High School Love

Leslie Westalphan is a girl with a difficult life. She is bullied at school and kind of abused by her parents. She's the youngest with two VERY protective brothers. She's emotional and insecure. She has a crush on this Bieber boy who is so popular at her school and from the group that bullies her. She's emotional and always insecure so She believes that she will never get together with him. Or is she wrong?

Hi everyone! This is my second story. Hope u all like it! :)


3. Michael's Out

(Leslie’s P.O.V)

I woke up to a very bright light that I had to close my eyes again and slowly opened it again. I was in a hospital. Then I remembered everything that happened. “Leslie, are you awake?” Edward asked. I nodded and tried to sit up but just fell back down on the bed. My ribs made me. “You won’t be able to sit up for a few days.” Ari said. “WHAT?!” They flinched at my voice. As you can see, I shout a lot. LOL. “But how about school?” I pouted. I like school but I would love it if there weren’t any bullies. I’m also kind of a nerd. “I’m sure you can survive a few days without hell-I mean school” Chris said. We all burst into laughter.

>>Fast Forward>>

Monday, school day. A week has finally passed and I’m fully recovered. Flora and I walked to school together with my siblings of course. They’re not the type to let their younger sisters walk to school by themselves. I started skipping with Flora. “Be careful, u guys! The ground is wet.” Edward said. “Oh please, Edward, try it, its amazing” Ari said started skipping with us. “Only girls do that and I’m not a girl” Edward said. “You’re right, u’re not a girl, u’re a gay” Chris said, smirking. “Says the one who checks his hair in the mirror every five minutes.” Edward said, and we all started laughing except Chris of course. He blushed instead.

After five minutes we got to school, and as Ed said, Chris started checking his hair. Ed smirked and said “told u so”. Chris glared at him. We walked inside the school to see Sophie’s group and Michael’s group but no Michael. “Flora, did anything great happened while I was at the hospital?” I asked her. “Yes it did, Michael got into a fight and was expelled. Rumor has it that now Bieber is the leader.” She replied. “Despise his body, Michael can be really bad at choosing people. Justin hardly do any harm to anyone.” I told Flora. She started smirking. “I meant Bieber!!” I told her. She burst out laughing.

“Yo, Les!” Chris shouted from somewhere. He came up to me and said ”I’m gonna walk u two to the class today”. “You don’t need to do that” I told him. He shook his head headed towards my class.


(Justin’s P.O.V)

“Oh that bitch will pay” Sophie said, sobbing. Bitch means the principal, by the way. Ugh why must I be the one to lead this bully group or whatever? I mean, I don’t even like to be in this group, and to my luck, I became the leader. Despise his body, Michael can be really bad at choosing people. I mean, I hardly do any harm to anyone.

Just then, someone walked in the front doors. It was Leslie, and her friend and her siblings. Phew, she didn’t leave the school, nothing happened to her. I wish I could just go hug her and tell how much I was worried last week. She was beautiful. She’s not like other girls. She’s simple, sweet, pretty, beautiful, unlike Sophie and her gang. They’re Barbie dolls with tons of make-up.

Leslie’s hair was flying and the way she swiftly turn the corner was an amazing scene to watch. “What are you staring at, babe?” Yuri asked me. “Oh um nothing…” I replied. Damn her for interrupting my thoughts. I hate this life now, coz I made a freaking stupid promise to Michael, and the promise was to bully someone and the worst, that someone is the love of my life, Leslie Westalphan.


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