I Have Really Fallen For Him

Join Malfoy's Son Scorpiuo and Lily Luna Potter in there 4 year together as they fall in love but unhappy albus and james theres a wedding and will it be happy or will it end sadly wach as there life as husbben and wife unravil in there 4 year two there last ...!!! Will They Make It Or Will It Fail... WLL THE FUTER HOLD


6. The Choosing

Weeks went by finaly it was time to pick the champions as we all gatherd around the first one came out the burning parchument landed in head mitress hand "LongBottom,Haley" a girl with long curly brown hair and big brown eyes came out of the croud with a smile of victory another came out "Crownd,Lydon" a boy with blod hair and blue eyes stood up and walked towerd them another came out "Potter,Lily" i walked out smiling in my brothers faces ad the last one came out "Malfoy,Scorpiuo" my boyfriend walked up and stood by me "these are your campions" we rasied are haneds united we stood "we wount let you down" we said togther "I will pare u up with who u will sleep with in the domitorys for the Champions " she looked at us me and Scorpiuo mostly " I have made my mind Malfoy and Lily you will hsare and Lydon and Haley you will share now off you go " she said and left the  rest of the hall left as I stayed back with Scorpiuo "so now were together preminitly"  I laughed and e just scould "HOW COULD YOU LIL" i looked at him "whats our problome" he looked at me "yes lily you do know your father nearly died in this game" i sighed and kissed him and he kissed me back a"now are you mad at me" he smiled and turnd to looke at me "yes im okay now since we have our own corrdiers together'' we moved over the the fire place and i sat on his lap "I love you''  i mummbled in to his ear " I love you two" he said while kissing my neck.

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