Skyrim: Alduin's Curse

Skyrim, it has been about a year since Alduin's demise. The dragonborn, Talia, and her partner, Dark, rest and enjoy the relaxing way of life now with Alduin gone. With other dragons now fallowing Paarthurnax little attacks happen, and more dragonborns have been found and trained. Talia and Dark both live well and are paid well, but there newest friend seems to get in more trouble than it's worth at times and maybe even greater dangers than what can be handled. . .

Cover art by yours truly ~ sebesBLADE


9. The Dovahmeil

   I felt myself being sat up, I opened my eyes slowly and glanced around. I saw Dark patting my head with a clothe.

   "Hey you okay?" Dark stopped and locked eyes with me. "You were hit pretty hard."

   "Ya, is every one okay?" I breathes heavily and looked around.

   "Ya, all the students are fine, only a few were killed." He lifted his head and looked at the hole the ceiling. "Alduin, he back, may the divines protect us." He looked worried. I heard foot steps come over to see Ancano standing above us with bandages on.

   "Ancano, what happened?" I asked heavily and stared. He explained everything and said he didn't know what the rock would do. "What of Christina is she okay?" Both Dark and Ancano looked and the ceiling and back at each other than at me.

   "Alduin took her with him." Dark said.

   "What! B-but that doesn't make any sense! What would be need with her?!" I looked around with worry. Ancano raised his voice and answered.

   "The rock, you saw it fuse with her. I fear that the rock may hold Alduin's soul and health. They may be joined in a way, if she gets hurt so does he. We elves have a spell close to this but not to this extent." I stared at Ancano and have him a confused look. "So, if Alduin gains his true power, he could become fully immortal. Though I don't know the details unlike the experts." Dark helped me up and supported me with his shoulder.

   "Dark, I don't know, I don't want to know I guess." My mind was foggy and I could barley remember what had happened. I could feel my legs going numb. "Alduin, h-he wasn't this strong like before."

   "You know when you fought him he wasn't close to his full strength, he is now." Dark kept his head low and sat me down on one of the beds. My legs were starting to come back to life and the pain started to subside.

   "Do you think, Paarthunax is aware of this?" I questioned Dark.

   "If he doesn't, it won't be long until that changes." Dark started to pack up our stuff. "We need to tell Paarthunax about Alduin, and of warn him about what Ancano thinks has happened." I nodded my head and stood up and stumbled a little to the left and to the right. We walked down the crumbling stairs that had ash, soot, and blood on them. I hoped the college could get back together soon. We started to leave the gates and headed for the mountain. We clawed near the top of the mountain and found Paarthunax staring at the sky. We could see Dragons swarming near the were Alduin had flown according to Dark.

   "Dovakiin, my brother, Alduin, he has returned, no?" I nodded at the statement Paarthunax had asked. "Krosis, he shall surely come here in a matter of time." Paarthunax looked at the swarm and staid quiet.

   "Paarthunax..." He turned and looked at me. "Do you know Christina?" His eyes locked with mine and climes down from his perchance and walked towards me. 

   "How do you know the Dovahmeil?" I looked at him and stared back at him.

   "How do you know her Paarthunax? Please tell me?" He turned and walked away.

   "The Dovahmeil, she is known for what she has done, desecrating Davoh tombs to find more knowledge that will only corrupt her." He dug a hole a snow and looked at me. "That is all I wish to say. Krosis."

   I stood wide eyed and couldn't believe what I heard, not only that but I didn't want to tell Paarthunax what may have happened. I stared at Dark and let him talk.

   "Paarthunax, are you aware of a black rock that comes with the words we needed you to translate?" He turned and looked at Dark and have him the look that said Why?
   "The black rock had fused with Christina, the Dovahmeil, when Alduin was brought back. Not only that, but we fear that they are now combined." Paarthunax walked up to me and called Odaviins. Odaviins red wings crushed the wind and landed next to us and they both talked. Odavins eyes widen and looked at us. We caught him up with all the information and more with both of them here.

   "There is only won thing to do Dovakiin. You must kill Alduin before he can reach his full form as the World Eater. Krosis, let me explain, if he gains his laser back not even all three of us could kill him." He turned and started to talk to Odaviin. They both nodded and looked at us.

   "This isn't the first Dovahmeil, you should know the story Dovakiin." Odaviin told me the story of Brit Vul Kulaas, Beautiful Dark Princess. Her name no matter what in any tongue was Shade. The first and last female dragon that lived, like Alduin she craved power and the death of the joorre. Though she challenged Alduin's rain, but Alduin had the upper hand not only for all of the other dragons support but the land he had held. Though she had the upper hand in that she was the only female, Alduin could not kill her nor any other dragon could as well. At the time Miraak himself was becoming the Champion of Hermorios Mora.

   Unlike a dragon or human, Dovahmeil they are split down the middle between the two species. Wings, tail, soul, armor, heart of a dragon, but the main body of human. Since Dovahmeil ment dragon enchantress they were know for controlling both of the species with ease. 

   Shade on the other hand felt no compassion to either, only those who were mixed like her. Specifically the Dovakiins. She had a lover, one reason why Miraak betrayed his dov masters was her, besides becoming the champion she had a roll in it as well. 

   Dragons mate once. That is what Alduin feared, causing a  Dovahmeil and the Dovakiin to mate would cause a new species with power boundless. 

   "Paarthunax, do you think that Christina could become a Dovahmeil?" He whole head shook at that statement. Odaviin answered though.

   "If he were to do that, the chances are slim, Dovahmeil would cause a root among all the other dragons to gain her attention. Krosis, a thousand apologies, I am leaving out an important detail." He turned and Paarthunax did so as well to see a light beam towards the sky, Paarthunax stared at me.

   "Alduin has left this world to the realm of the dovahs. You should go Dovakiin, if your friend has not been takin to that realm her body will be there." My eyes widen at the statement and left to the mountain that Alduin seemed to have been.

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