Imagine waking up to a throbbing headache, seeing nothing but blurred figures, and random beeping noises around you. Spencer was in that exact position, but nobody really knew why she was hurt. In fact, nobody was there, in the hospital room, with her. She was alone, like she'd been for most of her life. Even she didn't remember what happened before her current predicament. It all comes crashing down on her as she remembers it slowly throughout her recovery


3. Kidnapped

Spencer's POV:

I could feel the heavy lump protruding from his tight pants and into the small of my back as we moved together to the music. Lizzy was somewhere snogging with some stranger, while I was still here on the dance floor. There's something scary about this boy, but it's quite attractive.



Lizzy's POV:

Even though I was swapping saliva with some guy, I couldn't help but worry about Spencer. When I left her, I saw her dancing with some guy. I didn't know him, so I was positive she didn't know him either. She looked like she was enjoying herself, but there was something about him that made me itch. "Excuse me," I mumbled in between our snog session. He looked upset that I stopped.


"Sorry, I just need to call my mum and tell her how everything's going!" I lied. I've always wished I had Spencer's lying skills.

I went on a search for my best friend, I didn't know where she was, but I was going to find her.



Spencer's POV:

I wasn't sure of his name quite yet, but he seemed to know mine.

"Hey, Spencer, let's go somewhere quiet, yeah?"

No. Please don't take me somewhere quiet.

"Um, actually I have to get home before my mum gets worried," I told him quietly, usually I'm so good at bluffing... But with him, it's like he knew every one of my secrets and lies.

Not that I have any.

"There's no choice. You're coming with me whether you like it or not," he forcefully grabbed my forearm and pulled me towards the parking lot.

I looked up at him, and saw his eyes. They weren't green like before, they turned more of grayish black. And by the way, it was horrible.

"Get in the car," he growled. Now would be the perfect time to escape, but there wouldn't be enough time to start my car before he caught me and brought me with him.

I sat down in the passenger seat, sitting stiff, as not to anger him even more.

"What about Lizzy and my mum?"

He kept looking forward, ignoring my question.

"If you're going to kidnap me, at least tell me what your name is," I was starting to get frustrated. He can't just take me away and not give me any information.

His throat made a grunt noise, "Harry. That's all you need to know."

This isn't what I expected my first night of summer would be.


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