High School Love

Leslie Westalphan is a girl with a difficult life. She is bullied at school and kind of abused by her parents. She's the youngest with two VERY protective brothers. She's emotional and insecure. She has a crush on this Bieber boy who is so popular at her school and from the group that bullies her. She's emotional and always insecure so She believes that she will never get together with him. Or is she wrong?

Hi everyone! This is my second story. Hope u all like it! :)


10. The Last Day With Flora...

(Leslie’s P.O.V) “Oh my god, stop joking Flora” I said, nervously laughing. Please Dear Gods, Zeus don’t let this happen. “I’m serious Les” Flora said, refusing to look at me. “But why? All of a sudden, why?” I made her look up at me, I’m taller so HA. “My dad got this amazing job in London and we’ll be getting a house too and I’ve already checked the house from dad’s phone, Les its so huge and it in Lon-“ “Stop. You’re not only moving away to another city but another country?! How am I supposed to survive school without you? You’re my best friend, my only friend.” I said, tears brimming in my eyes. “I’m so sorry Les…” she managed to choke out, she too was crying. I took a deep breath and calmed myself before asking “When?” “Tomorrow morning, 6:00 am flight.” She replied. “Have u packed your things? Do you have everything you need? Have you picked out the outfit for tomorrow?” I bombarded her with questions as she can be really irresponsible and careless when it comes to packing. She laughed silently making me smile. “Everything is arranged so don’t worry” she said with a smile “I actually came here to spend my last day with you, you know the normal stuff, shopping, going to arcade, so whenever you’re ready!” “Yes! Let me go get changed” I ran up the stairs, and opened my closet to choose a nice outfit for the day. I decided to wear a simple loose tank top to go with a pair of blue jeans, along with my favorite leather jacket and my worn out blue converse. I put my hair up into a high ponytail with a few strands of hair falling down. I applied my favorite lip gloss and ran downstairs to find Flora with a puppy husky. I stared at it in surprise. Where did that come from? “Whose puppy is that?” I asked to nobody in particular as I made my way over to Flora and the puppy. “Yours” said Edward who just came out of the kitchen. “Oh I see” that was my response. Then I realized what Edward just said “wait mine?” “Yup” Flora replied “I bought it for you, as a remembrance” She handed the puppy over to me. “Oh my god Flora! I love you so much! This is so amazing, can I name her?” I said, obviously over excited. “Of course, she’s yours anyways” Flora replied, smiling at my childish behavior. I picked up the puppy and spin her around “I’m gonna name you Cheyenne!” I said as I spin Cheyenne around. “Let’s go then, if you’re ready” Flora said, smiling brightly. I nodded and we both went out, after hearing Edward’s “stay safe!” We decided to take the bus to the mall. With my ear phones plugged in each of our ears we silently sang along to the lyrics of the song playing in the back of the bus, just enjoying each other’s presence. We reached a stop and more people came up onto the bus, but we paid no attention. Then I felt like someone’s staring at me so I looked around the bus for the prying eyes but found nothing. That’s strange. Normally, if I feel like that, it always turns out as someone staring or looking at me. (Unknown Person’s P.O.V) As I walked on to the bus with my sister, a girl seated in the back with one earphone in looking out her window, along with another girl immediately caught my eye. I took my seat somewhere she wouldn’t notice, letting my sister block me from the girl’s view. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She seems to have this aura around her that caught me. She looked beautiful no doubt. The way some strands of her hair falling down on her face is really cute. She seems to be really enjoying her moment with the girl beside her. I wonder if she’s gonna be in my new school, I’ll find out soon enough anyway. She turned around suddenly, making me jerk back to my normal position before. She didn’t seem to notice that I was staring though. “Bro, from what I have noticed, you have been staring at that girl since we got on the bus” my sister said with a smirk. “Shut up, it’s not like that sis” I tried but obviously she knew me more than that so I stand no choice. “Fine, it’s just, she’s something, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just… what am I even saying?” I ranted. My sister patted me on the shoulders. “You’re not the only one feeling that, I feel like she’s also something” she said “Do you think she’ll be in our school?” I just shrugged as I have no idea. But one thing is sure, she is something. (Leslie’s P.O.V) The day went great. I bought a few more clothes and some accessories while Flora bought many things. We went to the arcade and played for a long time also. Only after 6, we went back home. When we got home, we chilled for awhile in my room and just made some conversation and stuff. When it was time for her to go back, I didn’t want to let her go. I won’t see her for who knows how long. It might probably be forever. I pushed the thought out of my mind. “Promise me you will call me and text me and do whatever that keeps you in contact with me ok?” I said. She nodded and gave me a hug. The last hug. I couldn’t stop wondering how would tomorrow be at school without Flora that night in my bed. Will I be okay? Will I be able to stand up for myself now that she’s gone? I probably might not survive without her. With those thoughts I fell into a deep asleep, unknown of the events that’s about to occur in a few hours. ~~~~~ (A/N) Heyyyy guys! Short chapter i know, sorry. So now im on holiday i'll try to update more and i can't thank you enough for reading the story even though its crappy, thanks for the views, likes, and favs :) Feel free to fan too xD Nicole
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