Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


5. Chapter 4

*Naties POV*

The next morning I woke up and  looked at my phone right away. I didn't reply to Justin or Bryan last night though. I had a text from someone. A smile immediately crept on my face as soon as I read his name on the lock screen of my iPhone. 

Bryan: Morning beautiful would u like to walk with me to school?

Oh that's sweet. I felt my cheeks turn red. Every time he called me beautiful I instantly got butterflies in my stomach. I've had a lot of guys whistle, wink or hit at me, but no guy had ever complimented me before so this was something new to me. I replied right away.

Natie: sure! be at my place in 10 mins xx.

I took a quick shower, curled my hair and wore a cute top with matching shorts and put on my fav boots:

Then the bell rang. I walked down stairs. "Bye mom I'm going to school," I said as I walked past the kitchen where she was.

"Bye Hun," she said. I made my way to the door and bryan was right there waiting for me.

"Hey gorgeous, ready?" he said. I nodded and gave a sweet smile. He was looking so cute today. 

We started walking to school and talked a lot during the walk. Right after I finished what I had been saying, an awkward silence crept between us. Just then, I felt a hand on mine. I looked down and saw Bryan's hand interlocked with mine. When I looked back up he smiled at me. He had a beautiful smile. I smiled back and we continued on, still with our hands interlocked.


*Justin's POV*

I woke up, took a shower and got dressed and put on a pair of supras, my favorite shoes. I then walked down and kissed my mom's cheek and headed out for the door. I hopped in my car and started driving off to school.

Since last night, all I could think about was Natalie and all that happened in the mall. I couldn't have feelings for her. Could I? I shook off the thought. But they kept coming back. Her hair was perfect and exactly the right height. her eyes were so gorgeous, I could stare into them forever. JUSTIN SNAP OUT OF IT. I kept shouting to myself in my head. She was so distracting. I DON'T have feelings for her. I'm positive I don't. But why do I think about her all the time? Maybe it's just cause she's pretty. I barely know her anyway. She might not be the girl that she appeared to be. It might be an act that she had just to make a good impression. But why would she act innocent to a new kid? Stop it Justin just stop thinking

I kept my eyes on the road, but I was distracted by a familiar figure. Was that Natalie? But there was a boy holding her hand. It couldn't be her. Did she have a boyfriend? No, I don't think so since she was walking alone at school and at the mall. I looked closer. It was Natalie.

I didn't like what I saw. She shouldn't be holding his hand she should be holding- wait what?I don't have feelings for her. I don't. The fact that she was with another guy bothered me. But why? I was sure I didn't like her. I didn't okay?

I flung the window open and greeted her, "Hey Natie. How are you?" I said with a smile on my face. I didn't want her thinking I was jealous.. because I wasn't.

"Oh, Hey Justin," Natie said with a smile on her face. Her hands were still interlocked with the other guy. And all I could do was look at their hands together. I suddenly felt anger rising through my body.

"Whose he?" I asked, still looking at their interlocked hands.

"Oh, hey there. I'm Bryan, Natie's friend." Bryan said. How did Natalie actually find this guy? I've never seen him in school before. I decided to ask her to come with me.

"Well, umm Natalie, would you like me to drive u to school instead of you walking?" I said.

"No thanks that's okay," she said as she looked up at that Bryan dude. Why wouldn't she want to come with me? I mean who would prefer walking? I didn't get her. And why would she want to stay with Bryan? Did she like him? I was over thinking things. I let out a much needed breath then Bryan spoke up. 

"Nat it's fine go with him," Bryan said. Well he was being nice... Maybe i judged him too quick..

"Are you sure?" she asked, smiling at him. She looked like such an angel when she smiled.

"Positive." Bryan said. I'm starting to like this Bryan kid. Even if he liked her he was laying off cause it was obvious I wanted her with me. Wait. I didn't want her it just wasn't safe for her cause it's a guy she barely knew... but isn't that kind of like yourself? whatever.

After that she opened the door and got in the passengers seat. As soon as we took off my curiosity got the best of me so I asked a question. "So what were you doing with him?" I said.

"Excuse me," she said surprised at my question.

"Did you not hear my question? What were u doing with him?" I spat back maybe a bit too harsh.

"We were just walking to school Justin, jeez. Besides, why do you even care so much?"

I thought of an answer "It's dangerous to walk around with people you barely know, Natalie." I said.

"Whatever," she replied and stared at her window.

I decided to ask her another question. "Why were you holding his hand? You dont know him that well." The question was one I wanted to ask since I saw her with him, but immediately regretted it after. 

"Hold up Justin. First, what's with all the questions? Second, your not my boyfriend so it's none of your business. I can do whatever the hell I want and it doesn't concern you. And third, it's not like I know you that well. So, Justin, so stop saying that I don't know him cause I know him as well as you cause you've only been here for a day." She kinda had a point but I wasn't gonna let her know that.

"I JUST WANTED TO KNOW." I said. That came out in a way in which it wasn't supposed to. She gave me a look of disbelief.

"You know what? Maybe I made a mistake by getting in this car. Stop." She demanded .

"Why should I stop? Natie you're not getting out," I said. I couldn't blow this up. It was evident that she was pissed. "

JUSTIN I SAID PULL OVER AND STOP THE FREAKIN CAR." I did what she said cause I didn't want to argue. And with that she flung the door open, hopped out of the car and slammed it. Crap. I screwed this up big time.

I opened the door and stood next to my car shouting, "NATIE! NATIE, COME BACK I'M SORRY!" But she ignored me and kept walking. I rubbed my face with the palm of my hand and then hit it on the steering wheel. I can't believe I've known her for a day and I already screwed it up. 


*Natalie's POV* 

I really hated Justin right now. He kept asking me about Bryan, something he had nothing to do with. Its my life, I do whatever I want. Plus, I only met him yesterday so he doesn't have any control over me. It's not like he was my boyfriend.

I got so frustrated so I opened the door, got out and slammed it. I kept walking quicker to school. Anger obviously evident in my face. I heard Justin call out "NATIE! NATIE, COME BACK IM SORRY!" I didnt even bother looking back. He wasn't worth it.

As I walked, I kept thinking about the question: why would justin care if I was with another guy? Was it because he was jealous? No it couldn't be. Why would he be jealous and why would he even want a girl like me? He obviously could get any girl he wanted, right? Bet he dated millions already. I still found it odd that he was so interested in Bryan. 

I decided to shake off my thoughts as I entered the school building. Justin was probably already here since he came with a car but I couldn't see him anywhere. I looked around and spotted Carly and Ashley so I walked over to them.

"Hey girls," I said, hugging them.

"Hey Natie," Carly said.

"Why are you so late? You always come early. I'm surprised you arrived after us." Ashley spoke. AGAIN WITH THE FREAKIN QUESTIONS. Why can't they just give me a break?! I decided not to tell them about Justin or Bryan since they would just keep asking more and more questions and I really didn't need that right now.

"Umm.. I- I over slept.." I used that as a lie and hopefully they'd believe me.

"Oh okay. Well, we better head off to class."

Thank god that went well. We said our goodbyes and I made my way to my locker. I noticed the locker next to mine was open but I couldn't make out who was there. I dialed in the code, opened it and got what I needed for first period. 

Just then, I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I didn't have a boyfriend.. so i was surprised.

I turned around and saw Justin. I completely forgot his locker was the one next to mine. Just then, he slammed me against the lockers and inched his face closer to me like he was almost gonna kiss me, but he didn't. His body was almost touching mine and his heat was radiating off of his skin.

I couldnt say I didn't like it cause I did. WHAT? Did I just say I liked how close Justin was to me? I couldn't believe myself. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that.

He inched his face closer to my neck. "You know, you shouldn't have run off like that, babe." he said in his deep, raspy, sexy voice. My breath hitched as soon as his hot breath hit my neck and it sent shivers down my spine.

"Ju-justin g-get off of m-me." He chuckled. I inwardly cursed myself for stuttering. I had to keep a strong front. I couldn't let him have the pleasure of thinking he made me weak.

"Well babe, I could but you decided to walk out on me." His breath hit my skin again and my breath faltered. I looked around and no one noticed what was happening.

"Don't call me that." I said through gritted teeth. I hated it when he said it.

"Why babe?" He emphasized it this time.

"Because I'm not your 'babe'" I said, releasing from his hold and pushing him off.

As soon as I did, I headed directly to my first class: science with Mr. Derino. I took my seat in the last row. 

Right after I took a seat, guess who decided to show up? Yup. None other than Justin.

I was still mad at him, especially after what happened at the lockers.

"Mr. Bieber care to tell the class why you're late?" Mr. D, obviously pissed, asked Justin.

"Im sorry Mr. D. I just had something else I had to deal with and I got a little distracted." He said, looking directly at me. I rolled my eyes and looked the other way.

"Well make sure it doesn't happen again. Now go take your seat next to Natalie."

Ughh. Why does he have to sit next to me in every single class? He made his way over and sat down in the desk next to mine.

"Hey babe." He whispered as soon as he took his seat. I didn't respond. Instead I just sighed and didnt even look his way. 

Then Mr. D spoke up again, "Class, today we will be working in partners for a project on biology." everyone let out a groan. He continued "Okay well let me see now.. Hmmm.. Becky you're with Tom, Hannah with Candice, Luke with Cody, Ryan with Angela.."

There was only me and Justin left and I was praying that we wouldn't end up together even though I knew it wouldn't be any good. "Natalie with Justin."

I couldn't believe it. Why does this have to happen to me? I rolled my eyes. This class probably won't end well...


(A/n) this is chapter 4. i hope you guys like the story so far. thanks so much to all of you that favorited and liked the story. WE GOT 21 FAVS OH YEAH. *happy dance* I'll probably update 2 chapters tomorrow cause i love you guys so much <3 and as you can see the chapters are kinda long so.. yeah. anyways.. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY LOVIES <3 please comment. tell us what you think will happen. okay goodnight guys xoxo

-JDBiebs_gurl & YaraAli


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