Skyrim: Alduin's Curse

Skyrim, it has been about a year since Alduin's demise. The dragonborn, Talia, and her partner, Dark, rest and enjoy the relaxing way of life now with Alduin gone. With other dragons now fallowing Paarthurnax little attacks happen, and more dragonborns have been found and trained. Talia and Dark both live well and are paid well, but there newest friend seems to get in more trouble than it's worth at times and maybe even greater dangers than what can be handled. . .

Cover art by yours truly ~ sebesBLADE


7. Suspicions can soon Kill

   I laid in bed staring at the cut in my hand. I laid my hand on the bed and stared than at the roof. 

   "You okay?" I turned to see Dark standing at the door way. I nodded my head and stared back at the ceiling. "Christina sent a here wondering if your okay." I sat up and Dark passed me the letter. As always she wrote to me in the dovah language and than translated it into what I could read.

   Dear Talia,
   I heard about your lose in Solitude. I am sorry for the lose you have encountered and that the world is in dismay. I heard by rumor of what the Blood Maiden had done. 

   I pray for your return to this world and work along with me, and help you take down the Blood Maiden. She has taken part of the land that my house is near. 

   When the time comes for you to return, I shall be in the college, don't ask how I got there and how I got it.
                                                   ~Christina F.
   "Do we even know her last name?" Dark peered at the 'F'. I stared back with a blank face.

   "She isn't a Mage. Why is she there?"  I stood up fast and ran to the door. "Ancano is there, Christina is small and he is a high elf! He isn't married! He could take advantage of her!" I felt Dark grab my shoulder and stare with a confused face. 

   "Really, really that the first thing that comes to your mind." He let me go than said, "come on let's go if you think some crazy nonsense."

   "No one thought I would become the dragonborn, no one thought dragons would return, so this would be nothing to predict!" Dark rolled his eyes at the statement.

   "Your an idiot sometimes you know Talia, that's why I love you." He then held my hand and we head out. I hummed the whole way.

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