Imagine waking up to a throbbing headache, seeing nothing but blurred figures, and random beeping noises around you. Spencer was in that exact position, but nobody really knew why she was hurt. In fact, nobody was there, in the hospital room, with her. She was alone, like she'd been for most of her life. Even she didn't remember what happened before her current predicament. It all comes crashing down on her as she remembers it slowly throughout her recovery


2. You're Welcome


Spencer's POV:

Once we reached the park, Lizzy rushed towards the bar. Not a surprise, in fact, I'm shocked she's not overweight with all the alcohol she inhales. Yes, inhales.

I locked my car and started walking across the street, but I was grabbed around my waist.

As I was pulled back, a car drove right in front of me, obviously ignoring the speed limit.

"You're welcome," he said, with his thick British accent.


I turned around to see a boy, with thick brown curls atop his head. His eyes were the perfect shade of green, and his smile was... Terrifying. Like he knew something about my past. There was nothing to know, but he made it seem like there was.

"Oh, uh, thanks, well I better catch up to my friend, she gets a bit wild!" I rambled.

He shook his head and grabbed my waist, pulling me towards the bar, and ordering a never ending round of shots. It was a rave after all, so I suppose I could have a few...



Hey guys! So sorry this chapter was so short! I can't wait to write more of this story! Anyways, leave reviews because I want to read them! Okay, well I won't be able to update on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because I'll be on vacation to the beach! LET'S GO TO THE BEACH EACH LETS GO GET AWAY. Oh and when I say those days, I'm talking here in the US. Okay, byeeeeee. Xoxo, Sammy(:

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