Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


13. Chapter 12

Hit By Love - Chapter 12
*Justins POV*
"Give me a kiss" i wanted to know if she would do it. If she cared enough to give me one even if she didnt like me. She was quiet for a while then he got off the bed an stood infront of me. I took one of her hands and pulled her closer so that she was standing in between my legs. (I was still sitting on the bed). I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She hasn't looked in my eyes once. I could feel she was nervous about it all. She put her hands on my shoulders, closed her eyes and started leaning in. I did the same with my arms still wrapped around her. I then felt a kiss on my cheek. She took her hands off my shoulders and looked at me with a cheeky smile. 
I crossed my arms across my chest and looked up at her. "Hey no fair" i said with a pout. "You told me to give you a kiss you didnt say where" she stated with a shrug. "Dont get smart with me" i replied. She just laughed that angelic laugh of hers. "Im still mad at you" i added. She came closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I still didnt budge. "Awww cmon justin lets just watch the movie" she said looking down at me with a look that made my knees weak. I gave in. "Alright but were still watching the scary movie." I said, wrapping my arms around we waist again. If you were to look at us from the outside we would look like a couple. "Fine" she said rolling her eyes and taking her arms off of me. I still had my arms around her waist. She kept trying to get out but i just bought her closer to me. She turned around and faced me. 
"Let me out" she said with a straight face. I just shook my head. "Justiiiin" she whined stomping her feet. "Natalliieee" i mimicked her pulling her closer. "Please justin?" She said, fluttering her eyelashes. I shook my head. "Fine then." She stated. She sat on my lap and kept trying to push me back and this time she succeeded. I fell on the bed and she just climbed on it and sat down. "Can you please go play the movie?" She asked. I stood up, got the movie and played it. I turned off the lights and went to sit with natalie on my bed. As soon as i sat down she scooted away a little. "I dont bite you know" i told her. She blushed and she still sat away from me. I just to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer to me. Now she was sitting with an inch between us. The movie started and i scooted a bit closer to her so our bodies touched. She looked up to me and i smiled at her. I really didnt pay much attention to the movie.. I was marveling at natalie. A scary part came and she hid her face in my chest. After it finished she went to sit back up but i put my hand on her shoulder and let her rest on my chest. She looked up to me and i bent down to whisper in her ear. "Its okay i like it when you rest your head on my chest." She nodded and gave me a small smile which i gladly returned. I wrapped my arm around her and we watched the rest of the movie like that. I would occasionally look down at her. 
Sometime during the movie i started playing with her soft dirty blonde hair. She looked at me. "What?" I asked. She sat on her knees in between my legs facing me. "Why are you playing with my hair?" She asked. We were still in the dark and i could see her faintly due to the light the TV was making. "I dont know i guess i like playing with your hair" i said, shrugging. "I've never met a guy that has like to play with a girls hair." She said cocking her eyebrow. "Umm.. I.. You're hair is just really soft and pretty" i complimented her. She blushed a little. "Now can we please finish the movie?" I asked. She sat back like she was before and once again i wrapped my arm around her. She snuggled in my chest and we continued watching the movie. I kissed her head and i could feel her smile against my chest. I looked down and i saw her smiling. 
That girl right there was my everything. I was never gonna let her go no matter what. She was perfect. 
*Ashley's POV* 
When Natalie and Justin went to ride the Segway we all decided that we were gonna make excuses to go home so that both of them could have some alone time together. When we got outside and saw natalie and justin standing like that we were all surprised. Carly looked at me like 'I told you so' because i hadn't believe her when she had told me all that happened when they were at the park together. But after they almost kissed inside and the way they looked at each other and spoke to each other, it was obvious that justin really liked natalie and natalie liked him but she was trying her best to hide it and god knows why. We all watched silently as justin stood infront of natalie and nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. If anyone were to walk by they'd definitely think theyre a couple an i thanked god that Bryan wasnt here. At first natalie looked tensed up but what caught me by surprise is when she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer if that were even possible. "Okay so maybe you were right about the whole justin and natalie thing" i said to carly. "But look at how cute they are i mean Natalie's an idiot how can she say that she doesn't like them i mean look at her" carly said. "Calm down babe" ryan said, giving her a peck" chaz was just standing there a smile across his face as he looked at them. "Earth to chaz?" I said. Waving a hand across his face. 
"Wha-what?" He asked, looking at me. I smiled at him. "Its just they look like theyre in love i mean" we all stated at them for a second. "Isnt it a bit too early for that?" I asked. "It might.." "Cmon lets go before they find out see been staring at them" i said chuckling. We walked up to them and cocked our eyebrows. We had to make natalie believe that justin didnt like her, she can't find out yet. They looked at us and natalie started blushing i was trying to hide my smile. As soon as she hid her face we started happy dancing. Then she turned around while we were dancing so we straightened ourselves out. We each made up an excuse for going somewhere so that the only option natie had was to go with justin, which she did. We all met at the corner of the street where the bowling place was. "She fell for that pretty easily" chaz said, laughing. We all laughed with him. "We have to do something to help justin and make natie realize that shes happy with him" i said. "But we can't mess with them at the same time" chaz said. "Lets go to the park and think of something there." Carly exclaimed. 
We went to the park and on our way carly and ryan were usually behind me and chaz laughig, holding hands or kissing. They were too cute. We sat at the smae spot where they had say yesterday. "Soo?" I asked. "Okay so you and carly have to take care of natalie and me and chaz will take care of justin" ryan said. "That's not fair justin already admit that he likes natalie" carly stated. "Can you just stop whining?" Chaz said. "Okay now that everyones quiet... We have to get the both of them together all the time." "How are we supposed to do that?" I asked. "Exactly like we did today" chaz said, shrugging. "They'll figure it out sooner or later." I explained. "We'll also tell justin that he has to get her alone so she won't suspect anything." Chaz continued. "Oh okay" "we just have one tiny problem." Carly said. "What?" Ryan asked. "Bryan." She bluntly stated. 
*Natalie's POV*
When the movie ended i started to get up since there was no point in staying in justins arms since the movie was over. But, as always justins arm prevented me from moving. "Where do you think you're going?" Justin whispered in my ear. And, like always, the hairs on my back stood on end as his hot breath hit my skin. "I was trying to get up" i said, not showing any signs if weakness. "I'm afraid i cant let you do that." Justin whispered again, this time leaving a feather of a kiss on my neck. "Why not?" I spat, not giving him the pleasure of knowing that kiss had such a massive effect on me. "Because... I said so. And i like it when you're in my arms like this.. It makes me feel like you're mine" he emphasized 'mine' with a raw, raspy voice that made me weak. I gulped, not knowing what to say. Justin just laughed. "You know im only joking right?" He asked. A wave of sudden relief came over me. "Justin you have a weird way of joking. You made my heart stop just a second ago." "Oh so you're saying i have that affect on you?" He was now sitting up straight with his legs straight infront of him. I sat on my knees in between his legs. Shoot i just openly told him that he had some kind of effect on me. 
"Um.. No.." I trailed off. "Whatever babe" he emphasized babe and that really made me mad. "How many times do i have to tell you not to call me that?" "I just like teasing you" he said with a chuckle and i playfully hit him on his chest. I got off from in between his legs and sat next to him. "Soooo..." I said. "Soooo..." He mimicked. "What should we do now?" I asked. Justin got closer. He slowly wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and nuzzled his head in my neck. I tensed up. My heart was beating at a rapid pace and i didnt know why. My stomach was tied up in knots. 'That is called having butterflies and you're heart skipping a beat because of the way youre feeling" these arent butterflies okay? 'Yes.. They are and its all because of that boy called justin' yeah right. Just then i felt a pair of soft lips hit the skin of my neck again. "Relax baby" justin whispered. "Dont call me that" i said through gritted teeth. He laughed, but it was muffled cause his head was nuzzled in my neck. My stomach started turning in knots again. I could feel my blood frozen and i didnt know what to do. "Just relax natie" justin repeated. I took a deep breath and did what he said. I hesitantly wrapped my arms around his neck. He didnt kiss me again though. We just stayed like that. After a while i rested my head on his shoulder. "Justin?" I asked, my voice only a low whisper. "Yeah?" He said his voice raspy. "I can trust you right?" I asked. "Ofcourse beautiful" he replied. "Thank you." I said, but he didnt hear me. The silence was interrupted by justins phone ringing. "Ughh" he groaned. Ill admit i was pretty upset too cause i liked how we were. "What chaz? No man were at my house. Ha-ha very funny. Just shut up. No you werent 'interrupting something'" justin rolled his eyes. "Really? Thanks man i appreciate it. So why exactly were you calling? Mmkay well meet you there in 10 minutes. Kay bye" justin then directed his attention towards me. "They're at the park and they want us to go i told them we'd be there in 10" he said. "Okay" i replied. I got down from the bed and went to put on my shoes. Justin did the same. "Lets go" he said and opened the bedroom door. I walked out. And he came right behind me. "Uhh justin?" "Follow me natie" he chuckled. 
*Carly's POV* 
After a while we decided to call justin and natie. Chaz rang them up. "Yo bro. Did you go out? Ouu wink wink. I wonder what you were doing there. Was interrupting something? Just to tell you we all made excuses so that she could go home with you. Uh huh. Anytime bro. We're at the park come meet us here. Aight. Bye." Chaz turned to us. "They'll be here in 10" he said. I was really excited they were just so perfect with each other. We talked for a while until we heard footsteps and laughter coming our way. We looked up and saw justin and natalie walking up to us together, giggling. When they realized we were sitting there they stopped. "Hey guys" natalie started off. "Heyy" we all chimed together. "So what've you guys been up to?" Chaz asked, giving them a wink. Justin shot him a glare. "Shut up" he said. We all laughed. Natalie and justin came and sat down with us. 
*natalies POV*
As soon as we sat down ashley and carly just stared at me with smiles plastered on their faces. "Umm ashley, carly, can i please speak to you for a minute" i said, gesturing behind me with my thumb. "Excuse us guys" i stated and lead ashley and carly somewhere out of earshot. "What is up with you two? You've been acting strange all day." I said, eyeing them both. "Umm nothing" carly stated. "So tell us... what did you guys do?" Ashley asked. I looked at the ground. "Nothing" i looked up and both of them cocked their eyebrows at me. "We watched a movie okay?" I replied. "That's IT?" Carly asked suspiciously. "Umm yeahh.." I trailed off. "Natalie what did you really do?" Ashley asked. "Okay maybe we did more than just that but we did watch a movie.." I said. "Tell. Us. Everything." So i told them what happened from the almost-kiss to the cuddling. "No way natie" carly exclaimed. I blushed. "Just close the subject let's head back." I stated and they both nodded.
*justins POV*
As soon as the girls left the guys started an interrogation session. "So man... What did you guys do exactly?" Chaz asked. "Nothing much" i shrugged. They glared at me. "Yeah right thats why you spent almost 3 hours at your place?" Ryan said. "Okay fine.. We just watched a movie.." I trailed off. "You only watched a movie?" They asked, clearly not believing it. "Uh huuh.." "I dont believe you." Ryan said. "What did your really do?" Chaz asked. I told them all that happened. "No way mann" ryan said. I heard the girls coming from behind us. "Shut it guys theyre coming" i stated. The girls came and sat down. We chatted about random things for a while then we got bored. Out of nowhere i heard footsteps coming, and the others apparently did too because they all turned their heads to the direction where the sound was coming from. Natalie jumped up and ran towards whoever was coming, though i couldnt make out who it was. She let go i him and his face appeared. It was bryan.
I clenched my jaw as he approached, his arms wrapped around natie. She was supposed to be mine. Suddenly sadness overtook me as i realized that natalie wasnt mine. I guess everything we did together made me sort of think we were something but now i realize i was wrong about everything. I couldnt claim her to be mine because she was far from that, i fact she was already claimed by Bryan. But that doesnt mean im not gonna do all i do to get her. "Hey babe," Bryan said to natie as he kissed her on the cheek. She wrapped her arms around his neck, like she did with me earlier. "Heyy," she said they stood there for a second, so i decided to butt in before anything happend. I stood up and walked towards them. "Hi bryan," i said as i put my hand out. Natalie moved out of the way as he shook my hand. I saw ryan and chaz laughing their asses of and shaking their heads. "Umm why dont you come sit down?" I asked. And pointed next to ashley. "Yeah um sure if thats okay with you guys?" He asked looking around. "Nah its fine," carly said. He went to sit down next to ashley and natalie was going to sit next to him, but i ran ahead of her and sat next to him and she was forced to sit between me and chaz. She gave me a 'what the hell?' Look and i just shrugged at her. I looked around and chaz and ryan were still laughing and carly and ashley were whispering and mouthing something to natalie which i couldnt quite get. We decided to play spin the bottle. I could tell natalie was a little nervous but i really couldnt tell why. On the first spin it landed on chaz and ashley... Well thats gonna be awkward. Chaz licked his lips and stood up as ashley walked over to him. Both of them started laughing like their regular goofy selves and chaz wrapped one arm around her waist as she rested her arms on his Chest. they kept laughing but both of them closed theyre eyes and leaned in. It was over as fast as it started. 
"Ouu jack wont be happy if he finds out" carly teased. "And that is exactly why everything that happens here stays between us." Ashley exclaimed. We all laughed. They spun again and this time it was chaz and carly. "How come youre gettin all the kisses?" I asked, jokingly. "What can i say.. No one can resist me." Chaz said. Carly looked at ryan for reassurance he nodded in response. It was obvious that ryan trusted chaz and it was clear that he could trust him with anything since he gave him permission to kiss his girl. Carly stood up walked to her they both looked at ryan again and he nodded once. Chaz caressed Carly's hand softly in the palm of his hand as they leaned in and kissed. When it was done they returned back to where they were sitting. We spun again and this time it landed on me and ashley. I stood up and walked to ashley. I could feel Natalie's eyes burning holes in the back of my head. I looked into Ashley's blue eyes, but they were no where as beautiful as Natalie's hazel green ones. She rested one hand on my chest and i put one hand on her hip. We leaned in t the same time. The kiss lasted for a couple of seconds before we let go. We walked back to where we were sitting. Natalie's eyes were still on me. "Is there something on my face natie?" I asked. "Umm uh no" she said and her cheeks turned red. As she looked at the ground i held her chin and brought it up. "Dont hide that pretty little face of yours" i said. She blushed again but this time she didnt look down. I felt Bryan's eyes on us. I turned around and his jaw and fuss were clenched. Haha that made him more than mad. "Oo-Kay guys. Lets continue?" Ryan asked, breaking the tension. He spun the bottle and we all watched eagerly. It landed on Bryan and natalie. My heart skipped a beat and started beating at a rapid pace. My stomach churned in knots. She can't kiss bryan. No this isnt happening. Natalie and Bryan looked at each other and she was biting her lip nervously. Everyone else's eyes were on me and i didnt know what to do. "Umm i think thats enough for this game. Umm" i said, now Natalie and Bryan's eyes on me. Both i them were confused while chaz and ryan were laughing as usual while ashley and carly were trying not to laugh as much as they could. One thing was bugging me since we got here and that was how bryan always seemed to know we were at the park. I mean did he have a tracking a device on her phone or something. I decided to ask him. "If you don't mind, bryan, i was just curious as to how you knew we were here?" He smiled at me. "Oh my house is pretty close by so i was driving and i saw ur car so i figured ud be here with natalie, well since your just friends and all" he said. That made me mad and happy at the same time. I was happy cause that kid knew that natalie would probably be with me but i was furious at the 'since your just friends'. He wasnt there half the time i was with her and he didnt see us almost kiss so excuse him. I think we'll be more than 'just friends' pretty soon. "So umm natalie i think its getting pretty late.. Maybe i can drive you home?" Bryan asked breaking my thoughts. "Yeah that'd be great" she said, smiling. They stood up and bryan took Natalie's hand. "Bye guys" natie said. I was so mad at Bryan ugh. I had to keep my cool though. They started walking. "Yo natie!" I shouted.She turned around. "Dont i get a goodbye hug?" She rolled her eyes playfully as she giggled lightly and let go of Bryan's hand as she made her way over to me. She smiled at me before i wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek that no one saw. "Bye natie" i whispered giving her a squeeze. "Bye justin," she giggled. God, that girl made my head spin. I let go of her and i glanced quickly at Bryan, his jaw was tightened an he didnt look very happy. Natie took his hand in hers and she waved at us and they started heading off. Today was such a good day. I really lived spending time with natalie. He made me so happy. I just wish she was mine. I dont know how im gonna do that but there was one thing i knew. Bryan needs to go. 


(A/n) okay so first off im so sorry for the lack of updates and stuff ive just been really sick ad stuff so im sorry. Second im sorry for the messy chapter :/ i promise ill edit them all they look so messy and confusing i know. Third im so happy for the faves and the likes you guys dont know how much that means to us. And lastly thank you for the support we live you so much xoxo


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