In Love With Harry Styles

Bella is a 17 year old girl. Bella and her best friend Eveline go to a One Direction concert and sits in the winning seat. Even though it wasn't the seat she was supposed so sit it, she goes up anyway. She was already in love with Harry Styles but will he love her back? Read to find out!


4. Home (AKA... Hell)


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When I got home that day, I was thinking about that nothing could ruin this day. Then, I walked inside. My house looked nice and wonderful on the outside, but in the inside it was a living hell. My Mum and Dad always fought, and some how I was always pulled into it.

I tried to hear for some light yelling or arguing, but it was silent. I tried again. Silence. Wow, for once my Mum and Dad aren't argu...

"Good she's home!" My Mother screamed.

"I will ask her," my Dad said.

"No I will!"

They both walked up to me. I saw anger in the eyes. But their face looked calm. I knew that they would bust any second.

"Honey. How was school today?" My Mum asked. Wow, this is weird.

"Good..."I said, then trying to get past them, towards my room.

"Wait a second, hun. we want to ask you something," my Dad said.

"We wanted to ask you if you think we are a good couple?" My mum asked. Damn. This is a question you should never answer.

"Umm... well... sort of... kind of..." I blurred out.

"I told you! We should not be together!" My Dad yelled.

"Fine! I want a divorce!" My mother screamed. My Dad's face was in shock. So was mine.

This is all my fault!



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