I Have Really Fallen For Him

Join Malfoy's Son Scorpiuo and Lily Luna Potter in there 4 year together as they fall in love but unhappy albus and james theres a wedding and will it be happy or will it end sadly wach as there life as husbben and wife unravil in there 4 year two there last ...!!! Will They Make It Or Will It Fail... WLL THE FUTER HOLD


7. Christmas Break(Time to meet the parents)

Scorpiuos POV: The Cold Air started to come the games were comeing fast."Lily hurry up were going to see my parents anytime now" we were getting on the train "Okay LOve" we got on the tran and in an commpartment to are selves she sat on my lap and i played with her hair "you look great in those jeans" she blushed and i smiled and kissed her lips when some one came in(Lilys pov) my brother James"Lil can we talk" i nodded and we walked out "hes cheating on you" i looked at him " no hes not leave me alone James stop it I love him" James growled under his breathed on Malfoy came out "whats wrong why is she crying"(scorpiuos pov) I cradled her in my arms and i took her back we were pulling in to the station  I saw are parents talking are dads were only snerring at each other."mom dad this is Lily Luna Potter daughter of Harry James Potter and Ginny Hazel Wesaly youngest child" my father said Hi and my mother and her chated about cooking and reading and magic and how the dark arets was a good class "Son I love your girlfriend she so nice and sweet" and my father cut in "and a Potter" my mother smaked the back of my dads head "be quit were leaving darling" Lily came over i put my arm arond her waist..-we got to the mannor Lilys POV-.. "Its so nice Scorpiuo" i sid while kissing him his father walked in "hey kides its time for dinner'' we walked down and on the table sat a feast "did you make this your self Miss.Malfoy" she smiled and said something abput wine or water "oh darling thanxs for the complmint you now something id love to have you as a daughter in law some day " right then Scorpiuo got up and walked away from the table "i better go cheak on him" i walked after him in his room "lil come here plz" i walked over and he bhuged me we just did that for a while then reternd to the dinner the reast of that month we had a good time.

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