Hit By Love

Natalie is the normal teenage girl who wants to get good grades, graduate, and go to college. Justin's the new kid in town. He can't get his mind off of Natalie, but he's denying the fact that he likes her. Will he ever admit it to himself? On the way back from the mall one day, Natalie meets a guy named Bryan and starts getting butterflies in her stomach. Will Justin ever get a chance with her? Read it ;)


11. Chapter 10

*Natalie's POV*

I went to sleep that night at 2 am. My mind was keeping me up and I couldn't do anything about it. And guess who was the problem? Yup, Justin. He was the one that kept me up thinking. My mind was twirling with a thousand thoughts but there was only one that stood out of all of them. Do I like him? 


*Justin's POV*

I went home and barged through the door feeling happy as ever. "HEY MOM," I shouted.

"Hi justin I'm in here." I heard her say from the kitchen. I went inside. "Why are you so happy?" She asked once she saw the mood I was in.

"No reason."

"C'mon Justin I know there's something going on."

"okay okay you got me."

"Soo what is it?" She asked eager to know. Well here goes nothing.

"So umm you were right about me liking that girl.." I explained.

"And how did you find that out?" She said.

"Well we all went to the park today and the guy that went on a date with her came and they started having a good time and that's when I realized I liked her."

"Well, I hate to tell you I told you so," she laughed.

"I guess you were right mom," I said as I hugged her. I loved her so much.

"Mother's always right," she said.

"Haha I love you. Goodnight imma head upstairs" I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I couldn't sleep at all that night and there was only one thing on my mind: Natalie. Yeah call me whatever you want but I can't stop thinking about her. How her hair falls, her smile, that adorable laugh. It's just everything about her seems perfect. Scratch that. It is perfect. I drifted off to sleep that night with one thought and one thought only. 


*Natalie's POV*

I woke up around 11. I remembered it was Saturday woohoo. Weekend. *ding* Why does everyone send me a text as soon as I wake up? I rolled my eyes. *ding* Another text. I looked at my phone. One of them was from Carly and the other was from Justin. I opened Carly's first. 

Carly: hey nat. What's up with you and justin ;)

What did that mean?
Natalie: What do you mean?

I opened justins next. 
Justin: goodmorning gorgeous xx

I instantly got butterflies in my stomach. 
Natalie: hey handsome ;)

I didnt like him, I liked Bryan and my mind was just playing games with me. You're just playing games with your self natalie. No I'm not. *ding* My thoughts were interrupted. 

Carly: don't tell me all that happened yesterday was nothing. I saw all of it. If you weren't noticing I was right behind you when you guys went to hide and saw you two cuddling in that house. And when you ran off I went and hid behind the trees cause I didnt want you seeing me. Dont tell me you don't have feelings for him natalie cause you obviously do. 

I couldnt believe she actually spied on us. I bet she was smirking on the phone right now. 
Natalie: i dont have feelings for him carly. And no we didn't cuddle, the house was just too small. 

I got a message from justin. 
Justin: wanna do something today?

I smiled. 
Natalie: yeah sure. What'd you have in mind?

*ding* another one from Carly.
Carly: whatever nat. What are you gonna do today?

Natalie: umm justin wanted to do something

I got another message from justin.
Justin: i was thinking we could go bowling with the others... What d'you think?

Bowling. Sounds fun. One problem. I don't know how to bowl. 
Natalie: yeah okay sounds fun. Tell ryan and chaz ill tell carly and ashley.

I got a message from Carly.
Carly: ouu the lovebirds are going out. Anyways.. Ryan said something about bowling...

Justin was fast.. Or maybe he planned it with the guys first..

Natalie: thats what justin said. Guess ill meet you and your boyfriend there lol. Tell ashley too. 

Justin replied: already ahead of you ;) ill pick you up in an hour get ready babe x
I hated that name ugh. Or maybe you're just made cause you aren't his. Oh just shut up. 

Natalie: dont call me that -.- 

*Ding* Carly again
Carly: Kay see ya x 

It was 11:30 now. I had an hour till justin came. I went down to the kitchen. "Hey mom!" I said as i entered.

"Morning Natie," she said and gave me a hug.

"Mmm what's that smell?"

"I just made some pancakes," she said with a grin.

"Thanks mom," I sat down and put some pancakes on my plate with some maple syrup on top. I ate them all. I looked at the clock. It was 12 already. "Crap." I said under my breath.

"What's wrong Natalie?" My mom asked.

"I have to go get ready I'm going bowling with my friends," I ran upstairs without another word. I stripped my clothes off and jumped in the shower for about 10 mins. I dried my hair and got dressed: 

I put on some light make up and looked at myself in the mirror. Just then i heard a honk. Justin. 

I ran downstairs. "Bye mom!"

"Bye Natie. Pattie might come over in a while so don't worry about me," I chuckled. I closed the door behind me and saw Justin leaned up against his car like the other day with his arms crossed. As soon as he saw me his face lit up and so did mine. As I got nearer he didn't move which made me as confused as ever.

Finally as I stood before him he had his arms open, ready to take me in an embrace which I gladly accepted. We hugged for a second then he let go, opening the car door for me. He went to the other side, opened his own door then got it and revved up the car. "Hey Justin," i said.

"Hey Nat," he replied looking at me for an instant then retuning his eyes on the road. He was looking as sexy as ever today. 


*Justin's POV*

I studied Natalie from head to toe and she looked beyond gorgeous. "You look really pretty today Natie," I said with a smile.

"Are you implying that I don't look pretty everyday?" She replied with a slight smirk. I chuckled.

"Dont get smart with me," I said.

"Or what?"

"Or maybe I'll attack you with a few more tickles like yesterday.." I replied. I saw her smile from the corner of my eye as I flashed back to yesterday. I really loved spending time with her. The car ride was full of random conversations and before long we were infront of the bowling place.

While I was driving around the day she had her date with Bryan I saw it and thought it was a cool place.

"How did you find this place? It looks new."

"I was driving around and I saw it" I said, putting my hands in the front pockets of my jeans.

"C'mon the others might be inside waiting for us," Natalie spoke up.

We entered the place and saw the rest sitting infront of the shoe counter changing their kicks to the bowling shoes. They all grinned when they saw us walking in together. I looked to my right and saw Natalie biting her lip nervously as he looked down at the ground. I took her hand and gave her a reassuring squeeze before leading her to the counter.

"Can i please have a size 42?" I asked the guy nicely. I looked at natalie signaling that she tell the guy her shoe size.

"Oh umm I'll have a 38." She said nervously.

I lowered down to her ear and whispered, "relax." She nodded and I felt her calm down from her once tense state. We got our shoes and headed to where the others were sitting.

"Hey guys," I said, taking my hand out of Natalie's, which I didn't want. I sat down and put on the shoes. Natalie went to sit down with Carly and Ashley where I could see they were exchanging some words. I could tell I was the main subject since they kept looking at me every once in a while.

Chaz's voice interrupted my thoughts. "So bro, what's the deal with you and Natie?" He asked.

"I didn't say a thing and she didn't mention Bryan or anything today which was good I guess." Our conversation was interrupted by the girls coming over.

"So you guys ready to get you're asses whooped?" Ashley asked with her hand on one hip.

"Bring it on," was all I said with a smirk on my face. 

We went to the lanes and we were suddenly amazed. The lights dimmed and the bowling place was suddenly glow-in-the-dark. We looked down at our shoes and saw them glowing. matter of fact, everything, from the bowling alleys to the pins and balls, was glowing. This place was sick.

The screen lit up and showed that I was first. "Show us what you got," Natie said as she took a step back and directed me to the bowling alley with a wave of her hand. I nodded, took a bowling ball and stood before the alley. I swung my hand back and let the ball slide on the lane as it knocked all the pins out.

"Now that is what you call a strike ladies and gentlemen," I smirked as I bowed multiple times, the others just rolling their eyes. I rolled a second time but got only 9 out of ten.

"Guess you ran out if luck Bieber." Natalie said smirking.

"You got a big mouth today don't ya?" I looked at her and grinned.

"We'll youre not living up to your word," she grinned back.

I took a step closer. "Oh just you wait," I said. She took another step.

"But my patience is running out." I took a step too.

"You should really learn to shut that big mouth," I said.

"And whose gonna make me? You?" She said. We were now only mere centimeters apart. I took a step more, causing our bodies to touch against one another. I couldnt lie, I did like the position we were in. I looked down at her while she looked up at me, her breath fanning my face. 

"Maybe," I said, leaning in closer.

Ryan saw where this was going so he put his hands on each of our chests (not in a sexual way) and pushed us apart. I knew it was for the best that he didn't let us kiss but I wanted to feel Natalie's lips on mine so badly. It was a desire I couldn't push away no matter how much I tried.

"That was a close one dude. Ryan just saved whatever you guys have. That could've ruined everything between you two," Chaz whispered in my ear. I knew he was right but a part of me kept thinking of the what-if. What if she would've liked it or kissed back or maybe even had feelings for me? I knew that there was a really slim chance of that actually being true but I still thought about it. 


*Natalie's POV* 

Woah. Was all I could think about what just happened. One second more and my lips would've been locked with Justin's. I thank god for having Ryan push us apart. Or maybe its cause you were scared that if that started, you wouldn't be able to stop. For the last time, shut up. I looked up at Carly and Ashley who were both grinning for some strange reason.
"What?" I spat.

"That just proved my point from earlier," Carly said satisfied. I rolled my eyes.

"Why are you grinning ash?"

"Well Carly kinda told me all that happened and I couldn't agree with her more," she answered.

"Whatever guys. Think whatever you want, but I dont like him."

"Suuuuree," Carly said nodding her head, sarcasm dripping with every word he said.

Chaz spoke up suddenly. "So girls, ready to continue?" He asked.

"That depends on you.. You ready for us?" And with that we started playing again. Ashley went after Justin, then Chaz, then Carly, then Ryan, then finally, me. I gulped. Everyone was doing well so far and I was gonna make a fool out of myself. My palms were starting to get sweaty.

"C'mon Nat, time to show us ur A-game," Justin said. I took a ball and went up to the lane. I took a deep breath as I drew back the ball. I threw it forward and it started rolling straight, then, much to my dismay, it decided to make a curve and land in the gutter. I face-palmed myself as I looked down to cover my face using my hair as a curtain.

I felt a familiar touch of someone's hand on my chin. Justin. He raised my head. "Do I have to tell you again not to hide your Face like that?"

"No it's just that I'm embarrassed cause I had such a big mouth and I can't even do a thing." He put his finger on my mouth to silence me.

"It's okay. I'll help you." he said. I smiled up at him and he returned the smile. He went and got a bowling ball and came back. I held it, putting my fingers in the holes. He put his hand over mine

"Relax I'll walk you through," he whispered in my ear. He put his hand on my shoulder and slid it down to my other hand, causing me to shiver which he obviously felt cause his hand was on mine. He chuckled cause he had that effect on me but I just rolled my eyes. He closed his hand over mine.

"I thought you were gonna help me do this," I whispered to him.

"I can enjoy it while it lasts," he said laughing lightly in my ear, causing the hair on my back to rise. He pushed my foot infront with his foot making me pressed up against him. "I'm starting to like this position," he stated cheekily in a low raspy voice.

"Shut up" I replied.

"Follow my lead" he said as he brought my arm back and aimed for the pins. We all watched as it flew out of my hand and landed on the floor, rolling away, until it hit them, getting me a strike. I grinned from ear to ear. "Now that," Justin said pointing to the now fallen pins, "is how you do it." 

It was now Justin's turn again. "Wait." He said as we all looked at him. "Natalie, why don't you do this one? Try out your new skills," he said smiling.

"Yeah umm sure." I gulped. I was all alone now and no one could help me. I was getting nervous. Justin handed me a ball as I positioned myself infront of the alley the way justin put me before. I swung my arm back exactly the way he did it and released the ball as my arm came forward. I watched anxiously as the ball rolled away, feeling like it was going in slow motion. I watched as the the pins went down one by one. I got a strike. I was so happy I ran up to justin and gave him a hug.

At first he hesitated then he wrapped his arms around my waist and bought me up as my feet left the ground and spun me around. He put me down and I looked up to him. His face was centimeters away. Kiss him. no. You know you want to c'mon. No I don't. KISS HIM. 

My thoughts were interrupted by coughs from Ashley and Carly. I stepped away from justin quickly, looking down and biting my lip sheepishly. Carly and Ashley made their way over to me. "Twice Natalie, nice going," Carly whispered and Ashley just winked. 


*Justin's POV*

I almost kissed her again. "Again bro?" I heard Chaz whisper. I looked at him and Ryan while they were smirking. Then I looked at Ashley and Carly as they smirked at me too. I guess everyone was on my side. But all of them didn't want me to make any moves just yet. We talked about that yesterday in the park.

We continued our game and everyone was doing well, even Natalie. At the end, I came out first,

Ashley second, Natalie third, Chaz fifth, Ryan sixth and Carly last. "I whooped your asses," I stated proud that I won.

"You beat me with 8 points Justin that isn't a big deal," Ashley defended herself.

"Yeah yeah whatever I still won." They all rolled their eyes.

"Let's go eat. I'm starving" Carly spoke. Ryan's arm was on her shoulders. 

The bowling thing had a pizza place inside so we went and sat at a booth there. Ryan, Carly and Chaz were on one side, then me, Natalie and Ashley were on the other. We ordered some pizza and talked about random things until the pizza came.

Natalie took a piece and stuffed it in her mouth. She took a bite and kept pulling the pizza but the cheese would just get longer. It was hilarious. We all started laughing. She took a bite from the cheese to cut it and ate the rest.

As we finished I spotted a Segway. I turned to Natie and she was looking the same way I was. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked her, breaking her gaze from the Segway.

"Mmhmm," she nodded. We got out of the booth and went over to the Segway.

"Go on first, I'll stand behind you." I said then I leaned over to her ear. "I'll keep you safe," I whispered. She got on and I got on after. Putting my hands on her shoulders she tensed up under my touch.

"It's just me relax," I whispered. She nodded. I trailed my hands down to hers, feeling goosebumps on her skin. I laughed to myself at the effect I had. I closed my hands over hers and brought them to the handles. I kept her hands there as I put my arms around her tiny waist.

I put my mouth next to her ear. "You ready baby?" I asked. She gulped and nodded. I put my hands over hers and started moving the segway. I sped up and started going around the entire place. I rested my head on Natalie's shoulder as her hair flew back.

"You do it," I whispered to her as I took off my hand from hers and rested them on her hips. She started off slow "It's not as scary as it seems c'mon," I urged her. We began going faster as we kept going around and around the bowling place enjoying ourselves. We stopped as soon as the manager came and stood in front of us. I gulped. "You kids. Out. Now." We did as he said as we got off the Segway and headed for the door.

We went to my car and stood with our backs to the door as we laughed our heads off. I stood infront of Natalie.  My hands on her hips as I nuzzled my head into the crook of her neck. "So did you have fun?" I asked, my voice a little muffled from where my head was. She nodded her head. I pecked her neck lightly and felt her shiver under my touch and tense up. "Relax natie. It's just me i won't pull anything. I promise. You trust me don't you?" I asked the last question in a raspy voice knowing it would get to her. I pecked her neck again.

"Y-yeah." I chuckled a bit as I nuzzled my head further into her neck if it were possible. My body was now an inch away from hers. To my surprise she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her so that our bodies now touched. I pecked her neck again. Then I wrapped my hand around her waist. Enjoying her company and how we were right now. 

I heard a cough and I quickly pecked Natie's cheek before turning around and facing the rest. They were standing in a row, all with their eyebrows cocked, smiling. I knew the reason they were smiling. It was because they were happy Natalie and I were getting along and acting this way. They were happy with what was happening.

I saw natalie blushing huge so I pulled her closer by her waist as she hid her head in my chest. As soon as she hid her face Ashley and Carly started dancing around , Chaz and Ryan started grinning at me and winked as they have me a thumbs up, and I just smiled. Suddenly Natalie looked up and saw all that what happening.

"Are you guys okay?" She asked.

"Yeah never better," Ashley replied. As they returned to their regular positions.

"So umm me and Carly are gonna go to my place," Ryan said, holding carly by her waist. I winked at him. Both of them hugged us all goodbye as they headed to Ryan's car.

"I can take you home Ashley, if you want," Chaz offered ashley. I was now catching on to what they were doing. They wanted me and Natalie together alone.

"Yeah that's fine by me thanks," she said. They hugged both of us goodbye and Ashley gave Natie a wink.

"Wanna head to my place? My mom said she was going over to her friends house."

"Yeah sure, whatever," Natalie replied. I got in the drivers seat as she hopped in the passengers seat and I drove off.

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