Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


12. Chapter 11

*Natalie's POV*

What Justin did back there seriously caught me off gaurd. He's really comfortable around me and to tell you the truth I'm comfortable around him too.

We drove off in silence, but it wasn't awkward. We got to his house in 10 minutes. We both opened our doors and made our way to the house. Justin fumbled with the keys and eventually found the right one.

"Home sweet home," he said as he walked in. This was the first time I'd been in his house. It was very simple and cute. It wasn't too much or too little. It looked good eventhough there were still packed boxes all over the place. And one more thing... it was HUGE. 

"Sorry about the mess it's only been a few days since we moved," Justin stated.

"Oh no its okay." I paused before I continued, "I kinda like how it's messy." I smiled up at him and he returned the smile. His smile was so beautiful.

"C'mon I wanna show you my room," Justin said. He took my hand and dragged me up the stairs and stopped at a door. He opened it, revealing his room. The room was huge, like the rest of the house. There was a king sized bed on one side with two side tables then beanbags infront of it and a TV on the wall opposite to it. There was a window that looked down at the street and on the other side was a door. 

"What's that door for?" I asked.

"I'll show you," he replied. He took my hand in his again and bought me to the door. He twisted the doorknob and lead us inside, then flicked the lights on. It was a walk-in closet. I never thought a guy would have one of these, but then again, Justin did always look good. So I guess he cared about what he wore.

"Wow" I said in awe.

"You like?" He asked, gesturing to the closet. I just nodded. He had this little place full of shelves for his Shoes. He had almost a thousand. I saw another door on the other side so I went to open it. It was his bathroom. I went back into the room and Justin followed. "When's your mom coming back?" I asked not wanting for her to come and think the wrong idea of us.

"Oh i think she won't be home for a while. She said something about shopping." That reminded me of my mom since she was going shopping with Pattie. That was such a coincidence. 

"Soo umm what d'you wanna do?" Justin asked nervously, scratching the back of his head.

"Umm can we watch a movie?" I asked.

"Yeah sure. Which one?"

"Anything you like, I dont mind."

"How about a scary movie?" He asked.

"That is so cliche of you Bieber and any boy for that matter."

"its is not cliche, i just happen to like scary movies. It's not like I was gonna try and make a move or something." Yup, we were just friends. Oh like you don't wish he would make some kind of a move like he did back at the bowling alley or when you were standing on his car. No, I don't I'm just gonna watch a movie with a FRIEND. Yeah right, more like boyfriend. Just shut up okay? 

"Natalie?" Justin asked hovering a hand infront of my face.

"Huh? Whaa?" I asked coming back from my zoning out.

"I said do you wanna sit downstairs or up here?"

"Um no here's good. Besides I won't go ALL the way downstairs." I said.

"Lazyass," he mumbled under his breath but it was loud enough for me to hear. 

"What did you say?"

"Oh um I just said.. umm nothing." he replied.

"No I'm pretty sure you said lazyass," I said striding towards him. He backed up.

"No I didn't I just.. I said-"

"You said lazyass," I interrupted. He backed up again and this time hit his bed. He had no where to go but I kept going. "Don't lie to me justin. Just admit you said it and I'll leave you alone."

"I didnt-"

"There you go again." I tsked at him. "I thought there wouldn't be any lies between us," I looked at him disappointedly. I was now standing right infront of him.

"Natalie you probably heard me wrong-"

"oh I'm sure I heard you right, Bieber. And you just crossed the line." I couldn't help but smile. I wanted to break out laughing. I was trying so hard to keep serious.

I pushed him and he lost balance and fell with his back to the bed, but before I could do anything he grabbed me and pulled me with him. I landed on top of him and we started laughing so hard. He was holding me so I couldn't move but I kept trying to wiggle out of his reach. 

"Justiiinnn let me goooo," I whined. "Nope" he said popping the 'p'. I let out a sigh and gave up, holding up my weight with my hands on Justin's chest. I looked down at him and he was staring into my eyes with his chocolate orbs.

We stayed like that for a while, each one of us leaning in ever so slightly afraid to break whatever was going between us. Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him, kiss him. My head kept chanting as we both were leaning in slowly. No. No I couldn't and I won't. I just cant. I can't like him and I can't kiss him because that'll end whatever we have Or is it just because you're scared of feeling a spark and not wanting to let go? My mind asked. Shut up.

As soon as I got back to reality our mouthed were an inch away. I quickly rolled off of him and sat next to him on his bed. I thought I heard a faint moan or sigh then he mumbled something. "Umm uhh weren't we gonna watch a movie?" I asked nervously. It was a bit -okay maybe very- awkward.

"Yeah um wait here I'll go get it," justin said and left me alone in the room with my thoughts, something I dreaded more than anything else. 'Ouuu Natalie's all alone with her "friend" in his House. Cause that seems totally normal. Yeah he's my friend and yeah it's totally normal. If it was totally normal you wouldn't mind telling bryan would you? Umm uh. Exactly. You know Bryan would flip out eventhough you're technically not his girlfriend but still, you're kind of a thing right? I gulped at the thought of Bryan and my palms started getting sweaty. I guess you could say bryan and I were a thing. And I guess he'd be mad... But you know why you're doing it anyway? No.. 'It's because you have an attraction to Justin and he makes you happy. You just can't admit it. The door burst open and Justin appeared. 

"Umm I got the movie do you want popcorn?"

"Yeah sure whatever" I said shyly, the air still awkward because of what happened before.

"Wanna come help me make it?" Justin asked trying to pull off a slight smile.

"Sure," I replied getting off of his bed and following him downstairs to the kitchen. He got out the microwaveable popcorn and put it in the microwave.

"You needed help for that?" I raised my eyebrows and gestures to the popcorn in the microwave. He came closer and rested his hands on my hips, but I didn't move.

"No I just wanted to get us out of that room it just seemed.. I dont know." I knew exactly what he meant and i couldnt agree more. He looked into my eyes again, which made me completely melt. I tried looking somewhere else.

"Looking for something natalie? Cause I'm right here." he whispered the last part which gave me shivers.

"Umm n-no," I said. His head was still near my ear and I could feel his hot breath against it.
Calm down Natie he's not gonna do anything. Just calm down. I was getting more nervous by the second and I'm sure he could feel that cause he then whispered.

"There's no need to get nervous around me babe." He said 'babe' in that raspy voice that made me weak. He knew how to get to me.

"Im n-not n-nervous."

"Why're you stuttering?" He asked inching his body closer, his hands still on my hips his mouth still lingering next to me ear. I smelt something burning.

"Justin uh I think the popcorn is burning," I said, trying not to laugh. He mumbled a string of curses as he opened the microwave door and took out the burning popcorn. I was laughing like a maniac.

"You can't even cook microwave popcorn. I guess you really did need my help." I kept laughing. Justin had a teasingly angry look on his face.

"You think this is funny?" He asked as he came closer. I just nodded and started to back up. He smirked and inched closer and I stepped back my butt hitting the counter behind me. I was trapped and Justin kept coming closer. As he came he put his hands on the counter beside me so that there was no way I could escape. 

"Its so funny," He whispered, sarcastically ofcourse.

"Mmhhmm," I replied. Two can play at this game. "It's hilarious," I whispered lowly into his ear. There was only one way to get out of this. I put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me closer to him. 


*Justin's POV* 

I had Natalie trapped. As I brought her closer to me she started leaning in. Was I dreaming? She was actually making a move. As soon as we were close enough she dodged my lips and pecked my cheek. "Tease," I whispered to myself, knowing she couldn't hear.

She started pecking my jawline lightly. Her kisses were like soft little feathers dancing on my skin. I started loosening my grip on her a bit and that's when she made a run for it. I had just been tricked into letting her go. She started laughing at how she tricked me. I started running after her.

"You know I'm faster than you Natalie and I know this house better than you do so just give up now and you won't have to suffer," I stated.

"'Suffer' ouu I'm terrified. What is it that you're gonna do to make me suffer?" She asked. 

"You'll see if you don't just give up."

"I guess I'm not giving up then." My house was pretty big -not to brag- which meant she'd probably get lost somewhere. She started running and I chased after her. 


*Natalie's POV*

Justin's house was HUGE. He must be pretty well off. I started running but I didn't know where I was going so I just ran. I opened the first door insight and it was this huge game room with pool tables and a little snackbar and some arcade games and stuff. It was pretty cool.

I heard footsteps coming so I ran and hid behind the snackbar. I heard the door opening and footsteps coming in. Then the footsteps went away and the door closed. I found another door in the room and opened it revealing a hallway I'd never seen before. I went down the hallway and it was a dead end. Shoot.

I looked around and found a small door. I was curious so I opened it. It was just the laundry room. I went inside and closed the door as soon as I heard running. Justin. I stayed as still as I could until the sound disappeared completely. 

I got out of the room and started down the other end of the hallway. I found some steps and decided to find out where they lead. I ended up in a huge space with a billion doors. Why did Justin have all these rooms?

I heard the *ding* of an elevator and looked around. Ofcourse they'd have an elevator in such a huge house. I looked around frantically and decided to go through the door on the very right. It was a guest bedroom. I heard footsteps and a bunch of doors opening, I was afraid of justin opening my door so I hid in the closet. Ofcourse it was empty since no one was in here.

The door to my room opened and I could see through just a tiny bit. He mumbled a bunch of curses and then he said, "Natalie's better at this than I thought." I chuckled, which ofcourse, he had to hear. He started looking around and just shook his head and walked back out the door. I walked out of the closet. Now I just needed to get to his room. But how was I gonna find it? I took the elevator down and ended up on the second floor.

I ran through some halls for a bit and finally found a familiar one. I looked around and stared at the doors for a second. Just then I heard running. Justin was on this floor. I made up my mind fast and opened the door to one of his rooms, which, by luck, was his. "I know you're here Natie." I heard justin call out from the hallway.

I walked into the walk-in closet and his in one of the closets. I heard Justin come in. "Natie come out now or things will be a million times worse for you," he said. But I stayed my ground. "I guess that's a no and that I'll have to come and find you. I heard shuffling around the room and then it stopped. My heart started accelerating eventhough it was just a game. I heard the door open.

"I'm coming for ya," Justin almost sang. I wondered how he sounded when he sang. The footsteps were coming closer and I was getting more and more nervous. Suddenly the closet flung open and I saw Justin standing there with a grin spread across his face. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder as I tried to wriggle out. 

"There's no point in trying to get out," he threw me on the bed as I bounced up and down. He got on top of me and started tickling me like crazy.

"J-justin s-stop" I tried saying in between laughs.

"Is it still funny? Cause it seems that this is hilarious" he kept going and i kept laughing. "J-justin i-im s-serious." I said. He stopped for a second, and looked away, upset.

"Okay Justin I guess I'm sorry for laughing." He still didnt budge. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to me so I crawled to him and wrapped my arms around his neck from behind. "Im sorry Justin" I whispered in his ear. He still didnt answer. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. He was quiet for a moment.

"Give me a kiss." 


(a/n) one more chapter to edit then ill start on the new one xoxo

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