Adopted by One Direction ( Niall Horan story )

Vanessa Leigh Carson is a 13 year old girl. she's been abused mentally,emotionally, and physically. She lives in an orphanage with 40 other kids. Shes not what people call "girly" Shes far from that she hates dress,skirts, and all the stuff you see on a girl. But what happens when One Direction decide to adopt her? Will she learn to trust them or run away? Read and find out more


4. chapter 4

Zayn's P.O.V-
So while we were all in the car Vanessa fell asleep against the window. She's not really the typical girl you see on the streets everyday. Shes the opposite she dresses like a boy and does stuff that ,mostly boys do. But then again today is the first time we've seen her. She's probably just lazy and didn't feel like dressing up. "Hey Lili" I yelled as he tried to sleep. "Zayn what do you want im trying to sleep!" He yelled "What was you impression of Vanessa when you first saw her?" I asked "Well i thought shes not like the other girls and shes not girly"
He said. "Like a tomboy" I asked "Yea sorta" He said closing his eyes again. I decided not to bother him anymore and let him sleep. I turned to Niall who was listening to music. I pulled out his headphones and asked him the same question i asked Lili earlier. Niall said the same thing he said. "Hey how is Vanessa so strong if she's so skinny" I asked remembering what she did to Louis earlier. "Oh yea i forgot she flipped Louis on his back for hugging her" He said. "Yea Louis was complaining like a little girl" I said as Niall Chuckled. "Hey! you guys do know im still in here right? " Louis asked us from the front. "Yea we know" I said smirking.
Vanessa's P.O.V-
I woke up to the sound of talking ''Hey how is Vanessa so strong if she's so skinny" I heard a voice ask i think it belonged to Zayn. "Oh yea i forgot she flipped Louis on his back for hugging her" another voice said which belonged to Niall. "Hey! you guys do know im still in here right?

"Louis said from upfront. "Yea we know" zayn said. I took out my old junky phone from my pocket and checked the time. It was 7:22 pm (Haha thats the actual time right now <3) i wonder how much longer until we reach the house. As if on cue Louis said "were here" We all got out of the car except for Liam he fell asleep. "Zayn go wake Liam up" Louis said. I followed Louis and Niall into the house and let me tell you it was huge! I never saw anything like it. “Um Vanessa would you like to see your room?” Niall asked. “Sure why not” I responded following him 3 flight of stairs.
“Well here it is, I’ll be downstairs if you need anything, come down when you’re ready” he said. I simply nodded and walked around my room. It was a bright hot pink and purple room with everything so colorful and girly. It wasn’t much to my liking but it does look like they spent a lot of money fixing it. The only thing I did like was that the colors are neon and glow in the dark. I decided to take a shower. I went into the bathroom and striped off. I notice the scars on my stomach were fading. Yes I cut I’ve been doing it for about 6 years now. My wrists are also full of fading scars. I quickly hopped in the shower and let the hot water run down my body.
(Skipping shower part because shes naked and that’s perverted (;)

It was now 10:30pm. Once I got out the shower I put my hair in a messy bun and threw on some sweats and an old t-shirt. I decided to go downstairs and see what they were all doing. As I walked down the stairs I saw Niall eating, Zayn watching TV along with the now awake Liam, and Louis and Harry sitting on the floor playing a bored game. Once they saw me they stopped what they were doing and said “hey”. “Are you hungry” Louis asked. As in response my stomach grumbled. I nodded and followed Louis to the kitchen. (So I know the boys said she was skinny and she is but shes not anorexic or bulimic just so you know.) He made me a turkey sandwich and gave me some juice. I quickly finished and went to say goodnight to everyone. Today was a long day.
A/N So Guys SURPRISE I made this an extra chapter just for my readers


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