Percabeth in Hoggwarts

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are heading for Europe and get knocked of corse and wake up to find themselves on the Hoggwarts Express. dazed and confused they are mistaken for Hoggwarts students and every one thinks their wizards. they need to find a way back home to Camp Half-Blood soon before they get stuck in the wizzarding world and the world ends.


5. The Entry

Percy's P.O.V.

I stared into the flame the goblet gave off. The blue and red flame flickered as if inviting me in. I walked slowly to the golden goblet, in my hand was a piece of yellowed parchment with my name written on it. If I put my name in here I may find the answers to my questions. Annabeth was beside me as I placed the paper which my name was written into the flames. The fire burned bright before mellowing down again.

Annabeth wrote down her name on a piece of paper and put it into the flaming goblet. The flames flew high and mellowed down like before. I could tell she was thinking the same thing as me.

She grabbed my hand and squeezed as if to reassure me it's ok, because the path ahead just got more difficult.


I will try to update twice a month and to make this a good story. Love you more than catnip.


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