I Have Really Fallen For Him

Join Malfoy's Son Scorpiuo and Lily Luna Potter in there 4 year together as they fall in love but unhappy albus and james theres a wedding and will it be happy or will it end sadly wach as there life as husbben and wife unravil in there 4 year two there last ...!!! Will They Make It Or Will It Fail... WLL THE FUTER HOLD


8. The Question

We were getting back to the plat form were my parents stood waiting "Thank you Mr. Malfoy and Miss.Malfoy for letting me stay" Hanna look at me and smiled "any time dear you and my son are a nice pair" I blushed and scorpiuo  put his arm around me then my father walked up to us " Hello miss and mr Malfoy ''then my mom walked up she took me from Scorpious arms and in two hers '' How was it darling" i backed back in to scorpious arm he kissed my cheek and i blushed and he smiled "Hey baby girl how are you " i smiled at my dad ''good'' he helped me in the train my brothers also helped i held Loves cage close and Scorpiuo closer we found one with his x girlfrined in it Pansy when we sat down he pulled me on his lap and layed me down while he played with my hair I played with his shirt also "so you two still dateing i see" she looked at me meanly ''yes pansy me and lily are engaged'' i looked confused aand he leftied me up and put of his wand came will you marry me and got on one knee and held out a velvet heart shapped box and in side was a 9 carrout ring saphier blue ring "we will be married at the Ball plz Lily Luna Potter ill you marry '' Pansy Screamed and all of Slythern came in they all gasped and i started to cry "YES A MILLION TIMES YES SCorpiuo" I jumped in two his arms they were strong and he was handsome ---------------------------------------Scorpiuos POV: "IM so happy Lil" she blushed "i better get my dress" she smield " I Alredy have one for you" i wiped out my wand and taped it twice and she was in a ball gown it was light green and her vail was silver "do you like it " i saighed she smiled and kissed me " i love it" I smiled "good" then i saw her brothers " were happy for you sis" then we saw hogwartes and then we stoped but befor i could get out James and Albus were there wands out and ready to fier "okay Veeli yes we now what you are from your dear dear mum Malfoy" they sneered " how did you know" he hissed "what do they mean Malfoy you cant be that would mean youd have to bit me right " he smiled and nodded " im your mate then " he shook his head  i smield "why dint you tell me" he sighed " i was going to Lily" but then James did the leg lock curse and my fiance fell in to my arms "HOW DARE YOU JAMES AND ON MY HUSBEND AND MATE UN DO iT KNOW" i screamind and he undid it and malfoy got out his wand and pushed me behind him "okay look i dont want you two harm my mate or me so lets be gentelmen and stop this childness" but Albus had different ideas he did the Leviosing spell and Malfoy was in the air " Bring him down now" i Hissed and he did so "now go i dont want you anywere near me and Malfoy when were to gether" I Hissed and Pandsy all but laughed when i ppunched her in the face and all you heard down the trian was her screaming james smiled "nice punch" i blew on my hand and smiled "thanexs now lets go"...

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