Percabeth in Hoggwarts

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are heading for Europe and get knocked of corse and wake up to find themselves on the Hoggwarts Express. dazed and confused they are mistaken for Hoggwarts students and every one thinks their wizards. they need to find a way back home to Camp Half-Blood soon before they get stuck in the wizzarding world and the world ends.


4. The Late Anouncement

Percy's POV

Annabeth and I were in the lunch room thingy and were having breakfast when professor Dumbledore went up to the podium in the front of the room.

"I have an Announcement to make" he said. "We'll be hosting the tri-Wizard tournament this year" Dumbledore said.

Mummers went trew the room.

"Only if you are 16 years of age you can participate" he said.

the cup came out aka the goblet of fire.


sorry I haven't updated all summer but I was in Hawaii and Idaho and Colorado and well I was camping most of the time and I couldn't figure out how to do it on my iPod and I will try to make this exciting and I'm taking a regular language arts class in two years so I'm going to use some of the skills I'm learning. I am having a contest for one boy name and another girl name with hair color eye color to compete in the tri-Wizard tournament. Love ya to Tartarus and back.


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