Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


16. Chapter 15

*Justin's POV*

I can't explain how happy I am right now. I didn't expect any of that to happen, but I'm so grateful it did. I just couldn't stop smiling. "Hey Natie, I think we should go to my place.. Or do you prefer to stay out here and continue getting drenched?" I smiled down at her.

"Umm your place it is," she replied, giggling.

I held out my hand and she took it as I interlaced our fingers together. As soon as we touched, I felt a spark ignite, running through my veins. I wondered if it happened to her.

We walked to my house in silence, just enjoying each others presence, each deep in our own thoughts about what happened. Now that i come to think of it, it was corny as hell. It was like it came out of a movie or something. But I still enjoyed every single bit of it. There was just something about her. Something about her that made my knees go weak and my head spin with a thousand thoughts everytime I looked at her. Something about her that ignited some kind of spark in me. And I was a fool not to realize it before.

But maybe it wasn't that fact that I hadn't realized it. Maybe it was the fact that I was fighting it. Fighting it for god knows what ever reason. 


We got to my house in 5 minutes and I quickly opened the door to get out of the rain. My mom was over at her friends house for the third day in a row and she probably wasn't coming now because of the rain and everything. It's like everytime Natalie's over my mom seems to be coincidentally at her friends house.


We walked up to my room like the other day. "Umm I'll go change and get you some clothes okay?" I asked natie.

"Yeah sure, thanks Justin," she said. I quickly pecked her lips and went into my closet. I took off my clothes and got dressed in some sweatpants and got her a sweater and sweatpants. As I walked out I put a and through my wet hair to straighten it out. I gave Natalie the clothes and pointed to the direction of the bathroom.

"You can go change there." I said but she didn't answer cause she was staring at something. I trailed her gaze and it led to my stomach. "Ohh you like what you see?" I asked. She looked up at me and instantly blushed. "It's okay babe I know I'm hot," I chuckled, flexing my muscles and winking at her. 

She got up and headed to the bathroom, saying, "Get over yourself."

I was delved into my thoughts until I heard her sweet voice call my name. "Justin?"

"Yeah Nat?"

"Umm where should I put my wet clothes?"

"Uhh.. there's supposed to be a laundry basket there somewhere."

"But how am I supposed to take them home?"

"Don't worry about that I'll wash them and when they're dry I'll give them to you some other time." She didn't respond. After a moment she walked out looking absolutely beautiful in my sweats with her long wet hair cascading down. "I gotta admit, Nat, you look hot in my sweats." She just giggled and shook her head.

"Do you have a blow dryer?" She asked.

"Yeah um I think my mom has one, I'll go check." And with that I rushed out of my room to my mom's, got the blow dryer and came back. And the whole time a single thought was running through my head along with an image of Natalie. I finally have the chance to call her mine, I thought. And I'm not screwing it up.

I got back, gave the dryer to Natalie and layed down on my bed as she was finishing her hair. I looked at her petite figure standing there in my room, wearing my sweats and she was with me. I couldn't believe she was actually standing there.

When I let out that long ass speech in her room and left, I thought she'd just get angrier at me, I thought she wouldn't come after me. I thought she would've been done with me. But I thought wrong. She came running after me. And if that was all that she had done I wouldn't have minded cause atleast it would've meant she cared. But the fact that she actually said she felt the same way blew my mind away. And I actually had the chance to do something I've been wanting to do for weeks. I could finally feel her soft lips against mine. It was just too much good in one day. 

When she was done she turned around and looked at me. "C'mere," I said and patted the bed next to me. She came and sat down a little too far. "Why do you always sit so far away from me when all I want is for you to sit in my arms." She blushed and scooted closer. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer so that she was right next to me. "That's better." I said, as she blushed again.

She rested her head on my chest and I started playing with her hair. I honestly dont know why i do it. her hair is just so soft. She began drawing shapes on my chest absentmindedly. I kissed her hair and decided to ask a question thats been on my mind. "Hey natalie?"


"Umm.. Just a thought but.. Is there any reason you kept pushing away your feelings for me?" There was silence. 


*Natalie's POV*

I instantly froze at his words. My palms started getting sweaty and I gulped. Okay remember when I said I was that goody two shoes girl that cared about school and had never dated or gotten their first kiss... Well maybe I lied just a little about that.. Or maybe a lot. I just didn't know how to put it or open up to any one. No one knew about anything except for my mom. I came here with a clean record, but before that it was anything but. I was always ashamed of it. Or maybe not ashamed, but everytime I remembered it I started crying. I didn't want to talk about it. But if I was gonna have any kind of relationship with Justin I had to be honest with him.

I debated it for a second then decided I'd just tell him now. I let out a much needed breath. "Umm.. To be completely honest.. Yes.. I did.." I said, getting more nervous by the second.

"Really?" He asked. I just nodded. We stayed silent for a second then he spoke up again. "Umm.. Can I ask why?" He said, obviously a little shy. I sat up in a criss-cross position. We stayed quiet for a while. "It's okay if you don't want to tell me, I understand." He said, looking down. I lifted his head up.

"No.. No its okay.. Just gathering my thoughts thats all.." I stated.

"Take your time, I'm right here." He said.

"I can trust you right, Justin?" I asked him.

"Ofcourse beautiful." He said, reassuringly. I looked up into his beautiful caramel orbs. Well here goes nothing.

"So you know how I mentioned that is never dated and I'd never kissed and stuff?" He nodded. "Well.. Umm.. I.. Kinda maybe lied about that." I said, trailing off, he just nodded, urging me to continue. "Before I moved here I went to another school. There, I dated two guys. They were both very good looking and they were really popular. I mean girls would just throw themselves over them. Anyways.. The first one was named Josh. I really really liked him, but I never thought he'd like me since I wasn't that popular.

"But one day he asked me out and I felt like I was on top of the world. Everything was going good for the first month or two and I got to know him better and I really really liked him. I mean he was like everything I could want in a guy.

"Anyways.. After a while he started making up excuses as to why he couldn't hang out and he'd always try to avoid me at school. It came to a point where I'd only see him once a week. I started getting suspicious so one day when he said he needed to go to his 'grandparents' I followed him. He came up to my best friend's house, which was really strange. I knew that they left a spare key under the mat so I let myself in. I went in after him. The house seemed deserted. But I heard noise coming from upstairs so I went up there. I looked around and I went to my bestfriend's room's door cause the noise was coming from there." At this point I was crying.

"I opened the door.. And he was laying on top of her, making out with her. I couldn't believe my eyes. I started sobbing so they eventually heard me and looked up. I ran out not even giving them a chance to explain. I didn't talk to them ever again."

I started sobbing uncontrollably. Justin wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his chest. He stroked my back. "Shh. It's okay natalie. I'm right here. It's over. Shh." I stopped crying enough to continue.

"Wait justin. There's still more." I said. He looked truly shocked.

"I guess I hadn't learned my lesson the first time cause after about two months I was over it. I started taking interest in another popular guy named Kyle. He appeared really sweet. So after some flirting and some hanging out he finally asked me out. Again it was going straight for the first or second months but then it went downhill.

"One night he came over and we started making out and things started to get serious. I stopped before anything happened. It happened again but he kept trying to get in my pants. After that whenever we met up he kept trying but I never let him. I finally broke up with him but that wasn't the end of it. He started making up rumors about me. And soon all my friends left me."

Again I started sobbing incontrollably. "I finally told my mom about everything and she decided it would be best to move so we came here."

My sobbing stopped. "Then when I saw you in school i thought you looked like one of those hot popular boys that always dress good.. I didn't want to break my wall and get hurt I guess.. But then I got to know you and it turned out that you weren't at all like any of those other guys. And now here we are."I smiled against his chest.

We stayed quiet for a while then he spoke up. "What about Bryan?" He asked, in a low voice.

"Oh.. Well when I saw him he didn't seem like those kind of guys. He was really cute and sweet. He didn't have much of an ego too," I stated, giggling.

"Hey! I do not have an ego."

"Yeah right." I just laughed and he pouted. I looked at him and pecked his lips. Just as I was letting go he held onto my face and forced his lips onto mine. I smiled against the kiss. We broke apart a few seconds later. Our faces were only a few inches away.

"You know I'll never do anything those guys did to you right? If I could I'd go beat them up right now. I'd never hurt you and I never will. I promise." He said in a low whisper. I leaned up to kiss him again.

"Thank you Justin. You don't know how much that means to me." I whispered to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He wrapped his around my waist.

I had just confessed one of my biggest secrets to Justin. And in all honesty, it actually felt good to finally tell someone. And I'm happy it was justin. 


(a/n) woohoo we updated lol. okay so this chapter showed a deeper side of them.. i hope you like it so far :) love you guys xoxo

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