Adopted by One Direction ( Niall Horan story )

Vanessa Leigh Carson is a 13 year old girl. she's been abused mentally,emotionally, and physically. She lives in an orphanage with 40 other kids. Shes not what people call "girly" Shes far from that she hates dress,skirts, and all the stuff you see on a girl. But what happens when One Direction decide to adopt her? Will she learn to trust them or run away? Read and find out more


17. Chapter 15

  Vanessa's P.O.V-   After I put my journal away I headed downstairs. Everyone was there cuddling with each other Niall and Harry, Louis and Eleanor, Liam and Danielle, and Perrie and Zayn. As I walked to where they all were Liam asked me "What are you doing down here" Me being the sassy person I am said "Louis said your not my dad and you can't tell me what to do" I said snapping my fingers in a *Z* formation. "Louis how is she going to be responsible if I say one thing and you another?" He asked getting up from the couch.   "Oh come on she was defending Niall" Louis whined. I felt something turning in my stomach. I ran to the closes (I think that how you spell it) threw up. My stomach was hurting and my head was killing me. I guess I forgot to close the door because the girls were holding my hair back. Louis got down besides me rubbed my back.When I was done puking I brushed my teeth and headed to my room. Louis came and checked my temperature. "Baby your temperature is really high get some rest I'll see you later." He said kissing my cheek. "Wait daddy please stay" I said realizing that I had just called him my dad. "Okay sweaty" he said with the biggest smile on his face.    Louis's P.O.V-   I went to g check on Vanessa and I took her temperature. It was over 105 so I told gave her medicine and told her to rest. As I was leaving she said "Wait daddy please stay" I couldn't help but smile. She had finally called me her dad. I was more than happy and couldn't wait till I told everyone downstairs. I layed in the bed next to her humming "Same Mistakes". 10 minutes later she had fallen asleep and I decided to go down to the others.   As I walked out of her room I went running downstairs yelling. "Gees Louis why are you yelling and wheres Vanessa?" Niall asked from the kitchen. "She's sleeping in her room and everyone come here now" I yelled with a very happy voice. 5 minutes later everyone was in the front room. "Guys guess what?" I asked. "What?" they all asked. "When we were up stairs Vanessa had a fever, so I told her to stay in bed as I was walking out she said "Wait daddy please stay with me" I said really fast. "Okay and?" Niall asked. "She called me daddy" I yelled jumping up and down. "Congrats Lou" Eleanor said coming to hug me. "Hey guys whens Vanessa's birthday?" Harry asked out of no where. "I don't know it's in her birth certificate" I said looking around for it. I went to my bedroom and looked through my drawers. I had finally found it and it said her birthday is on March 25 1999 (That's actually my birthday).    "Crap" I thought. Her birthday is in 5 more days. I don't know what she wants. I stayed in my room thinking until someone interrupted me. "Lou what are you doing?" Zayn asked from my door. "Well I found out Vanessa's birthday is in 5 more days and I don't know what to get her" I said. "Well you know that one time she yelled at me, she said she wanted a phone" Zayn said sitting on my bed. "Oh yeah I remember Imma go to the mall tomorrow and get her something" I said standing up. "We should all go and let the girls take care of her then we'll switch" Zayn said standing up also. "Yeah your right" I said walking out the door.   "Zayn tell the gang the plan imma go check on Vanessa" I said going to her room. "okay" he said walking downstairs. As I reached Vanessa's door I saw her sitting on her bed with her guitar. "Hi Vanessa how do you feel?" I asked hoping she'll call me daddy again. "I'm alright I guess" she said looking up. "Whats wrong baby" I asked going to sit next to her. "Can I ask you a question Louis" she said. I frowned at the name Louis but said "Sure anything sweety"    "Dad-Louis does it bother that I called you daddy" she asked looking at her hands. "No why on earth would it bother me? I was so happy when you called me daddy I went downstairs to tell the others, Why would you think it bothers me" I asked looking at her. "It's be-because when I was living with my other fa-family they use to hit me and said I would never have a dad who will lo-love me" she said with tears in her eyes. "Sweety don't you ever say that again I love you and so do the girls and boys" I said hugging her. "Daddy I love you" she said hugging me tighter. I smiled and replied "I love you to"   A/N Omg I love writing this chapter it's so cute tell me what you guys think p.s sorry it's short :
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