Justin- lives with his mom (Pattie Malette); 16 years old; brown hair; brown eyes

Abbi- brown hair; brown eyes; 15 years old; lives with aunt (Cindy Sanders)

Niall- blonde hair; blue eyes; 16 years old; adopted by Pattie and Justin

Breanna- brown hair; brown eyes; 15 years old; lives with mom and stepdad


2. First Day of School

Justin's POV:



"UGHHHHHHH" I groaned as I turned off my alarm. Today was the first day of my junior year. To some people, this year might be exciting because you only have one year left of high school,  but not for me. To me high school was a living hell. Most people in high school at this time of age look for their true love, the one they can see themselves with for a long, long time. I just try to get through high school so I never have to see these people again, yes I've been with many girls but I can't say that I have ever found "The One" as they say-- "JUSTIN YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE IF YOU DON'T HURRY UP!" My mom yelled.

I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and rushed downstairs to meet my mom and Niall. "Are you ready to go?" Niall asked as I entered the kitchen. "As ready as I'll ever be." I replied.

I grabbed my car keys that always sit on the refrigerator, and walked out of the house. While me and Niall were walking to my car I noticed a moving van parked in the neighbor's driveway. Getting  out of the van were 2 girls who looked almost identical. THEY. WERE. GORGEOUS. 

But one of them specifically caught my eye, her hair was a medium length, dark brown hair. Which I love, she had beautiful brown eyes you could see from miles away... just everything about her was perfect.....

I was going to walk up to her until I heard Niall yelling for me to come to the car so we wouldn't be late for school. I wouldn't want to make Niall late because last time I did it didn't end to well for me.. I got grounded for 2 months. I know, dumb right? "Justin hurry I don't want to be late for the first day of school... again..!" Niall exclaimed.

"I'm coming I'm coming." I said. still dazing over this girl I had just seen. She caught me starring at her, I tried to make it look like I wasn't but she already saw it. There's no changing it. I walked to my car and met Niall, he looked kind of aggravated at me..oh well.

Niall's POV:

"That girl was perfect. She looked wonderful in that dress that showed off her tan legs, and that as-" "OKAY OKAY, I get it. She was pretty." I had listened to Justin ramble on about some girl who's moving in next to us for the last 5 minutes. Thankfully, we arrived at school. As I was walking, Justin pointed out the girl he was talking about. But, it wasn't that girl I was focused on. It was the girl beside her, probably her sister. She had long, brown hair and brown eyes. She looked about 5 feet tall. Of course I didn't go up to her and introduce myself, like Justin was going to. I just kept walking into school, so I wouldn't be late.


The school day seemed to pass by pretty quick and it was 5th period before I knew it, art. I took my seat, and waited for the teacher to introduce herself. I got distracted by someone knocking at the door, it was the principal and the girl from earlier. "Class, this is Breanna Sanders. She is new this year, so try to make her feel welcome. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself, Breanna?" She seemed a little shy, but so was I. "Well my name is Breanna, I'm 16, and have a twin sister Abbi." After she finished she went to a seat beside of me and sat down. I think she caught me looking at her a few times. Great, now she'll think I'm a creep. That class finally ended and I made my way to the car to wait on Justin, as always. He finally came, and we drove home.


Breanna's POV:

After my first day at a new school, I was totally exhausted. I was currently flopped out on my bed, probably looking like a deformed version of a bird. I finally decided to get up and get ready for bed. I got my pajamas out, and was about to change when I looked out my window and saw the guy from my art class shirtless and playing a guitar. His window was open, so I opened mine to listen to him play. He didn't notice me, but he was amazing at the guitar. He started to sing, but then noticed me. I freaked out when he noticed me, and I jumped up and hit my head on the window. Ow, that's going to hurt in the morning. He looked worried, but I quickly closed the window and curtain before I could embarrass myself more. I finally changed and layed in bed, and drifted off to sleep. I hope I don't embarrass myself more tomorrow in front of him.


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