Justin- lives with his mom (Pattie Malette); 16 years old; brown hair; brown eyes

Abbi- brown hair; brown eyes; 15 years old; lives with aunt (Cindy Sanders)

Niall- blonde hair; blue eyes; 16 years old; adopted by Pattie and Justin

Breanna- brown hair; brown eyes; 15 years old; lives with mom and stepdad


1. IrelandfHd

2 years ago...

Justin's POV

"JUSTIN WAKE UP!" I heard my mom yell at me. Today was the day we were leaving for vacation. I slowly got out of bed, and got dressed. I picked up my suitcase and left to meet my mom, who had been waiting on me outside the house. "Finally." she exclaimed. "Are you ready to go?" she asked. "Yeah! Can't wait!" I said excitedly. "okay, lets go!" she said as we walked to the taxi that had been waiting for us. It was a long taxi ride but we finally made it to the airport. I got my stuff from the back of the taxi and me and my mom basically sprinted into the airport. Our flight was leaving in 3 minutes! I was running so much faster than my mom, but I didn't care I was trying to make it to our flight before it left us. Thankfully we made it just in time, they let me and my mom in. We sat in our seats... I didn't realize  how tired I was, because as soon as I sat down I dozed off.....

Niall's POV

I hear screams coming from the kitchen. I couldn't see anything because of all the smoke around me, blocking my sight. I follow the sound of them screaming. I make it to the kitchen, and I see two figures. I make my way to them. "ARE YOU OKAY?!" I yell. "Da-Damon. " He says faintly. "Who's Damon?" I ask. I look around and see this figure running towards the door. That's the last thing I see before the blackness takes over.



I wake up panting from that dream. More like a nightmare. I remember that night perfectly. That's the night I became an orphan. Now I'm in an orphanage living with 13 other orphans. I'm the oldest at 14 years old. I checked the time... It was 3:00 a.m. I fell back asleep soon.

"NIALL, GET UP! I'VE GOT EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU!" I heard Sarah yell at me. Sarah was our foster parent at the orphanage. "What?" I asked while rubbing my eyes. What I wasn't expecting was the next three words to leave her mouth. "Somebody's adopting you." She led me downstairs to meet them. I stopped when I saw two strangers standing in front of me. One was a girl who looked in her 30's. The other was a boy who looked about my age. "Niall, meet Pattie Malette and her son Justin Bieber!"


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