Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


17. Chapter 16

*Justin's POV*
I would have never figured out that hiding behind that smile was a girl that had gotten hurt in the worst of ways. If i was ever gonna see those guys ill kill them. She didnt deserve any of that. She was such a sweet, caring, loving, perfect girl.. Why would anyone want to do that to her fragile heart. I know I'd never, and thats why i promised her. I never break my promises.. And im not breaking any of them anytime soon, especially this one. I never want to see her hurt again and i never want it to be me that hurt her. 

She got up and straddled me, putting her hands on my shoulders. "So waht do you wanna do?" She asked. "Um maybe stay up her and.. Y'know.." I replied cockily and sent her two flirtatious winks. She playfully slapped my chest, rolled her eyes and said, "Perv." "You know you love it, baby" i replied, shooting her another wink. "Shut up." She stated. "What if i dont?" I asked. "Ill make you shut up," she replied. "And how, exactly, are you gonna do that?" She leaned in closer to me until her breath hit my mouth. "Like this.." She whispered and planted her lips onto mine. After a few seconds we broke up.. She started laughing.. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Well remember when we were at that bowling alley and you and I had that little argument and then it was gonna end up with us kissing until ryan pushed us apart" she said, smiling. I let out a small chuckle. "Yeah i remember.. Only thing is maybe i didnt want to kiss you.." I trailed off. "Hey!" She stated, pouring and getting off of me. "Just kidding.. Bit you did just admit that you wanted to and you were gonna kiss me.." I stated. She still didnt loom at me but she mumbled, "I never said i wanted to.." She trailed off. "Oh so you mean that when our faces were only inches apart and you were looking at my eyes to my lips you didnt want to kiss?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow. "Okay maybe i did.. But just a little." "Just a little? If ryan hadn't pushed us apart we would have had a full blown make out session and you would have enjoyed every second of it." I replied. "And what makes you think you're such a good kisser? I never said you were." She countered, smirking. I shot her a glare. "No one has ever told me i was a bad kisser before. That's got to be a first" i replied, still scowling. "I was joking jeez.. You are one helluva good kisser, jay." She said, using a nickname ive never heard before. Jay... I kind of like it.. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her full on the lips. I could do that all day for all i cared. She had such kissable lips. They were so soft and i could taste the bubblegum from her lipgloss. We pulled away and she started biting her lip. "You not too bad a kisser yourself," i remarked. Her eyes instantly shot up and i earneda smirk from her. "Oh and i like that nickname." I added. "What? Jay?" She asked. I nodded. "Jay.." She trailed off. The sound of it rolled of her lips perfectly. I stroked her cheek, looking her directly in the eyes. "You're so beautiful Natalie.. And dont let anyone tell you different.. Cause you truly are beautiful." She started blushing and i leaned in and planted another kiss on her lips. I just couldnt get enough. Our moment soon ended when my phone started ringing. We broke apart. "Ughh" i picked up my phone. "Nice timing chaz" i muttered, noticing the caller ID. 
J: hey chaz
C: hi justin.. Hows everything 
J: everythins fine
C: well just called to tell you that were at the park if you wanted to drop by
J: the park? You're there now? Umm ill come by in a bit kay?
C: okay. 
End of convo. 

I hung up at that then turned to natalie. "They're at the park wanna go?" "Yeah sure whatever" she said, playing with the hem of her shirt. "She pointed down at her herself. "What about this. What am i gonna wear?" "Its cool just stay in those," i replied. She just nodded. "Ill go put on a shirt and we'll head out kay?" I asked. "Mmkay" she replied. I gave her a quick peck and went into my closet to throw a shirt on and some kicks.  I took Natalie's hand in mine and led her down the stairs into my car. We drove for 10 minutes until we got to the park. 

I opened Natalies door for her and took her hand in mine, interlacing our fingers. She looked down at them and smiled. I quickly stole a kiss when she looked up at me. "You just can't stop kissing me can you?" She asked, giggling. "I really cant get enough of your lips and now that they're mine i can kiss them all day if i wanted to. You just don't know how long I've been wanting to do that anytime i could." I admitted. She giggled that angelic giggle of hers again. "C'mon, i think we have a little surprise for the others since they don't know anything that happened." I winked at her then started heading to the direction of where they were. 

*Natalie's POV*
When we got to where the others were sitting they just stared at us then down at our interlaced hands. It was priceless. They all looked at each other, questioning everything. I took that time to lean up and kiss justin, he held my waist and pulled me closer and i could feel him smiling against the kiss. We broke apart and looked back at the others. I was biting my lip. They all looked taken aback it was like they had just seen an alien infront of them. I started chuckling. "Umm are you guys okay?" Justin questioned casually. I tried to keep in my laugh but failed. I gotta admit if i was in Their place i would have been surprised too. I mean seeing youre best friends kissing after they'd gotten into a fight and one of them ran off to her boyfriend then she came back with her friend and just kissed him would be pretty shocking to me. Chaz spoke up, "But..you.. And.. Then.. What?" He stuttered. I started laughing uncontrollably. "This is funny natalie." Carly shot me a glare. "You guys were just in the middle of a fight.. And natalie, you ran off to your BOYFRIEND, whom you've seen to have forgotten all about.." Ashley exclaimed. "Oh you mean bryan.. No he's not my boyfriend anymore" i waved a hand dismissively. "And justin you went home and you were frustrated and.." Ryan trailed off. "You guys better have a good explanation for all this" chaz scowled at us. "Why are you guys so upset about this i thought you WANTED us to be together?" Justin stated. "Yeah we did, and we still do, but we didnt think it was gonna be that soon" carly said, earning a glare from justin. "That doesnt matter guys," justin stated from behind me wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. I looked up and have him a quick kiss. "We're together right?" I cut him off "who said we were together?" I asked, turning around to face him. He stared at me."does that mean you don't-" i interrupted again. "No we just haven't made anything official ..." I trailed off.  "That doesnt matter right now guys okay? You owe explanations." Ashley stated. "Oh kay" i stated sighing. Justin let go of me and went to talk to ryan and chaz while i went and talked with ashley and carly. As soon as i sat down carly squealed. "Oh my gosh natalie you guys are adorbalee" she exclaimed. "We want to know EVERYTHING." Ashley added. So i did just that. I told them the story from when i stormed off until now. "I'm so happy for you guyss," carly said, hugging me. "You know.. I couldnt help notice that everytime we were together you guys would disppear and i was left with justin alone.." I cocked an eyebrow at them. "Okay.. Fine.. Were guilty of tha. We wanted you guys to spend as much time as you could with each other so you could see how sweet and caring he was..." I hugged them both. "But you guys do know that that way you were trying to break me up with bryan right?" I looked at them both. "Yeah.. We kinda realized that but we honestly couldn't stand seeing you with bryan and not justin" carly admitted sheepishly. "Aanndd.. The sooner you got with justin the sooner we would stop hearing him going on and on About you" ashely added. they rolled their eyes playfully. "He was talking about me?" I asked, blushing a little. "All the time it was getting annoying.." Carly stated. He told me that i was the girl he was talking about but he didnt tell me he talked about me all the time. I felt the heat increase in my cheeks and butterflies in my stomach. 

*Justins POV*
As soon as I went to Ryan and Chaz they both gave me bro hugs. "Congrats man," they said at the same time. "Thanks," I smiled at the ground. "But you really did catch us off guard when you came to the park with her and just kissed her I mean" Ryan exclaimed. I laughed. "Yeah I mean we could get over the holding hands thing but that kiss just.." Chaz trailed off. "We were expecting you two to have made up but I wasn't expecting you guys to guys to be together like that." "We're not together YET. But it just sorta happened. Y'know? Like I didn't even expect anything that happened to... I mean yeah forgiving me was enough but this.. This is just incredible" I started telling the the story from when I was at home till now, leaving out Natalie's past of course. Ryan and Chaz were shocked. I mean their jaws dropped. "Wow.." Chaz finally said. "That sounds corny as hell. I mean kissing in the rain and her running after you? That stuff only happens in movies." Ryan said. "I was thinking the same thing." I agreed. "Anyways.. I just.. I can't believe it all happened , but it did and I'm so happy." "I'm  happy for you man," Chaz exclaimed, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Thanks guys," I replied. I saw the girls Stand up and walk over to where we ere standing. I wrapped my arms around Natalie and whispered inner ear, "I missed you baby." She giggled. "Justin I've been gone for 10 minutes." She replied. "I don't care, I missed you," I whispered back then pulled away from her, taking her hand in mine. "I'm gonna go for a walk with Natalie." I announced. And started walking farther into the park. We talked for a while then I came across the tree Ryan and Carly were sitting on together the day we came here. "Hey nat, wanna go sit?" I asked her. "Yeah, whatever," she replied. I walked over to the tree and sat down with my leaning against in and pulled Natalie on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head on my chest. I started humming a tune. "You know.. The first time we came here?" I broke the silence. "Mhm," Natalie replied. "Well remember that day Bryan came so I stormed off. It was right en that I realized i realized that i liked you right then . anyways..i kept walking until I found Carly sitting on Ryan's lap against this tree and I promised myself I'd do everything I could to get you and do the same thing with you... And guess what? I'm sitting right here with the most beautiful girl on this planet." I told her, remembering that night. "Wait I thought you promised yourself you'd me here with me.." She cheekily replied. "And who said that you weren't the most beautiful girl on this planet." I replied, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She turned around dishes was straddling me. "You really think that?" She asked, her cheeks turning a brilliant shade of red. I nodded, cupping her face. "You are the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eye on, Natalie." I exclaimed. Giving her a quick peck, but she forced her lips onto mine, wrapping her arms around my neck. I rested my hands on her waist and deepened the kiss as she ran her fingers through my hair. After we broke apart I spoke up, "we should probably head back." "No... I wanna spend some time here with you" Natalie replied giving me a quick peck.


(a/n) okay so im sorry it took so long. we really have no excuse this time. we were just being lazy. and its not edited cause after i edited and pressed publish an error happened and i really didnt want to edit it again, anways really sorry again, love ya xoxo

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