Karoline Westback had a rough past and her twin brother, Brian, was the one who saved her. Some how they end up on a plane bond to Colorado to visit some family. But what happens when their parents tell them some news?


4. Chapter 2

Karoline's P.O.V.


    I fell asleep right before we took off. The last thing I remember is the captain coming on telling that we were ready for departure.


    "Karoline. If you try to run away I will always find you. Do you know why?" Jake said.


    "No. Why?" I answered.


    "It's because I love you. Do you love me?" Jake asked. It took me a minute to think about it. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first love? Love? Did I love this boy? ‘Yes’ my mind said. My mind said yes, my heart, it didn’t say anything. It screamed yes.


"Yes, I do love you." It was no lie. I did love him, that's before he tried to hurt me.


    This was all 15 minutes before he tried to drug me. All of those memories of us before that even happened came into my dream.


    The sun was setting over the hills as we raced each other to the swings that were ten feet in front of us. I somehow got to the swing before him, I think he let me win. I ran to the closest swing possible and sat on it. The chains jumped as my weight was put on it. Once he sat on his swing, I could tell he was staring at me. He leaned in, and I could tell that he wanted our first kiss. He was the first boy I ever kissed, and he was my first boyfriend as well. I was scared because I was inexperienced. I didn't think. So, I pushed the swing back right before he could get any closer. I started to swing.


    As I got higher and higher, the sun was leaving us quicker and quicker. I finally decided to ask what was wrong because he wasn't swinging at all. I slowed down to a stop and looked over at him. His face was in his hands and he wasn't looking up, it seemed as if the grass was more interesting than me.


    "Jake, what's the matter?" I asked. Once he didn't answer, I got concerned. I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He shot his head up and looked in my eyes.


    "What's the matter?" I asked again, hoping he would answer me this time.


    "I love you." He whispered, barely audible.




    "You heard me. I love you, Karoline." Jake said with more confidence this time.


    "Jake, are you sure abou-" He cut me off with his lips. They were soft and tasted of mint. I automatically kissed him back, even though I didn't know what to do. I pulled back before it got too hot.


    "I love you too, Jake." I said and he smiled as his response.


    "How was your first kiss?"


    "It was good, but I think I need more practice."


    "Well, would you like to 'practice' some more?" He asked with a wink in the end.


    "Um.... Let me see what time it is."I said while grabbing my phone out of my pocket. '8:56'


    "Jake, my curfew is 9! We need to go!" I said while grabbing his hand. We ran until we reached my front porch. I grabbed my phone out. '9:01'. I was late, by only a minute. I said goodbye to my boyfriend and was opening the front door. I was about to step into the foyer when I felt something tugging at my wrist. I turned around, and I was met by a pair of lips. We were into the kiss when we heard someone clearing their throat. We broke the kiss almost immediately. I looked up to see Brian shaking his head while smirking.


    "Dad! Karoline's home! And she was kissing Jake!" He whispered the last part. My dad walking in and said hi to Jake.


    "Jake, are you going to let my only daughter go?" He asked. Almost instantly Jake looked down at our bodies and his arms were around my waist and my arms on his chest. Jake let go and backed up.


    "Karoline, you and Brian should head up to your rooms." Brian and I looked at each other with wide eyes knowing what that meant. I turned to Jake and gave him a hug. He put his lips on my neck like he always does when we hug. I stood up on my tippy toes so my lips were by his ear. "I love you, now good luck." I whispered.


    I was heading up the stairs before Brian and I could hear my dad starting to talk to Jake. I will never know what my dad had said to Jake that night.


    More and more memories flashed by. I didn't want to keep remembering those horrible memories. They were bad enough just to go through them, but it was worse remembering what happened and what I didn't remember at first.


I was at Jake’s house watching romance movies. I mean we weren’t watching, more like making-out while the movie was playing. Anyways, I felt my shirt go up. I pulled away from the kiss and looked at my beautiful boyfriend.


    “Jake, what are you doing? I don’t want a stupid answer like always.” I stated, not feeling ok with what he was doing.


    “You don’t look comfy at all, babe. Please get comfy.” Jake said with no emotion.


    “Jake, if you keep pushing me, then I will go home. I don’t want anymore crap from you.”


    “Babe! I love you, and you love me, right?” He whined/asked.


    “You always, and I mean ALWAYS pull the ‘I love you, you love me’ card when I threaten to leave. I don’t want to keep this up if that is your only excuse.” I said standing up off the couch.


    “Fine, I promise.” Jake said also standing up. I didn’t notice this before, but he put a silver package into his back pocket. I didn’t trust him completely. I just wanted to get out of that house. It smelt of fish and eggs every time I went over.


    “Jakey, I need to leave because it’s family game night.” It wasn’t a lie, but I hated family game nights, but I wanted out of his house even more.


    “Fine, but I thought you hated those.”


    “I do, but if I ain't there, my parents will ground me from you. And do you want that?” I asked, and that was a big lie.


    “No, I’ll walk you to the door.” He said taking my hand.


    We walked to his door in silence. It was awkward to me, but I don’t know for him. We got to the door and he opened it, like he was a gentlemen. We kissed at the door, but I didn’t feel anything like before. What was that about? I was the one who broke the kiss and said I had to leave.


    I was walking down the driveway and getting ready to turn onto the sidewalk when I turned around. It was a bad time to turn around. He was standing in his doorway with his hands in his pockets. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. His eyes were shut like he was enjoying something. Then it hit me right in the mother effing face. He was jerking off, in public. That got me really worried.


I wanted the memories to stop.


Us going on dates. To the movies. To the park. To the shops in town. To the mountains to hike. On picnics. Us holding hands. Us kissing. Him wanting to take it further. Us painting his room. Me cooking dinner for him. Me meeting his family. Him trying to get me to take dru-


“Karoline, wake up.” Someone said while shaking me. Slowly I opened my eyes to see a distressed Brian next to me. “Were you dreaming of-” I cut him off with a nod.


He didn’t say anything else, he just pulled me in for a hug. The flight attendants came around and said something in his ear. Brian looked up to see this young looking woman. She had shoulder length hair that was reddish/brownish. Her name tag read Amanda. She was small in size, and her frame was just even smaller. All in all, she was beautiful. He nodded in response to ‘Amanda’.


I looked at my twin brother with a confused look on my face. “She just wanted to know if I wanted to sit here. And I said yes. Guess what?” Brian asked me.


“What is it, Brian?” I asked.


“It looks like we are..... Pause for effect.... Chair neighbors!” He said with a smile appearing on his face. All I did was smile.


***About 30 minutes later***


The captain came on the intercom as me and Brian were in the middle of a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. “We will be landing shortly, please put your seatbelts on and your chairs in the upright position, please and thank you.”


We did as told, everyone did. Soon enough, the flight attendants came around to collect the trash. It was a couple of minutes later when we actually landed. It was a bit rough, but we made it out alive.


Brian and I waited for the other people to walk out, so we could feel less claustrophobic as possible. We started walking out of the plane and out into the terminal. There were people everywhere. I just looked at Brian and he gave me a hope filled smile and continued walking to get our luggage. I followed close behind. We made it to luggage drop off/ pick up and waited to see our luggage and get the hell out of this Airport.


Our two suitcases came out on the medium sized convatorbelt. Brian just grabbed them and walked back to me. We still weren’t talking, just not yet. He  handed my suitcase over to me and started walking out to go to the nearest fast food joint around. We haven’t eaten since before we left, I think. Down an escalator, and past lots of random people and we were finally out. 
                                                                                                        "Hello Colorado."

The bold thingy isn't working tonight... *Humh* I didn't update last week because school work and stuff. 8 more weekdays left of school. Then I can update everyday! But in June, I'm going to Cali. This is 4163 words in this chapter. Anyways, bye...

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