High School Love

Leslie Westalphan is a girl with a difficult life. She is bullied at school and kind of abused by her parents. She's the youngest with two VERY protective brothers. She's emotional and insecure. She has a crush on this Bieber boy who is so popular at her school and from the group that bullies her. She's emotional and always insecure so She believes that she will never get together with him. Or is she wrong?

Hi everyone! This is my second story. Hope u all like it! :)


2. Dad

(Leslie’s P.O.V)

“Leslie, are u being bullied at school?” Edward asked. I didn’t know what to say. “N-no w-way, why would I-I be bullied at school?” I lied and forced a laugh. “You’re stuttering, Les and we all know u’re lying when u stutter” Ari said. I looked at Flora for help. “help me!” I mouthed to her. “No way, Leslie wasn’t bullied at school… I was alsways with her and I’ve never seen her bullied before…” Flora lied, kinda successfully at that. I smiled and her and mouth “thank you”. She smiled at me. “Flora, don’t u want ur bestfriend to be protected?” Christopher asked. Flora was speechless. “You’ve seen Leslie being bullied all the time, haven’t u?” Ari asked. She looked down. “Leslie, now answer me” Edward said sternly. I looked down at the floor, I found my shoes kind of interesting. “Leslie…”Ari said, trying to get my answer. Flora nudged me in the ribs. “Say it!” she mouthed. “Leslie Westalphan, u answer me right now!” Edward shouted. I could feel tears foming in my eyes. I gave up. I nodded. “yes, I’m bullied at school…” I said in a small voice. I knew I couldn’t hide this forever but this is kind of too soon.

Edward came and embraced me in a hug. I was crying by now. “Shh, Les, don’t cry” he comforted “I’m sorry for shouting at you, I was just”. He sighed and rubbed my back. “I-its okay…” I said between sobs. He let go of me and wiped my tears. “Now, tell me how many people has been bullying u” he said. “3, 5, 20, nearly all” I said. “What?!” all of them shouted except Flora of course. I flinched at their voice. “Sorry…” they apologized. “Sophie’s one of them, isn’t it?” Chris said. I nodded. “She’s the worst, and her little followers, Tiffany and Yuri and also Sophie’s boyfriend’s group, Michael, David and that Bieber kid” I said. “You mean Justin Bieber?” Edward asked. I nodded. “I thought he’s a nice guy” Ari said. “He is kind of… he just follows the other two around, he didn’t say or do anything to me” I replied. Flora giggled. I glared at her. She’s the only one who knows I have a crush on Justin Bieber. Its not really surprising coz almost everyone at our school has a crush on him, yes even some boys.

“Starting from tomorrow, I’m not gonna leave u two alone…” Edward said to Flora and I. “Me? Why also me? ” Flora stated. “Oh c’mon Flora, if Nicole’s bullied, u’re also being bullied, right?” Chris said. She nodded. “Flora, u’re Leslie’s bestfriend, u’re also like a sister to us” Ari told her and smiled. Flora smiled back and her phone rang so she went to somewhere else to answer it.

“Les, next time, tell everything to us, okay?” Edward said, holding my shoulders. I nodded and smiled. He kissed my forehead. “Sorry, Les, mom’s calling me, gotta go bye!” Flora told us and ran out of the door. We live so near actually. “Edward, can I go to my friend’s house?” Ari asked, looking at her phone.

“Okay, don’t be late, though” Ari nodded and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “hey! What about us?” Chris pouted. Ari just stuck her tongue and walked out of the house. “Now, go upstairs and have some rest.” Edward told me. I nodded and went into my room. I took a nice shower and washed my hair. I was about to sit and surf the internet when my dad called from downstairs. “LESLIE WESTALPHAN, COME DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!” s***, he’s drunk again. I ran down the stairs to face an angry man which is my dad.

“WHAT WERE YOU DOING UP THERE?!” he shouted. “Nothing! I just finished drying my hair” I replied. “OH, SO THAT I COULD PULL YOUR HAIR BETTER?! AS A DAUGHTER, YOU HAVE THE DUTY TO COME DOWN AND GREET HER FATHER!” he yelled. “I would, if u weren’t so drunk and abusing me…” I said to myself but to my luck my dad heard it. “WHAT DID U SAY? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!” he yelled and pushed me to the wall where his broken glass from his bottles were lying around. A huge piece of glass went into my arm and I shrieked. He carried me to the sofa and put me down and he started kicking me. “That’s what u get if u don’t respect ur father!” he continued kicking me and I’m crying. His force is unbelievable!

(Edward’s P.O.V)

I heard shrieks from downstairs, which probably belonged to Leslie. Chris looked at me and we ran downstairs to see Leslie being kicked in the stomach by dad. We pulled dad away from her. “Dad, stop please! Hurt me instead!” I begged him. I couldn’t stand seeing Leslie like that. Dad kept kicking her. “Dad, stop. P-please! Stop hurting Leslie!” Chris begged him. He kicked Leslie for the last time really hard and went to his room. As soon as he closed the door, we crouched beside Leslie. She was crying. “Shh Leslie, its ok, its ok, we’re here now. He can’t hurt u again tonight” I comforted her and stoked her hair.

“Edward, look!” Chris said and pointing at Leslie’s hand. Where I saw a big cut and an amount of blood. “We need to get her to the hospital, before she loses so much blood” I said and carried Les slowly as she was in so much pain to my car. Yes I have a car but I can only drive in my neighborhood. We drove to the hospital and meet up with Ari,only Ari coz i have no idea where mom is and she wouldn't give a f*** about Leslie. They started giving treatment to Leslie’s bloody hand and Leslie kept shouting. “Shh, Leslie, its okay, its gonna be okay.” Chris was trying to comfort her.

At last they finished and Leslie was wet with sweat (that rhymes). They let her stay for the night. All three of us didn’t sleep. Leslie woke up in the middle of the night scaring us all. “Leslie, u okay, what do u need?” I asked her. She didn’t answer and made her way to the bathroom. She puked into the toilet bowl and Ari ran to her, and started stroking her back. When she finished, she lay on the bed, looking tired than ever.  I was about to stroke her head when I realized how warm she was. I checked her temperature. “Chris, call the doctor.” I told Chris. He immediately ran to get the doctor and came back after 2 minutes. The doctor did whatever he is doing and the nurses took Leslie with them. “Miss Westalphan has some broken ribs so she has to have some treatments.” He said and walked out. We followed and wait for Leslie to come out of the room, trying to ignore her sobbings.


There goes Chapter 2!!! Longer than the last one. Also check out my other story, Life With One Direction. You have no idea how much u guys made me happy with this story! Just one chapter and its better than i expected!! Thank u so much for reading and favourating and commenting!!

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