Skyrim: Alduin's Curse

Skyrim, it has been about a year since Alduin's demise. The dragonborn, Talia, and her partner, Dark, rest and enjoy the relaxing way of life now with Alduin gone. With other dragons now fallowing Paarthurnax little attacks happen, and more dragonborns have been found and trained. Talia and Dark both live well and are paid well, but there newest friend seems to get in more trouble than it's worth at times and maybe even greater dangers than what can be handled. . .

Cover art by yours truly ~ sebesBLADE


2. The Definition

    "Ohf, oh, crap where did it go?!" I scuffled around trying to grab the black scroll I had brought to Talia's and Dark's house. "There you are! Thought I lost you, oh the secrets you have in here, in that fabric of you have written inside of you!" I stood up and ran to my hidden underground fort near the lake Yorgrim. 
    I unlocked the door and went down the stair case and closed and locked the door behind me and walked to a log table. My house may not be the best but it is livable. I placed the black scroll out onto my log table and started to get undressed and into more relaxing clothes. 
    "Now than, time to crack you open and see what you have got to say about that last statement!" As I unlocked the scroll and rolled it out onto the table, but right after I heard a carriage and a nock on my door. "You have to be kidding me." I scampered up the stair case and than unlocked the door and plopped my head out of the door. "What? I got stuff to you know." 
    "Christina, Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm wishes to speak with you on your latest mission into the dragon's tomb, and to bring what you found."
    "Fine I'll be up in a minute." I trekked down the stairs and redressed into my armor and hood and grabbed my scrolls and rebound the black scroll. "Let's get this done with I know it's a trip to get there and I expect a carriage back to here." 
    The ride is about a days trip especially with more imperial men patrolling the routes, so e have been taking 'new' ways that are longer and more dangerous.  
    We pulled near Windhelm and the Stormcloakz let me out and I walked the remaining distant to the Windhelm. It took at least and hour to get there. I entered though the gates and pushed the door open. I walked through the city ignoring what was going on around me, I knew that Ulfric wasn't the type who liked the be kept waiting. 
    I opened the doors to the palace and walked in, well more like stormed in, I was the last person who wanted to be there after just getting home. I noticed Ulfric sitting on his throne talking to other men of the stormcloaks.
    "Ah, it's about time you got here."
    "Don't give me any tone, the new path from my home to here takes longer than it did before." I rustled through my satchel and unhooked the secret compartment that I kept the scrolls for Ulfric, just I case my mission was compromised with the scrolls. "Here are the ones you wanted, and this large black one I found is all in the dovah's language, I'm still translating it but it has some very interesting ideals in it so far." I passed the ones he wanted to him and he read through them by scanning than passed it to his mages.
    "What about that black one again?"
    "Since you know the way of the voice by a good amount I won't have to explain its definition to you as much." I walked up the stairs to his throne and sat on the shoulder on the throne and than continued to talk. "So far it says, and pardon me for being a little scratchy I was about the to to sleep before I came here." I lied "Kruziik kul,  ancient son or sons, Dovah dovahkiin joorre, dragon dragonborn and mortals, Zu bormah Alduin ahrk alun aus, I father Alduin and ever suffer. The rest is extremely hard to explain from how it is written to English."
    "Well go ahead and try." I rolled my eyes.
    "Ok so I was able to date it to the time before Alduin's birth. It speaks of spells that are mixed with the ways if the voice. The spells so far from what I can read can't be done by a joorre or dovah, but by working together with each other. So the spells are highly unpredictable due to when they where made during the time humans wouldn't see eye to eye."
    "Do these mixtures speech of what they can do?"
    "No, some of the words are forgotten over time in the dovah tongue, only the extremely old dovah would know the words, and here comes the problem, Alduin is the only one that would know the words and we both know we are both on bad terms to Paarthunax."
    "These mixed spells could help us free Skyrim and her people. I'll leave it to you to discover the words." Ulfric started to stand up and walked down and than turned. "When you get their definition return, don't let any of those imperials discover what your doing. Also don't let the blades discover what your trying to do, they won't be happy at all about that."
    "Ok, expect that it will take time Paarthunax will be a trouble to get to trust me, but I know who he will trust." I rolled the scroll and bowed to Upfric and left the palace and Windhelm. A carriage was waiting were it was before and I rode it back to my home.
    I went into my small underground home and laid out the scroll and continued to translate the parts I could. "Interesting, thu'um that brings. . ." My eyes widen as I started to understand what I truly had on my log table. I got dressed for bed and packed my bags to head to the throat of the world as soon as I could in the morning.

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