I said and headed for my locker. They made a total fool out of me since they dragged me with them while I was standing there with Justin.

When I got to my locker, I found Justin leaning against his almost like he was waiting for something or someone. As soon as he saw me he spoke up. "I was waiting for you so we could go to class together."

"Oh I'm sorry about Ashley and Carly. I don't know what's happening to them." I replied, getting out my books from my locker.

"Should we go?" I said as I was closing my locker.

"Yeah sure." Justin replied. During the whole walk to class, he kept his eyes on the floor. There was definitely something up.

Suddenly, he stopped walking, turned to me and looked me in the eyes while he was scratching his neck. He then spoke up, "Umm.. Natalie.. I've been wanting to ask you something.." 


(a/n) cliffhanger lol. what was justin gonna ask Natalie? i really liked how this chapter turned out. you got to know what was going on inside their heads. so 34 favs?? aahh jelajaijua thank you guys so much xoxo

-JDBiebs_gurl & YaraAli


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