Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


18. Chapter 17

*Natalie's POV*

I leaned down and gave justin a passionate kiss, wrapping my hands around his neck and playing with the ends of his hair. He wrapped his arms around me, deepening the kiss. I ran my fingers through his soft hair and soon it turned into a make out session. After what felt like hours, we broke apart each panting and breathing hard. I put my forehead  against zrr  that we werent together yet-" i cut him off. "Look justin its not like i dont want to be with you its just... I came out of a relationship today.. I mean i dont wanna rush things between us.. I dont want to ruin this.." He cupped my face and gave me a quick, reassuring peck. "You can take all the time you want, baby. Ill wait for you." I hugged him and he continued.. "Buuutt... I dont get how having a making out like we did just now is 'taking things slow'.." I pulled away and punched him on the arm. He gave me a pouty face. "I guess that means no kisses for you.." I said, teasingly. "Hey! No fair." He replied, crossing his arms. "You're the one that said-" he cut me off with a kiss, pulling me closer to him. He pulled away but not too far so that i still felt his hot breath on my lips. "I was just kidding" he said. "And about taking things slow.." That caught my attention.. I shot my head up. "Dont worry, i was just gonna ask if you wanted to go out with me tomorrow.." He continued, rubbing my arm. I pecked him. "Id love to" i said. He leaned in, but i turned my head so that he kissed my cheek. "Tease," he stated under his breath, though i could clearly hear him. I rolled my eyes playfully and was about to stand up when justin pulled me down and quickly put his lips to mine, stealing a kiss. It took a while for me to react but i eventually put my arms around him and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. We pulled away after a while. "Justin you can't keep doing that every two seconds." I said, glaring at him. "He wrapped his arms around my waist. "You never stopped me." He said, stealing another quick peck. I scowled. "And .. Its not like you didnt like it.." He continued, winking at me. I rolled my eyes and stood up, him following soon after. "Cmon lets get going before the others come looking for us." I stated. I started walking but then i felt a hand grab my wrist, twirl me around and push me against the trunk of the tree. Justin put his hands to the right and left of my body. "Justin what the hell are-" i didnt get to finish my sentence. I was cut off by his lips on mine.  I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer so that a magazine couldnt even fit between us. I felt justin smile. He put his hands through my hair, his fingers tangling with my locks. I hugged him even closer to me if it were possible, enjoying the feeling of his soft lips on mine. After a while we pulled apart, each breathing as heavily as before. "That's for being such a tease," justin said, whispering. I bit my lip. He was still trying to catch his breath. "If you were trying to punish me it wasnt working cause i really enjoyed that to be honest.." He looked at me and shook his head smiling. "Why are you smiling?" I asked,  crossing my arm on my chest. Justin put his finger under my chin, turning my head to face him. He stroked my cheek with my thumb. "I was just thinking about how lucky i was to have a girl like you in my life." He whispered, looking me directly in the eyes. I get lost in them everytime and this times no different. He gave me a chaste kiss and pulled away, interlacing our fingers and walking back to the others. On our walk i looked up at him and his hair was literally a mess. I bit my lip trying to hide my laughing. He looked at me with a quizzical expression so i just looked down so he wouldn't see my face.   When we got there, i could see the others trying really hard not to laugh, but ryan just couldnt hold it in an started laughing uncontrollably. Justin looked at him with a confused look. "Is there something wrong with my face?" He asked, looking around then at me. I was still trying hard nt to laugh. I figured it was because i ran my fingers through his hair. "Umm justin.. What happened to your hair?" Natalie finally said. He reached up to touch his hair "my hai- what? Whats wrong with it?" He asked, obviously confused. "Everything," chaz stated. He glared at me and i gave him an innocent look. "Wait, natalie did you know it looked like this?" He asked. I just bit on my lip and tried really hard not to smile. He still noticed though. "So you knew it looked like this all the way here and you didnt even bother mentioning it?" He asked, looking baffled. And have him the innocent look. "Ill do it for you to make it up to you." I said. I stood on my tip toes and reached for his hair, spiking it up and putting it in place like it was before. "There," i said, putting my feet back on the ground. "Wait, something doesnt feel right can you see if something's wrong?" I went up on my tip toes again and he captured my lips with his, catching me completely off gaurd. I felt like i was gonna fall but he put his hands firmly on my hips. I pulled away and punched his chest lightly. "You tricked me," i stated. He smirked at me and tried to steal another kiss. But i dodged it and took a step back. He poured and gave me the biggest puppy face he could. And as everyone knows how adorable he looks with that face i just couldnt resist giving him another kiss. After we broke away i felt like the others were staring at me so i turned around and looked at them, seeing that that look of amazement plastered on their faces. They obviously hadnt gotten over me and justin. "SEriously guys, you can't keep looking at us like that everything we kiss or do something. You have to get over it." I stated. "Sorry its just a lot to take in.." Ryan said. Justin wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissed the top of my head and rested his chin on my shoulder. "Well you guys better get used to it cause you're gonna see it a lot," justin said from behind me. I smiled at it and turned my head to the left, and planted my lips on his for a quick second. We turned back to the others. "Okay so moving on... We were thinking of going to Carly's since theres nothing to do here and the suns going down." Ryan said. "Yeah sure," i said. And with that we started making our way to the cars. I went with justin and the others went with ryan. I guess theyre still doing that leave-natalie-with-justin-so-they-could-be-alone-together thing.     *Justins POV* I opened the door for natalie and she jumped in. As soon as i got in and started the engine right away. We got there in 10 minutes. Carly unlocked the door and we all went in, heading straight for her room. "Umm babe, where are your parents?" Ryan asked. "Oh don't worry about them theyre on vacation." She stated, waving her hand. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Well in that case.. Why dont we-" "Ew ew ew we do not want to hear it." Natalie cut him off and i chuckled. me, natalie and ashley  sat on the bed, ryan and carly on a beanbag in her room and chaz on the floor. "Okay guys so what do you wanna do?" Carly asked. We were each in our own thoughts until i thought of something and spoke up. "Okay so since its dark out side i know this really good game. Its kinda like hide and seek but in the dark." I said, looking at them questioningly. "Yeah sure." Carly replied. "Okay so basically, one of us stands out side the door while the others hide in the room. Then the people inside have to turn off the light and the person outside comes in and looks for the people in the room. Simple." "Okay sounds good. And, since justin suggested this game he should be the one outside." Natalie said, smirking at me. "That isnt fair." I complained. "Life's not fair, baby," natalie stated. I reluctantly went outside and closed the door behind me. I waited about 10 minutes until someone yelled "were done" i opened the door and it cast a light on the bed, where i could see the unmistakable dirty blonde hair of natalie. I slowly closed the door and crept to the bed. She was hiding her face in the pillow and she was under the covers. I lifted the cover slowly and got in wrapping my arms around her waist tightly. I bought my mouth near her ear and whispered "gotcha" she started giggling then turned to face me. I pecked her lips. "How did you know it was me?" She whispered. I just winked at her. After i found the others Ryan's the one that stood outside. We played about 3 games then we decided to go home. "Natalie do you want me to take you?" I asked. "Yess thatd be great" she replied. I pecked her and took her hand in mine, saying a quick goodbye to the others.    We rode in silence. When we got to her house i walked her up to her door. "Thanks justin," she said and bit her lip. "About tomorrow, ill come pick you up at 7." I said. She wrapped her arms around my neck as wrapped mine around her waist. "That sounds great," she whispered then bought me closer to kiss her. After a few seconds we broke apart. "See you tomorrow jay," natalie said. "See you," i gave her a peck before heading to my car. I have absolutely no idea where im gonna take her tomorrow. 


(a/n) okay so this isnt edited either but i just really wanted to publish it. love ya xoxo 

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