I Have Really Fallen For Him

Join Malfoy's Son Scorpiuo and Lily Luna Potter in there 4 year together as they fall in love but unhappy albus and james theres a wedding and will it be happy or will it end sadly wach as there life as husbben and wife unravil in there 4 year two there last ...!!! Will They Make It Or Will It Fail... WLL THE FUTER HOLD


10. New Home and Summer Brake

 We were traviling by train of coures and by the time Hogwarts was out of sight alot of our Slythren friends came in "So love birds what you got planed" Jane Snap Snaps only livig relitive aka his daughter no one new about she is me and Scorpuios best frind she had long black culy hair and beady black eyes but a perfict smile "Unpacking probaly seeing family you know" then Tom Zadan chottled with a laughe "not funny Tom" i perced him with a glare "NO Lily of course not " he smiled and i rolled  my eyes  then it was Kassie Lovegood Lavander Lovegoods brother in law's daughter she is married to Lavender Lovegood Tom LoveGood and have a daghter but you know her anyway then our other friend Dolly Goyle one of malfoys dads frineds dracos started up with a snort and Henry Crabbie only looked at her and staird  "okay not that Funny Doll " she glared at him and I laghed along with Scorpi we are happy together I lay y head on his lap as he plays with my hair like use and I look at him his blound hair like platnum and his grey eyes shinnging ------------------------------------------------Scorpious POV:She layed her head on my lap as everyone talked my fingers curuled around her hair and I knew we were in love forever but maby just a bit longer as I laughed she sat up "were stoping come on now Scorpui we ave to go" she grabed her owl Love and  had a new owl snow hes great my other died "okay LOVE"we were getting off the train followed by ohhs and ahhs but i keept held of her hand my GrandParents were here (What are they here for they'll hate her" I held her closer as we came to a stop."Hello there" I smiled but dint let go of my wife "hello Grandmother Grandfather mum dad " My mum smiled at me and lil and gave s a big hug "hello there Son And Lily its so good to see you the Mannor is ready you have two share a room" SHe smiled as if we were giving her grandkides so fast I laughed behind a sneer to my Grandparents.------------------LILYS POV:"You Must be Lily MAlfoy now right" his grandmum smiled at me "No Im Lily potter just as he his Scorpuios Jame Malfoy Potter Im Lily Luna Malfoy Potter" HIs  Grandfather Gasped "you say your a Potter MAlfoy " I smiled and nodded "well at least Malfoy is last in sted of Potter" he spitt i smiled kindly "oh yes sir we wanted our pure blood children to carry both" he smiled at me being a puer blood "not a bad mach my dear boy" but his grandmum had a idea "let me see your wand my dear" I gave her my wand"humm weird Rose Wood and Elm together 15 1/2 inches good for any kind of magic am i right lily "I nodded and she smiled thats good " Scropuios looked at me in happyness "lets go home Love."...

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