Adopted by One Direction ( Niall Horan story )

Vanessa Leigh Carson is a 13 year old girl. she's been abused mentally,emotionally, and physically. She lives in an orphanage with 40 other kids. Shes not what people call "girly" Shes far from that she hates dress,skirts, and all the stuff you see on a girl. But what happens when One Direction decide to adopt her? Will she learn to trust them or run away? Read and find out more


11. chapyer 10

        Vanessa's P.O.V-

After what happened with me pouncing on Louis I'm scared that they'll hurt me. I mean yeah i want to get out of here but I just don't want to leave Niall. I decided to go downstairs and eat. I was hungry and I felt like having something sweet. As I walked downstairs I saw Louis on the couch with tissues up his nose and an ice pack on his eye. He didn't have anything on his lip but he should it was really swollen. I can't believe I did that to him. Even though he asked for it. I walked down the last step and everyone's eyes were on me. Except Louis he was just staring at the floor.

I went to the kitchen not saying a word and looking through the fridge. I found frosting you put on cakes and grabbed a spoon. I sat in the kitchen eating alone until Zayn came in. "Vanessa why did you do it?" he asked. "Do what?" i asked as innocent as i can. "Stop playing like you don't know why did you pounce on Louis and almost brake his face?" Zayn asked staring at me "Why did Louis have to yell.?" I said once more getting up. Zayn pulled me back down and made me stare at him. "He yelled because he was worried and you ran off."He said with his voice getting deeper as he kept talking. "Well then it's his fault for worrying" I sneered. "WELL MAYBE YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BE SUCH A BITCH ABOUT IT YOU LITTLE FUCKING DUMBASS WHORE!"

He yelled once more. His words didn't faze me. I have been called worse. I didn't want to hurt anyone else to I got up and pulled out my pocket knife and went up to him with the knife on my wrist. "This ones for being a bitch. *slice* "For being a slut" *slice* "A Whor-" before I could finish Zayn took the knife and yelled for me to stop. No one ever worried about me before so I don't understand why start now? I guess everyone heard him yell because they came running in. "What happen-OMG" Niall said running up to me. "Why Nessa Why?" Niall asked with tears falling down his cheeks. The rest of the boys were around me and Niall. There faces were the last things I saw before passing out.

Zayn's P.O.V-

"WELL MAYBE YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BE SUCH A BITCH ABOUT IT YOU LITTLE FUCKING DUMBASS WHORE!" I yelled at her. I couldn't help what I was saying. Just all my anger came out at her. I was expecting to be tackled to the ground. But instead she took put a pocket knife. "This ones for being a bitch. *slice* "For being a slut" *slice* "A Whor-" Before she could finish I took it and yelled at her to stop. The boys heard me yell and came running in. "What happen-OMG" Niall sad before running up to her. Once me and the rest of the boys went up to her and Niall she was passed out. "WE HAVE TO TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL" I yelled. "Okay Niall take her out to the car. Harry stay here with Louis. Zayn come with me" Liam yelled pacing around. It took about 20 minutes to get to the nearest hospital. She was bleeding a lot from her wrists.

Then it his me and hard. She cut herself because of me. Because of what I said. I started crying I couldn't handle knowing i'm the cause of this. Once we were at the hospital Niall took her out of the car. Once we got in the building the doctors rushed her to emergency care. None of us could go in so we had to wait. I looked at the boys and saw Niall crying and Liam trying to comfort him as he cried. I couldn't understand why I yelled. I wish I could take everything I said back. I had to call Harry and Louis to see how their doing. Louis was pretty banged up after what Vanessa did to him. I couldn't believe a skinny 13 year old beat Louis up. But then again I understood Louis wasn't going to hit her. About 3 hours later the doctor came out. "Family for Ms. Tomlinson" he asked.

All of us got up the same time and rushed over to him. "Well the cuts were really deep in but we got to stop the blood in time. Relieved washed over all of our faces (Niall, Liam, and Me) "But I would like to know how did she get cut" he asked. "Ummm....Ermm....Well she cut herself because I sorta made her angry" I said looking down. "Oh has this happened before" he asked. "Y-yes" Niall stuttered. "Would you ever consider taking her to rehab or something" he asked. I looked over at Liam for an answer. "Umm sure" he said. "Great here's a card call and ask to Mrs. Baker"

he said "oh and you may visit Vanessa she's awake" he said once more before walking off. We all ran over to her room and barged in. Vanessa was on the bed watching T.V. "Hi Vanessa" Niall said. "Hi" she said not looking at us once. "Ermm would you consider going to rehab and talk about your problems?" Liam whispered. "REHAB? WHAT...NO.I CAN'T PLEASE DON'T SEND ME TO REHAB'' She yelled "Not Again..." she whispered
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