Imagine waking up to a throbbing headache, seeing nothing but blurred figures, and random beeping noises around you. Spencer was in that exact position, but nobody really knew why she was hurt. In fact, nobody was there, in the hospital room, with her. She was alone, like she'd been for most of her life. Even she didn't remember what happened before her current predicament. It all comes crashing down on her as she remembers it slowly throughout her recovery


1. Salad Please

Spencer's POV:

"Muuuuuum!" I screamed down the staircase. It was the first day of summer and Lizzy and I had been invited to a rave at the park. My mum was supposed to take my shopping for my outfit today, since the party was at 9 tonight. "WHAT?!" she screamed equally as loud at me. I glanced around my room, to make sure I had everything before stumbling downstairs.

Curse my bad coordination. I grunted as I tripped over the last step.

"Is there going to be alcohol there?" my mum asked while we walked out the door.


"No, just a end of school year party!" I lied. I've gotten better at my lying skills, I can now fully look her in the eye without breaking character.

"Thank God," she held her hand to her chest.

What's her problem?



When we reached the outlets, I ran straight towards TopShop. They honestly had the cutest things, so I chose a couple different outfits, not worrying about the price. That's what my mum is for.

"You hungry?" she asked, already heading for the food court.

Not really, but you're going to make me eat anyways, aren't you?

"I guess."

I never really ate. Lizzy was so thin, I felt like I had to be like her to be her friend, so I stopped eating as much. Everyone I know has tried to get me to eat something, but I only eat about two or three meals a week.

"What do you want?" my mum interrupted my thoughts, we were at McDonald's.


"A salad, please."

My mum doesn't like eating with me in public, so we took it home, where I took my salad into my room and dumped it into my garbage. No way was I eating that 250 calorie salad.



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