I Have Really Fallen For Him

Join Malfoy's Son Scorpiuo and Lily Luna Potter in there 4 year together as they fall in love but unhappy albus and james theres a wedding and will it be happy or will it end sadly wach as there life as husbben and wife unravil in there 4 year two there last ...!!! Will They Make It Or Will It Fail... WLL THE FUTER HOLD


16. The dinner

Lilys POV: I sat on the sofa when i heard a soft knock i unraviled from Scorps arms and got it the twins sleeping "Grandmama Granddaddy" They smield at me and behind them was all my family "Plz come in" they all walked in gushing at the place "WHY AREN YOU TWO MARRED AD CHILDREN " she looked at my brothers and they backed away to hide in the shadows my grandmama is a very scary women when she wants to be then my dad came up and huged me and Scorp then Scorpious family came Draco HUgged me "Hello and were are my Grand babys who cary pure-blood" he smiled big and laughed then i heard a little bitty cry come out of Tydraas bed room "One min plz" i walked out and walked back in with our strabarryblound daughter "Shes perfect Oh LILY YOU HAVE SUCH PREETY CHILDREN" my gandmama said then my son awoke he insted has platnum blound like his daddy "you to need to have kides" she said waking them on the back of the head and all you heard were the giggles of babys "even the older ones dint have kides this soon" my father said and kept timper fine..




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