High School Love

Leslie Westalphan is a girl with a difficult life. She is bullied at school and kind of abused by her parents. She's the youngest with two VERY protective brothers. She's emotional and insecure. She has a crush on this Bieber boy who is so popular at her school and from the group that bullies her. She's emotional and always insecure so She believes that she will never get together with him. Or is she wrong?

Hi everyone! This is my second story. Hope u all like it! :)


5. This is gonna be a really long night..."

(Leslie’s P.O.V)

OMG Did Justin just flirted with me? Did I just slapped my crush’s face? Did I just talked back to the bullies? Oh wow… Flora transferred some of her feistiness to me, or should I say standing up to the bullies.

“Les! Les! Leslie!!” I heard Edward’s voice. After a second he came to where I was hiding. He saw me. I forgot I was crying and he just came and hugged me. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not standing up for u but I punched him in the-“ he was interrupted by me screaming “WHAT?!” He looked at me confused, shit he’s gonna know. Wait I got an idea. “That’s great, Edward!! Good Job big bro” I smiled and hugged him. He proudly smiled and hugged back. Phew.

“Do u guys have any idea why Justin just started bulling Les?” Flora asked. I know the answer to that. Michael. He probably hasn’t got over what happened last year. Edward, Chris and I looked at each other. Ari wasn’t here coz her friends took her with them.

“I can see that u guys know why” Flora said. “Well?” she continued. “I’ll tell u when we get back from school” I told her. She raised her eye brows at me. “Please, Flor?” I begged her. She sighed and nodded. Flora maybe my BFF but sometimes she doesn’t understand me.

>>Fast Forward>>

I walked into my house, just to be greeted by a mad face of my mom. She came to us. “Flora, I’ll text u, go home” I whispered to Flora, knowing what’s gonna come and I obviously doesn’t want my bestfriend to be also beaten up my mom. She walked out of the house. She pulled Ariana and I’s hair and dragged us into the kitchen. We shrieked in pain but, she just tightened her grip more. She’s obviously drunk again, I can smell it. Yes, just because she’s a girl, doesn’t mean she doesn’t smoke or drink. When we got to the kitchen,  she pushed us with too much force that we sprinted forward. My stomach hit with the table. I clutched my stomach. Edward saw me and ran to me. “les, u okay?” he asked, concerned. I nodded “yea, I’m fine”.  “You two cook dinner quickly, and NICELY, get it?” she said sternly. “Yes mother” Ari replied and at the same time I replied but instead of saying ‘mother’ I said ‘mom’. Ari looked at me with wide eyes. “Sweetie, I told u to call me mother, not mom, u know I hate that” mom said sweetly but dangerously. Crap! This is gonna be a really long night….


OMG!!! OMG!! I am terribly so sorry for not updating for about a month!!! I'm really really sorry, i've been really really busy and my school is gonna start in about 3 weeks and i'm going on a trip this friday and DISASTER!!! MOM WOULDNT LET ME TAKE MY LAPTOP WITH ME!!! AND FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!! I hope u forgive me guys, i'm really really sorry. By the way, I'm also a directioner so as u know, there's been some fights between the 2 fandoms and i just wanna say that, I really dont want the fandoms to fight. I understand u have ur own opinions about the fight but still... If there are some directioners reading this story... I just wanna say that THE BEST SONG EVER MUSIC VIDEO IS REALLY THE BEST SONG EVER AND MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!!! Please no hate on this, fellow beliebers... ;) Feel free to comment,favorite,like and give ideas. <3

Oh and thank u so much for the favorites and views :D

~~~ Nicole

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