Karoline Westback had a rough past and her twin brother, Brian, was the one who saved her. Some how they end up on a plane bond to Colorado to visit some family. But what happens when their parents tell them some news?


5. Chapter 3

Brian’s P.O.V.


We stepped outside to go to our taxi, but when we did it, we both took in a deep breath. We both thought the same thing, but Karoline was the first to say it. Our first breath of Colorado air seemed nice. It was noticeably warmer, and it seemed like it was freer. It seemed as if we were freer.


No parents for one week, but we were staying with our Uncle and Aunt. We were staying in their guesthouse. Hopefully they had a hot work hand.


Snap out of it Brian! You’re here for Karoline! Not your personal needs!


I looked over at my sister as she seemed to be enjoying the warmth. She had her eyes closed and her bag was on the floor next to her. Her nose was lifted up, so she could get more free air in her body. Well, air was free, but you know what I mean.


“Karoline, we need to go to this hotel so Aunt Jane can pick us up tomorrow.”


“I thought that we were just going to get picked up there. What happened?”


“Well, Aunt Jane thought it would be nice for us to shower up and rest before we went to their farm. Then tomorrow she would pick us up around 11 am. She didn’t even ask us if we wanted to stay at the hotel. Whatever.” I said and snapped my fingers in a ‘Z’ formation.


“Really, using your ‘sass’ won’t help in our situation, Brian.” She said with her ‘attitude’.


“Using your ‘attitude’ won’t help us out either, Karoline. Let’s just go to the hotel because I want to know if they have room service! I’ve always wanted to do that.” I said trying to cheer up my sister.


“Whatever, Brian. All I want to do is get these 2 weeks over and done with. All I really, truly want is my life to go back to before....” She trailed off with tears in her eyes. I really wanted to tell her what has been on my mind since this morning, but I can’t. It’s supposed to help us, help her. I truly don’t think that it will help.


“Trust me, I know. Me too. Let’s just get this day over and done with, then we will see where it takes us.”


“Damn, Brian! That was deep.” Karoline said, in return made me chuckle.


“I know, and I can go in deep too.” I said with a smirk visible on my face.


“Brian!” My sister yelled at me.


“I see you caught my drift.”


She was about to say something when something, or should I say someone did. “Excuse me, are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to get a cab?” A taxi driver said.


“Umm, I think so. Do you know where this hotel is?” I said while taking out a slip of paper that I had wrote the address on.  The man took the paper and looked at it for a while then said, “yeah, it’s a couple of blocks away. It’s within walking distance.” I just looked at him like he was crazy.


“My aunt said that we had to drive to it and that it was quite far from here. Are you sure that you’re correct?” I asked.


“Brian, just Google it. Stop bothering him.” Karoline said. Oh yeah, why don’t I do that? “I swear, you’re a dumb blonde.” Karoline muttered.


“Hey! I heard that, and I’m not dumb.” I replied.


“Yeah, you’re right, you’re not dumb. You’re stupid.” She said and the man had chuckled.


I took my phone out and Googled it. It said if we walked that it would take 45 minutes, but by taxi, only 10 minutes. “You, lied to us. Why?” I asked.


“I must have read it wrong or something. I’m sorry.” The man said. I looked to Karoline and her eyes said it all. ‘He is hiding something, lets go.’ I nodded. I grabbed my bag and walked off to a different cab. I turned and looked at my sister and she was just picking up her stuff. The man looked at her like a meal. That was gross. “Karoline, you coming?” I asked before that disgusting man said something to offend her.


“Yeah, my shoe is untied, hold on.” I looked at her then the man. It was his opportunity to do something while she was down. He was bending down. I didn’t want to know what he was going to do, so I walked over to my sister to protect her. I know, I’m a very protective brother, right? Well, yes. I don’t want my only sister, and my only sibling , and my other half to get hurt. It seems like I don’t care, but she hates it when I protect her. She says that since she’s older, she has to protect me. I don’t like that very much. Ever since Jake, she hasn’t been the same. I wish she was back to her old self. I walked over to where she was kneeling and stood next to her. As she was doing the bunny ears, I gave the man a dirty look.


“Ready Brian. Let’s go.” She said as she stood up.


We walked to a different cab together and sat in it after we placed our luggage in the trunk. She gave the man the slip of paper and he took off. We sat in the back and played on our phones. Well, I’m not sure what Karoline did, but I texted my best friend, Isabel. She puts up with my shit. She is strong, beautiful, smart, and she can kick my ass at CoD. She is Karoline best friend also. But, I have a crush on her and she might know. When I get bored, I always text her and then I’m not bored...? I don’t get it. We act like a couple then, WTF?!


The car pulled to a hault and I looked up. The hotel was quite nice outside and there was some traffic, but not much. We got out of the taxi and payed the man then we grabbed our stuff. We walked into the lobby and went to the front desk. The rescptonist asked us for our names and we, well Karoline said our names. The lady gave us our keys and went back to whatever she was doing before we got there. We walked into the elevator and perssed the 2nd floor and waited for the doors to shut when my phone buzzed with a text. I looked to see who it was from and it was from Isabel.


From: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


You not going to text back? LOSER!!!


To: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


Hell nah. Well Im your loser!


I guess Karoline noticed that I was smiling like a creep and she grabbed my phone out of my hand before I could put it in my pocket. She looked down at the screen and smiled. “When did you start liking Isabel? Was when you met her? do you think she’s pretty? Do you lov-” She couldn’t say anything else because I cut her off.


“Karoline, will you shut up? How did you know? No, I started to like her a few months back. Yes she’s pretty, and no. I don’t think I love her.” I said answering all of her questions.


“Why not? Do you want to da-” My phone cut her off. “Damnit! Why does everything have to cut m-” I cut her off by grabbing my phone.


From: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


Damn! Im stuck with you! >:(


To: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


Yupp! Forever and ever babe! lol jkjk


I sent the text right as the doors opened. I was the first to walk. I turned to see a shocked Karoline with her mouth open. “Shut your mouth, or you’ll catch flies.” I said with a smirk on my face. I turned on my heel and kept walking.


I was looking for the room. I walked till the end of the hallway and looked at the door. It was okay. Well, the door was okay. I slid the key into the lock and I saw this: Hotel-room-renaissance-columbus-ohio


It was quite nice. I walked in and droped my suitcase on the bed closet to the window and walked back out to see a confused Karoline. She was walking back and forth trying to find something. “What are you looking for?” I said. I guess I scared her because she jumped.


“I was looking for the room. But I found it. “ She said as she walked past me.


“The door was wide open, stupid.”


“It didn’t look like it from where I was standing.” She replyed as she dropped her suitcase on the first bed. she opened the suitcase and grabbed some clothes. “I’m going to be in the shower. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m in there.” She said as she walked into the bathroom.


I just jumped on my bed and grabbed out my phone. I was going to text Isabel, but someone decided to call me. Hall of fame by The Script rang through the hoyel room. I looked at the caller I.D and it was my mom. I picked up. “Mom?”


“Brian! You anwsered! What are you doing?”


“Nothing. Karoline’s in the shower singing Chloe by Emblem3 right now so....” I trailed off.


“Brian! Listen to me. When we get there we will tell Karoline something that you guys won’t like very much. You guys are moving there.”


“Why?! I love it back home!” I shot back.


“What song is she singing now?”


“Carry you by Union J. Better hurry up mom.”


“We are only doing that because of Jake. He might not get put in jail. Right now he’s on probation and he came over to see Karoline. It’s like they haven’t broke up to him. It must’ve been those drugs. Song?” My mom asked.


“Best Friends by the Janoskians. One more song mom.”


“Ok. He is starting to scare us. Aunt Jane and Uncle Craig said it was ok for you to move in with him. So, I decide that you keep her busy untill we get there. I have to go. We are going to setp up your school records and send it to the school. Be safe, good luck, and I love you.” My mom said.


“I love you too mom. Bye.” I said before I hung up.


“We’re gonna set this world on fire! You know we keep it jumpin’ when we break all the rules!” Karoline sang ‘Set this world on fire’ by the Janoskians. Her voice is actually really good. Why did she quit singing? Oh yeah, it was me being a dick and telling her that she sucked.


How am I going to keep this secret for one week?! It’s really big. I should text Isabel.


To: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


Yo! Big news but you cant tell Kare!


My phone buzzed in my hand.


From: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


I wont. What is it????


To: Isabel my sexi bestie:


We are moving.


She didn’t reply so she must be thinking, or something. The shower had stoped. Karoline was done. I kept looking at my phone hoping that Isabel would text back. Karoline stepped out of the bathroom in sweats and a t-shirt. “What did mom want, Brian?” Karoline asked.


This secret was going to be hard to keep.


My phone vibrated in my hand.


From: Isabel my sexi bestie<3:


WHAT?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?

Ok, this secret will be even harder to keep.


It is past midnight and I needed to write this before I go to California. 09 days left! Oh crap! It's been awhile so yeah. Please check those songs out. They're really great! Yeah, so see ya later!


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