Skyrim: Alduin's Curse

Skyrim, it has been about a year since Alduin's demise. The dragonborn, Talia, and her partner, Dark, rest and enjoy the relaxing way of life now with Alduin gone. With other dragons now fallowing Paarthurnax little attacks happen, and more dragonborns have been found and trained. Talia and Dark both live well and are paid well, but there newest friend seems to get in more trouble than it's worth at times and maybe even greater dangers than what can be handled. . .

Cover art by yours truly ~ sebesBLADE


5. The Blood Maiden


   The sun arose and my eyes seem to burn with the light. "NEH, Dark get the windows." I rolled away from the window and noticed no change in light. I staid there for a couple more minutes only to realize something. "Dark! Get the damn windows!" There was no responce. I rolled out of the bed and dragged myself to the door. "Dark!" I yelled out with no response, only a nock at the door. I walked and opened the door and notice an Imperial standing before me.

   "Dovakiin, the stormcloaks are preparing to attack solitude. We need your help. We fear they may win this battle. Ulfric himself will be there."

   "I'll be ready in a minute, come in and tell me more!" I ran out of the room and into my room and told him to wait outside the room and tell me more.

   "We are more then sure that Ulfric will be there, he will be a problem since he has the thu'um like you dovahkiin."

   "Anything else?" I slipped the black gauntlets on my arms.

   "Yes, the Blood Madien is there as well, Savrongarde will welcome many this day with out your help." I slipped out of the room, armor adorned.

   "Who is the Blood Maiden? Why haven't I heard of her before?" 

   "No one knows for sure who 'she' is, all we know is that she works for Ulfric. Many stormcloaks have made a legend of 'her' if you wish I can tell you it."

   "Please do."

    "Blood Maiden,
   May your sword drink
   Those of the Thalmor
   Those of the red clothes
   May your blackened armor 
   Poison all
   For yeh are the Dovah
   Lover of the immortals and
   You swing your sword on
   Your blackened rotted 
   Off goes the General's head
   Talos praise you
   For you
   Are his daughter of the battle."

   "Is that all?"

   "Yes that is the only one that I know."

   "There are more?"

   "Yes, but now isn't the time for mead and stories."

   "Yes let's get moving! I presume Dark is already there?"

   "Yes." We ran to the carriage and boarded. The whip cracked and sent the horses into a blaze and ran. I looked at my sword and knew that today would be the last of the damned stormcloaks. 

   The carriage slammed to a stop behind Solitude. We all disembarked and entered the city. I was told to go meet Dark and General Tallious. I did so and found them in the throne room. They caught me up sight eh details and we proceeded out and prepared the city for the battle. Dark stayed with the general and I went to the front fields knowing I would end this before my home would be destroyed. 

   I could here one of the stormcloaks doing a pep talk and I looked at the enemy. Ulfric near the front, next to him had to be his head general. To his right was a black shadow mounted on a horse of black ebony. 

   The signal was given, I shouted and caused the sky to darken and go black. Lightning struck and caught one flank and burned them. As I turned to run I felt a gust of wind and was shot back. Damned Ulfric.

   "Blood Maiden!" I could here my soldiers scream as their blood flew into my eyes, their last meals spilled along the ground. Over their bodies stood a black horse with bleeding red eyes, blackened armor rode on top of the beast and turned towards me. I could feel my my health drain from me. My blood was slipping along the ground and towards the horseman. I couldn't tell the gender due to 'she' was enclosed into a black vial mist. Then mist ran along my body and I felt poison in my veins. I stood and ran at it, they dodged and ran away and the affects left my body. I notice they were running towards Solitude. I knew that the soldiers had no chance against whatever they had. 

  I could here them being cut down one by one. I ran to their aid only to see the stormcloaks had broken the gate and made their way in. I ran after them killing one by one that came near me. 

   "Dovahkiin, we are not here to distort your home." I turned to see the Blood Maiden off her horse. "I was hoping you would have come to this battle." She pulled her red sword that had taken my blood before. "I only need a drop nothing more, once I have that we shall leave." They took my hand and carved a slit and blood fell out and into a small vial. 

   "Your sick!" I pulled my sword out and prepared to rip her apart but she had already ran and mounted her horse and turned to me. The mist disappeared and her face could be scene at last. A blackened mask, a dragon priest! She then turned with a black cape and rode towards the palace.

  "You lied!" I stood and drank a potion and fallowed after them.
   I found the General and Dark both had been over powered by Ulfric. They turned and I ran towards Ulfric with rage.

   "You sick man!" I drew my sword and pinned him. "Tell me where is the Blood Maiden!" I don't I so what made me want to know but all I know is that she placed me into a disgraceful position. Ulfric struggled and faugh me, I held his mouth shut with my hand.

   I lifted my hand from him when he stopped struggling, my blood had fallen on to him causing him to be drink it. 

   "She's already left, in the palace." I left and turned to remember the real reason why I was here. My eyes widen and saw a sword straight in the general and saw Dark fighting them off, he told me to go down into the catacombs.

   I ran to the door and went straight down and entered the cleared dungeon. It felt different this time though. The wind was hot and I could here whispers in the dovah language. I ran into the main chamber sword drawn. 

   "There you are! How dare you make me look like that in front of my men!" And ran forward and nocked the Blood Maiden to the ground. Her armor grew into the black fog and sent out poison. This time I new I had the advantage, she wasn't on that black horse she was at my level now.

   "I have no intentions of harming you or Solitude! I'm only here to finish what needs to be done to clear my name!" She held out her hand in a protection way and sword in other. 

   "To hell with you if I will believe a Stormcloack!" I ran at her and butted her mask with my sword and she fell. She stood and shuddered and started to speak in the dovah language. I charged and continued to stop her but she would continue. 

   She finished a verse and stopped and turned I ran and ripped her helmet off and smashed the bud of my sword on the back. She stumbled and held the back of her head with blood dripping like a free waterfall. She had a short dirty blonde hair that was tuning crimson, entirely different from my black fur. 

   The whispers had started to stop and I approached the Blood Maiden. I reached down and felt a thud on my head. I fell and slammed against the grown, my weapon had been shot from my head. I felt my hands getting tied and turned my head to see Ulfric standing over my placing a strap around my mouth. He then stood and applied a bandage to the Blood Maiden. He then gave her the helmet I had knocked off, she held it and placed it onto her head and staggered up and walked into the middle of the cave and picked up a rock and turned to Ulfric.

   "It, well, I'm not sure if it work Ulfric." She lowered her head and look at the stone. "I reversed the scripture perfectly, I set up everything as was written." She looked up at Ulfric and clenched one fist and turned around and left the room. Ulfric turned and followed. 

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