Falling in Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Angela and Harry were best friends since they were little. One day Angela had to leave England to move to California because her mum found a new job. She says goodbye to Harry. But will they meet again?


3. Dinner

Angela's POV

I couldn't believe I meet Harry to day, my best friend which I though I would never meet. I go home after a long day of a photo shoot with One Direction. I make supper and I get a text message from Harry.

Harry: Hey, want to go out for dinner tomorrow?

Angela: Sure, I would love to!

Harry: Pick you up at 6:00 pm. See ya tomorrow!

Angela: KK! See ya tomorrow.

I can't wait till tomorrow! I get to see my best friend again and meet his band members.

~The Next Day~

I woke up this morning and I look at the time it was 12:00! Wow I slept for a really long time, maybe I was just tired from yesterday. Then I remembered that today I was going to dinner with Harry! I was so excited. I finally decided to get up and get ready. I put on some regular clothes since I was just staying home until 6:00. I go to the kitchen and make myself breakfast. I decided to make bacon and eggs. I was being a lazy ass so I decided to watch Titanic. This movie always make me cry. I get snuggled on the couch and try to get comfortable. As the movie finishes I have cried so much that my eyes  became red and puffy. I get up to go to the bathroom and I check the time, it's 4:30. I decide to get ready because I take a long time. I take a shower and I put on a maroon dress with black high heels. I curl my hair and put on my my silver earrings. I put on some light make up, not much. I'm finally ready and I look at the clock, it's 5:55. Harry will be here any minute. I hear the doorbell ring and I head downstairs. I open the door and there was Harry, he looked so handsome and cute!

~Harry's POV~

I was so nervous, taking Angela out for dinner. She was so beautiful  and I liked her more than a friend. As I walk up to her door, I ring the doorbell. There she was looking beautiful as always. "You look really beautiful" I say. "Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself" she says blushing. "Shall we go?" I ask her while holing out my hand. "Yes we shall" she says taking my hand. Our hands intertwine and I think I am falling for her. We head towards my car, I open the door for her. We head toward the restaurant in silence but it wasn't an awkward silence. We reach the restaurant, I take her hand and lead her in. 

~Angela's POV~

Harry was so sweet, as we go in the restaurant Harry takes my hand and leads me in. The restaurant was so fancy and beautiful. We sit down and order our food. We talked what felt like eternity, we talked about everything and anything. harry was such an easy person to talk to. When we finish our food, Harry takes me for a walk in a park nearby. I have to tell him how I feel about him or I'll never get the chance. "Harry I need to tell you some-" before I could finish my sentence Harry leans in and kisses me, I feel sparks go down my whole body. I kiss him back. His hands are around my waist while my hands are going through his curls. It felt like for ever until he pulls back for a breath. He smiles and I smile back and he says. "Angela I really like you even though we meet yesterday after three years." "I really like you too!" We kiss again and it felt so good to be in the arms of the person I love. We go back home after a while because it was getting pretty chilly. Harry invites me to go to his flat to meet the rest of the boys. As we enter the flat I can hear boys screaming and playing Fifa. One thing is for sure the flat is a disaster! Eww! "Louis I told you to clean up the place bro!" he says. "Hey who do we have here.. I'm Louis, this is Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn" Louis says. "Hi I'm Angela, Harry's best friend." I get to know each other and I play Fifa with them and WIN!! Yay! "Hey boys i must be heading home it's really late." "Okay bye!" Everyone says as they all rush to hug at the same time. Harry comes at last and leads me to the front corridor. He leans in and we kiss, our lips move in sync and I pull away. "Bye Harry see you later." "Bye Angela." He says with his sexy British accent.






Hey, guys how do you like the story so far?

Here is Angela's dress if yo would like to see it: 


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