High School Love

Leslie Westalphan is a girl with a difficult life. She is bullied at school and kind of abused by her parents. She's the youngest with two VERY protective brothers. She's emotional and insecure. She has a crush on this Bieber boy who is so popular at her school and from the group that bullies her. She's emotional and always insecure so She believes that she will never get together with him. Or is she wrong?

Hi everyone! This is my second story. Hope u all like it! :)


1. Introduction :)

(Leslie’s P.O.V)
“LES!LESLIE! GET UP! YOU HAVE SCHOOL!!!” mom shouted at the top of her voice from downstairs. ”I’M UP, I’M REALLY UP” I shouted back. Another week with the bitches. I went to the bathroom and did my daily routine. I went downstairs to see my two older brothers and my older sister at the table… shoving toasts into their mouths. I laughed at their situations. “Whazz toe fut ee?” Edward my oldest brother asked me, with his mouth full. “Your way of eating” I said between laughs. He swallowed his food and said “Oh come on Les, don’t think I didn’t see u torturing a burger in Mac Donalds yesterday with ur friends” and he showed my picture to my other two siblings and they burst into laughter. I blushed. “Aww is my little sister embarrassed?” Christopher, my second brother asked. “Shut up, Christopher” I told him. “Yea, shut up Chris, ur spitting ur saliva on me” Ariana, my sister said. Edward and I burst into fists of laughter. Christopher turned a bright shade of red.

“Finish your breakfast and get to school u four!” Mom yelled. We stopped laughing and said yes in unison. We grabbed our bags and set off to school. I haven’t fully introduced myself. My name is Leslie Westalphan. I’m the youngest in my family. I have 2 older brothers named Edward and Christopher and an older sister named Ariana. Edward is now 17 years old and studying his last year at school. Christopher is 16. Ariana is 15 and I’m gonna be 14 soon. Edward and Christopher are very protective of me and Ari and I mean VERY. I’m bullied at school but none of my siblings or our parents know about that and I have no plan to tell them. My two brothers could even kill them. You see, I’m very emotional because of my parents… Mom and Dad doesn’t really treat us the way other parents treat their children. Know what I mean? Okay, simple, we’re kinda abused at home. Dad comes home drunk everynight and sometimes beat me and Ari up. Edward and Christopher tried to stop him but he said he will hurt us more if they tried to protect us. I got abused the most since I’m the youngest but my siblings are so good to me that I only wish one thing, a great family. At school, there are these 3 bitches who makes me insecure. Well, they don’t need to. I’m already insecure. So that’s all about me.

We arrived to school and went on our own ways. I meet up with my bestfriend, Flora. “Hey girl, wassup?” she said/greeted (whatever). “Hey!” I said. “Did ur dad do anything to you last night?” she asked, concerned. I show her my arm with cuts. “Oh my god, Leslie what the hell is that?” she asked. “Dude, shut up, I didn’t cut myself” I said and she was amazed “I can tell what you’re thinking, Flor”

“Oh… thought u didn’t know” she said. “Dude I’m your best friend what do u expect?” I asked her. “Nevermind, what happened then?” she asked. “Some pieces of glass…” I said and she understood. We walked to our lockers. I was about to close it when someone slams it. I looked at the person to see who it was and of course, Sophie, Tiffany and Yuri. “Thanks for closing Leslie’s locker, it saved a lot of time for us” Flora said and we walked past them but Sophie held me back. “Ow, let go Sophie!” I yelled. “Not until u get out of this school.” She replied. “Leslie!” Christopher shouted from somewhere. “What the hell are you doing to my sister, Sophie?” he snapped at Sophie. “Oh nothing baby, just asking where you are” she lied and tried to kiss Chris. “Get off” Chris pushed her away. “Babe, I thought we had something” Sophie said. “haha in ur dreams” Chris replied. Sophie turned a shade of red. She tried to get a kiss again but Chris pushed her away and said two very simple words “F*** off”. She fake cried and ran away, her friends trailing behind her.

“You okay,Les?” Chris asked me. “yea..” I replied and went to my class with Flora.
Fast Forward~~~

School’s over and I’m heading home with Flora, she’s coming over. When I got to the house, I saw my 3 siblings sitting in the living room, talking about something serious. “What’s up, guys?” I asked out. Edward looked at me in the eyes and said “Leslie, are u being bullied at school?” he asked. My eyes went wide. Oh s***.


Hi everyone!This is my second story!! Hope u all beliebers out there like this one. I just started my first story so i'll take time to update. Feel free to comment, fav and fan. And oh also feel free to give me ideas :)


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