Skyrim: Alduin's Curse

Skyrim, it has been about a year since Alduin's demise. The dragonborn, Talia, and her partner, Dark, rest and enjoy the relaxing way of life now with Alduin gone. With other dragons now fallowing Paarthurnax little attacks happen, and more dragonborns have been found and trained. Talia and Dark both live well and are paid well, but there newest friend seems to get in more trouble than it's worth at times and maybe even greater dangers than what can be handled. . .

Cover art by yours truly ~ sebesBLADE


6. Colledge and Ancano


   "So, Ulfric how did the battle go?" I sat at the table rubbing my head. "Damn headache I need more mead."

   "You know what happen. You now have the stone with my blessing to and take it to Winterhold. Some one would have to know what to do with it."

   "Yes." I stood and left my chair and went out the doors. Winterhold was cold as always, as was I. A perfect match. For safety I walked the long way through the forest and mountains taking to no one and showing my face to no one. 

   Two days or so had passed. I walked up to the college to be welcomed as regularly, rudely. I could see Ancano walking down the bridge has high and mighty as always.

   "Ah, if it isn't my LITTLE friend Christina!" He slouched forward to meet me in the eye.

   "Shut up Ancano. I need entrance to the collage and need to speak to you ALONE." I peered at the guard behind him who wouldn't let me in. I then pieced back at Acano. His eyes golden eyes looked at the guard and allowed me in. Comparing him to me is like a mouse to a mammoth. High elf one of the tallest of all in Tamrial, bretons we on the other hand or some of the smallest, I'm especially smaller than normal bretons. Not to mention I can cook unlike all the others. 

   We entered his room and he shut the door behind us. I took my satchel and slammed it on the table.

   "So, what has the Black Skever gathered for me today?" He started to unwrap the satchel and pulled out the rock I had carried with me. "What's this piece of rubbish?" He turned and glared.

   "That's what I want to know. You yourself are much more skilled in the world of magic unlike me. I need you to tell me what magic that now resinates in the stone." I leaned on the wall and crossed my arms and met his eyes and stared at his pale white hair and face. He grinned and looked at the rock than back at me.

   "What's in it for your dear ol' friend Ancano?" He turned at looked at me.

   "Our usual deal, some details on the stormcloaks possessions. I'll even sweeten the deal, I'll grab you anything you need." I straitened my back and walked behind Arcano than walked around to his front and touched the rock. "It is infused with a scripture of an ancient dovah spell, and the Dovakiin's blood. All it needs now is some magic. Here are the spell that is needed transferred into our language." I than backed up and stared at Ancano as he looked over the spell.

   "We are going to need a large room for me to do this." He looked at me expecting the answer I was obviously going to give.
   "Then the main room shall be where we go." He smirked.

   "You truly are the most heartless of all mortals."

   "I know I am, and I quiet enjoy it." I turned and pranced off with Ancano fallowing behind.

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