Karoline Westback had a rough past and her twin brother, Brian, was the one who saved her. Some how they end up on a plane bond to Colorado to visit some family. But what happens when their parents tell them some news?


6. Isabel Espionza

Hiya! It's Isabel! 
So yeah. That's me. Right over there. 
So, I'm friends, in fact best friends with the twin.
I like Brian, just don't tell him. 
when he told me that he was moving.... 
I can't. 
So yeah! 
It's been a while. 
I love to sing, that's where I met Karoline. 
I also love to skateboard, that how I met Brian. 
I have a hard life. I mean, it's complicated. 
So, yeah. 
That's mainly all of me, but my big secret. 

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