Adopted by One Direction ( Niall Horan story )

Vanessa Leigh Carson is a 13 year old girl. she's been abused mentally,emotionally, and physically. She lives in an orphanage with 40 other kids. Shes not what people call "girly" Shes far from that she hates dress,skirts, and all the stuff you see on a girl. But what happens when One Direction decide to adopt her? Will she learn to trust them or run away? Read and find out more


14. chapter 13

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Next Day-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vanessa's P.O.V-

I was in bed sleeping when I heard talking. "Awe she looks so cute when she sleeps" One voice said. "Yeah she does" another said. "Well we have to wake her up come on" One said approaching me. "Vanessa wake up" an Irish voice said gently pushing me."asdfghjkl;d'sds" I mumbled through in the pillow. "Come on were going shopping" Niall said. "Okay get out so I could change" i said getting out of bed. After the lads were out i went to take a shower. 10 minutes later I was finally out of the shower. I was planning on dressing girly like yesterday but I don't know how.

I quickly threw on anything (IDK WHICH THREW OR THROUGH I SHOULD USE SO IF ANY OF YOU COULD EXPLAIN ME THEM THAT WOULD BE GREAT) and went downstairs. I was greeted by the lads and the girls. "Were going out to eat so we could get there early" Liam said walking out to the car. "Okay" I said following him. About 5 minutes later everyone else got in.

I was sitting by the window while Harry sat next to Niall, Zayn in the back with Perrie, Louis with Eleanor, and Danielle up front with Liam. "Niallllll stop" I cried as he kept poking my cheek. "Not until you say Irish people are hot" "No" "Yes'' "No" "Yes" "No" "Ye-" "SHUT UP YOU TWO AND NIALL LEAVE HER ALONE" Zayn yelled. "fine" Niall finally said. I smiled at the fact knowing I won. About 45 minutes later we arrived at the mall. I got out the car along with the others.

We went in through the entrance door and there was a lot of stores. ''Uh which one do we go to first?'' I asked. " You girls go to where you want and we'll do what we have to do'' Liam said."Come on Vanessa were going to start at TopShop'' Eleanor said pulling me away. “Can’t we go to Hottopic or Spencers” I asked more like whining “no now come on” she said still grabbing my hand. We had spent 5 hours shopping for makeup, perfume, shoes/heels, dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, and many more.

I decided I was hungry and asked the guys when we’re going to eat. “We’ll go in a minute” they said while taking some pictures with fans and what not. What seemed like forever they were finally done. I was walking with everyone when I noticed Niall wasn’t there. “Umm guys were is Niall” I asked. “Oh um hey got some hate and ran off he said he’ll join us in a minute” Zayn said looking around.

“Who gave him hate?” I asked. “Fans” Eleanor said. “They are not fans if they hate of Niall or any of you guys” I said raising my voice. “We know” Louis said. “Well I’m going to go find him” I said running back to where I last saw him. I heard my name being called by everyone but I didn’t listen. I wasn’t going to let Niall get hate.

 I stopped when I saw the saddest thing ever Niall was crying. “I quickly ran up to him and gave him a hug. “Please don’t cry my Irish snowflake” I whispered in his ear. “V-Vanessa wh-what are you doing h-here” He asked with tears down his eyes. I came to find you. Who made you cry” I asked looking at every single person there. “Nobody just forget it” He said trying to stop himself from crying. “NO NIALL I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHO DID THIS” I yelled pointing at the him. “T-them” he said pointing to a group of girls laughing in the corner.

 I couldn't control what I was doing I started yelling at them. “HEY YOU! YOU THINK IT’S COOL BRINGING OTHERS DOWN. YOUR JUST AN INSECURE LITTLE BITCH WHO DOESN’T LIKE HERSELF” I YELLED. “Excuse me but who are you to talk” The blond one said. “I’m Louis Tomlinson step-daughter that’s who” I yelled making a fist. “Oh well I don’t know why he would want to adopt an anorexic boy creature like you” she sneered. “Hating on me or anyone else isn’t going to make them like you, Oh and hun lay off the makeup, it looks like a crayon raped your face” I said before turning around. “You Bitch” she yelled at me coming up to slap me.

 “Oh you shouldn't have done that” I yelled jumping on her. I grabbed her hair and punched her in the face. Her friends just stood their shocked. “Run or this will happen to you” I yelled once more before I felt someone pulling me off. “Vanessa Stop!” Eleanor said holding my arms. “Why should I she made my Irish snowflake cry” I whined. “Just. Get in the car we’ll talk about this later” Niall said along with Louis shaking his head. “Wow I’m going to be in so much trouble” I thought to myself as we walked out to the car.

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