In Love With Harry Styles

Bella is a 17 year old girl. Bella and her best friend Eveline go to a One Direction concert and sits in the winning seat. Even though it wasn't the seat she was supposed so sit it, she goes up anyway. She was already in love with Harry Styles but will he love her back? Read to find out!


2. School


I ran to school excited. I couldn't wait to tell her about the tickets I found. I finally got to the school gate, and when i walked in I passed the popular kid. AKA the bullies.

"Hi nerd face!" Stacey the most popular girl in school said to me. She had blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wore a pink singlet, a flower high skirt and pink flats.

"Whats in your bag Smella Bella? One Direction posters? Loser!" Stacey's best friend Kelly said taking my bag and throwing everything out of it. I fell to the ground because I was pushed by Stacey. I picked up all my stuff and ran to class.

"Hey Eveline," I said when i walked into class. My best friend Eveline had shiny white skin and strawberry blonde hair. She wore a cute tank top, black skinny jeans, black toms and a cute headband with her hair in a ponytail.

"Hey girl! Why are you so excited?" She said giggling.

"Well, i was walking to school this morning and you'll never guess what i found on the side of the road,"


"One Direction Concert Tickets!"


"And... I'm taking you!"

"Bella... I LOVE YOU!"

"Well, who doesn't?" I said giggling.

When the bell when we were laughing so hard!

"Class today we will... bla bla bla bla," I dozed off and didn't wake up until the bell went. I was glad Eveline was a goody two-shoes because I could get the homework off her. Then he came into class...

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