Karoline Westback had a rough past and her twin brother, Brian, was the one who saved her. Some how they end up on a plane bond to Colorado to visit some family. But what happens when their parents tell them some news?


7. Chapter 4

Karoline’s P.O.V.


“What did mom want, Brian?” I asked him since I heard him in the shower. He didn't’t answer, all he did was look at his phone frowning. “Brian?!” I shouted.


“Huh?” He said while starting to look up. His face was drained of color. It looked like he had seen a ghost. Hie eyes have lost their sparkle, they looked like a baby blue and not his natural ocean blue eyes. He looked scared.


“Brian, what did mom want?” I said while walking closer to him.


“Oh. She wanted to tell us to have fun while we’re here, and not to get into any trouble.” He said. Some color was coming back to his face.


“Oh, ok then. Are you feeling alright? You don’t look so well.” I said, still getting closer to him.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just hungry. Are you hungry?” He asked. This is weird, he never asks me if I want anything. There is something really wrong with him.


“Brian. Please tell me if there is anything wrong with you. I want to help.” I honestly want to help him. We either of us doesn't’t feel good, we both have side effects to it. If he’s sick, I’m down and depressed. If I’m sick, then he is always moody. Nobody likes a moody boy. It’s kinda creepy.


“I’m only hungry, I haven’t eaten anything since this morning and I am STARVING!!!!” He said, with emphasis on ‘starving’.


“Ok, I get that you are hungry. What are you in the mood for?” I said clearly dropping, for now.


“Um... How about.... Arby’s?” His favorite fast food place of all time.


“Sure. Why not? Are you going to get it?” I asked trying to get rid of him.


“Sure, why not. What would you like? I’ll write down in my phone.”


“I would like two double cheeseburgers, plain with extra ketchup and two curly fries and a lemonade. I’ll pay you back when you get here.” I said offering.


“Um.. You don’t have to do that. I’ll do it as an ‘I’m sorry’ gift.” He said in a hopeful voice.


“What are you sorry about? Is there something that you’re not telling me?” I pushed.


“No. It’s and I’m sorry gift for everything that I have done wrong. Like when I made fun of you for singing and then you quit. I’m sorry.” He said looking down at his feet.


“Brian, it wasn't’t your fault. I quit because people didn’t like me, and I sound bad. I’m kinda hungry, so will you hurry up?” I said, starting to feel bad for what I have done.


“I still blame myself for that. Whenever you sang, I dissed you. I pushed you into quitting. I will never forgive myself. You are a wonderful singer and you need to go back into it.” He said.


“I can’t. And if I do, I won’t be as good as I was before.” I confessed.


“Bull crap! You sing in the shower, I hear you all the time. You were never bad.” He tried to change my mind.


“Brian. Stop talking about my singing and go get the food.” I tried getting rid of him. Again.


“Fine, but when I get back, we are talking about this.” He said then turned on his heel and walked out.


I flopped on the bed with my head in the pillows and then I rolled over. My eyes felt heavy with sleepiness and the lack of food. My eyes were drooping ever so slowly. As I finally closed my eyes, I heard my phone vibrate from my night stand. It’s only a text. You can text them back when your food gets here. I thought.And with that, I fell asleep.


Isabel’s P.O.V. (Special!!!)


I tried to call Karoline to see if it was true. If they were moving to Colorado in two weeks. Brian had told me. It felt bad when it came from him. I just started to develop feelings for him, and I won’t be able to see if it goes anywhere. I had a feeling that this had to do with Jake. But Karoline didn't’t answer. She always does though!


What if something happened to her? What if Brian duct taped her mouth shut and tied her hands together, like he had always said? What if their hotel caught fire? What if- Dammit! Isabel, shut the hell up! No wonder you only have the twins as your friends.


Damn, I just had a mental fight with myself. Cool! Yeah, it’s official. I need a new life. Just as I am about to go into another mental fight, my phone vibrates in my back pocket. I started to giggle and my mom just looked at me like I was crazy. I’m not crazy, I just think it feels funny when your phone vibrates in your ass pocket. I’m not the only one who thinks that, at least I don't think.


From: Brian my boy twin:D:


Will you tell Karoline?


To: Brian my boy twin:D:


No. Does it involve her?


From: Brian my boy twin:D:


No shit! It’s my sister.


To: Brian my boy twin:D:


I wont tell her.


From: Brian my boy twin:D:


How do I know you wont tell her??


To: Brian my boy twin:D:


I wont tell her because I wont hurt someone I love. Thats why.


From: Brain my boy twin:D:


Jake wants to see her still and hes scaring our parents.


To: Brian my boy twin:D:


Wow. I see why your moving.


From: Brian my boy twin:D:


Now you see why you cant tell Kare???


I didn't’t text back. My life was ruined. I will never be able to see if what Brian and I have is real. I mean we can try a long distance relationship, but I don’t know about Brian. He is so handsome, I don’t think he’ll be single for very long. And I’m pretty sure that he doesn't’t even like me.


Yes, I’m a girl, and I’m insecure. We don’t believe a single word out of a guys mouth until he say’s “I love you”, or “You’re ugly”. It comes with being a girl, and there’s no changing it. You start to feel sorry for yourself and then it goes downhill from there.


See, with me, it was different. My ex called my fat and ugly, and the worst was he said he never even loved me in the first place. And he told me to go die in a hole. Then all of his friends did the same, and they were my friends before he even came in the picture. Then everybody in the school did it. I was well known in my school and that wasn't’t even the bad part. They found out my secret, somehow. And then they used it against me. That’s when I started cutting and drinking. I started to feel sorry for myself and then I slowly became suicidal.


That’s when I met Brian and Karoline. They saved me, slowly though. I stopped partying and then I slowly stopped cutting. But, when things get bad, like this bad, I do things. I go back to my old ways, but not for long. When I start, I think about what we did as friends and then I start to feel ashamed and then I go into depression. I lose contact with the outside world and then I slowly become distant with my own family. Then they call either of them and then the cycle restarts.


I can’t go back to that. I’ve been clean for about 42 days. I don’t know how Karoline and Brian put up with a mess like me. There I go, again. I can’t let my secret came back from my past. I even kept it from the twins for this long, why not a little longer? I mean, why they don’t won’t hurt them. Right?


It’ll be hard to do. I hope I’m choosing the right option here. I’m not going to tell them until they get back. I don’t want to ruin anything good for them, like their vacation. I just hope they wont text me because I don’t want to crack. I don’t want to pull up my mask just yet, because the masquerade is just beginning. This secret is the key to my life and what had happened. I don’t anything bad to come from this, but something already did.


I might have to tell someone before they find out. the thing is, I can’t tell the wrong people or something bad will happen. Wait, something did happen. And it’ll just get worse because of one person. The thing is, you just don’t know who will keep a secret and who won’t. My parents aren't’t even my parents.


I was left on the doorstep of the closest orphanage to the hospital that I was born in. My parents, whoever they are, didn't’t want me because I was the second child. That also didn't’t want me because I am a girl, and they don’t like girls, for some reason. The funny thing was, when I was younger, I used to create these little fantasies in my head about me birth parents. My adoptive parents kind of look like me, so people only found out from my parents, or myself.


We only tell people whom we trust and love. But I haven’t told the twins yet because I love them too much, and I don’t want to hurt them anymore than I already have. And when I tell them in two weeks, it will be official. I won’t have any friends. I only have the twins as my friends, and I go to a private school and there, everyone there knows my secret.


“Isabel, what do you want for dinner?” My mom had asked me. Yes, she’s my adoptive mom, but I love like a real mom, and she is my only mom.


“Um.. How about Sonic?” I replied. I love Sonic.


“Sure. Let me guess. One thing of jumbo popcorn chicken, fires, a double cheeseburger, and a cherry limeade. Am I right?”


“Yeah.” I said looking at the floor, feeling ashamed. I’m fat and crap. Here we go again into the depression. I guess my mom noticed, because she walked over to me.


“Isabel! Please don’t do this again. Just because the twins aren't’t here doesn't’t mean I won’t get you help. I was going to order the same thing.” My mom said.




“Because I’m starving, and I didn't’t want to leave you out. Since dad’s gone to Philly till next week, let’s pig out. We hardly get this chance.” My mom said, boosting my self esteem.


“Hells to the yeah! Let’s do it!” I said smiling to my mom.


“Do you want to come with me to get it, or do you want to choose the movies for the movie marathon?” She asked.


“Hm... MOVIES!” I basically yelled to my mom.


“Ok, be good and choose some kick ass movies!” She shouted while walking to the door.


“Bye madre! Love you, be safe!”


“Love you too, my white ass child!” My mom shouted as she walked out the door.


I got off of the couch and walked over to the movies stands and chose ‘Pitch perfect’, ‘The lucky one’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Human Centipede’, and ‘The Dict-


Someone cut me off from my movie mo-go by ringing on the freaking doorbell. I got up to answer the door. I didn't’t look out of the peep hole, but I should have. I slowly turned the knob.


“Hello sister.” Some guy said. I brought my head up to face the monster, my secret, and my brother.



Cliffhanger!!!! Wow, it took me less than a week to write this. Go Bailey, it's almost your birthday! June 19 is when I turn 15, and I'll be in California! So, that means I won't be able to update next week because I'll be packing and on Friday I'll be gone. So I decided my update schedule. I will update sometime during the weekend until August because of school. Until then I will update as fast as possible. So, wish me luck. Have a good two weeks while I don't up date.


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