Wouldn't Change a Thing

Mackenzie thought she had everything; amazing best friends, a close-knit family, and a solid future ahead of her. One day a handsome stranger comes into town that sparks her interest until an unexpected change of events occurs. Will Mackenzie get her happily ever after or will the stranger disrupt all of her plans for a sliver of romance?


1. Tall, Dark, and Handsome

The day went by as a normal summer day would.  My friends and I hanging out at the pool, scoping out boys while we still had the chance.  Senior year started in a week and we were all excited yet strangely upset.  None of us new how fast high school would go by, not even with our parents telling us to enjoy it while we could.  When I was a freshman I remember was wanting to get out of my small town and getting out on my own.  Then, as my last year of basically my childhood, approached I just wanted to go back to being a kid again.  Back to the time when I didn't have worries or stressed in my life.  Back to when the hardest decision I had was what color crayon I wanted the flower to be.  All of a sudden my life revolved around AP tests and applying to colleges.  There was so much pressure being put on by everyone around me, my parents, my teachers, even my sisters.  All of a sudden I was pulled out of my thoughts by the stranger in front of me.

"Hey guys, who's that?" I asked looking at the tall brown-haired stranger.  "I've never seen him before."  In a small town like mine, I knew everyone.  Maybe not formally but I knew everyone by their faces.  Looking closer he had dark brown eyes and, from what I gathered with him being in only dark blue swim trunks, he was athletic.  Maybe a runner.

"I have no idea but he's pretty cute," my best friend Maddy said, "He must have just moved here."

For the first time in a while, I heard my other friend Hanna speak up.  "You know guys, I heard we have a new teacher starting this year.  History, I think"

"Well I think I'll like history from now on." Maddy said causing Hanna to burst out laughing while I kept looking at the mystery man.  Maybe senior year wouldn't be so bad.



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