Karoline Westback had a rough past and her twin brother, Brian, was the one who saved her. Some how they end up on a plane bond to Colorado to visit some family. But what happens when their parents tell them some news?


3. Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. This is it, today is the day. I am going to go to Colorado to visit my Aunt Jane and my Uncle Craig. They're on my dad's side of the family, and I'm a little scared. The reason why I'm going to their place in the beginning of school is not very pleasant. Last year is when it all started.


"Jake, I don't want to!" I screamed at him.          

  "But Karoline! I know you want to! Just do it and stop being a pussy about it!" He yelled back.        He wanted me to take drugs. I really didn't want to do it, I was scared that something might happen to my when I take it.         

"Jake, are you going to make me?"        

"Yes, do it for our relationship. Come on, babe." Yes, we WERE dating. I wish I never said yes to him.        

"No! You can't make me do anythi-" I was cut of by his hand being swung across my face. My hand automatically flew to the right side of my face. He grabbed my left arm and put the needle in my arm.        

"Jake! Please don't do this to me!" He wouldn't listen to him, so... I did the only thing I could think of. Kick and punch him whit all of my might. I kicked him in his 'area' and he let me go.        "You bitch!" Jake screamed at me.        

I ran to the bathroom. It's the only place in his apartment that has a lock on the door. I shut it really quick, hoping that he wasn't on my heels. As the door fell into place in the wall, I tried to lock it, but it wouldn't lock. He had his hand on the door knob. He was going to get in. And I knew it. But I would hold him off as long as I can. I threw my weight against the door. My back was facing the door when I felt something.        

That something vibrated in my pocket. Oh carp! I have my phone with me! I thought I left it in my purse by the couch. I grabbed with taking any weight off the door. I didn't want to call the police because if he heard me talking, then he would make a b-line for the door. I did the next best thing, I texted my brother.  

(Text convo.)  

K: Brian! Call the cops for me! I'm stuck in a bathroom!  

B:Why are you stuck in a bathroom? and why don't you call them on you own?  

K:Then Jake would here me talking! Just do it!  

B:Why should I?  

K:Because I might die!  

B:OMG! Die from having sex to hard? lol  

K: NO! I'm still a virgin! No, he's trying to give me drugs and didn't want to.  

B:Fine, what should I say to the cops?  

K:That your big sister is stuck in a bathroom because she is trying to hide from her crazy boyfriend.  


He didn't text back, so I thought he was calling the cops. I hoped he was.  

B:They're on their way.  

K:Brian, you have saved my life.  

B:Ok. They should be there soon. Be careful. I love you. jkjk  

K:If they don't get here fast enough, then I want you to know that I love you, my twin brother.  

B:You're serious?  

K:Yes, dead serious. Why?  


K:I have to go, he's pushing the door harder! I love you so much, tell mom and dad that if I don't make it out that I love them too!    

Brian's P.O.V.          

 I was just sitting on the couch watching TV when Karoline texted me. We never text unless it's important. I was kind of nervous when she said that I had to call the cops. I wanted to know why, because I last seen her in her room. I thought that she was joking. I didn't call the cops, I called a stripper's number and told her to be a cop. My sister said she wanted a cop, well, she will have a stripper cop.          

 I don't know how I found the number in the online phonebook, but I did. I told her that he/she was on their way. Then she told me that I saved her life. Her sex life is what she was talking about, right? Then she told me that if she didn't make it out, that she loved me. Ok, this just got serious! I better call the actual cops this time. I got off the phone with them and they said they were on their way. I just hope that they aren't late.  

Karoline's P.O.V.           

Where are they Brian? Please be on their way! Jake was pushing harder and harder by the minute. I was just about to give in when I felt the familiar buzz. I grabbed my phone before it got harder. It was Brian.   I love you too, they should be there soon, I promise. Stay safe.           When I got that text I knew I had to push on the door as hard as I could. I did and it pushed him back. The door slammed shut and I locked it. We both heard the door lock, and that's when he screamed at me again.           

"Babe! Get the fuck out here, or I'll get the key!"           

Carp! He has the key, I have my phone. I felt more weight on the door. I knew he was coming in, and he might take my life. Just a few more minutes Karoline! You can do it. I was quickly getting weaker and weaker by the second and he knew it too. The door was slowly coming in. He was opening the door. Just as I was about to let go, I heard glass breaking. I peaked my head around the door when he stopped pushing.          

 I was glad that he went to go check on the sound. I shut the door really quickly and locked it again. He heard it lock again. He came running back. The door wont hold anymore weight on it. I heard it cracking. He jumped into the door. It kept cracking. Just one more time and this door will be the end of me.           

Thump.... Thump.... He was walking away from the door. Thump.. Thump.. Thump.. More glass breaking? Something opening. This funny smelling smoke came into the bathroom. I garbed the nearest towel to cover my face. The door was still shut and I didn't want it to open any time soon. Lots of pounding came through. I heard some shouting.           

I realized that I haven't cried yet. I was too scarred to cry. I didn't take my weight off the door yet. I didn't know if it was the cops or him playing a trick on me. I figured it was him playing a trick on me. I felt weight on the door again. He was coming for me!           

"No! Jake don't hurt me! I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!" I screamed.           

"It's not Jake. It's the police. Are you Karoline?"           

"Yes! Please get him away from me!"          

 "We will, and we did! Just come out."           

"O-ok." I said. I was preparing for the worst. Jake would be out there and he would be waiting for me. I opened the door. I peaked my headed around it. Everything was trashed. I started to walk. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket. I dialed 9-1-1 but I didn't call just yet. I made my way to the front door. I opened it. The sunlight was really bright. I had to shield my eyes just to see. I stepped out and heard shouting. What was going on?           

I fully stepped out and my eyes finally adjusted to the light and I seen squad cars everywhere. One of the cops grabbed my arm and drug me a car. He put me in the back. He shut the door, walked around to the front seat and got in. On the way to where we were going, he said nothing. I fell asleep in the back of the squad car, knowing that I was now safe.  

*End of flashback*        

Yeah, that all happened. It was one month ago, and now in one month school will be starting. I must have forgot to hit the off button on the stupid clock because it was still going off. I rolled so I was on my stomach. I lifted my head to see the time. It read  6:00. Crap! I was supposed to be up 30 minutes ago! I hit the off button and jumped out of bed.          

 I grabbed some clothes that I had set out last night and jumped in the shower. I washed my hair and my body. I didn't bother shaving my legs yet, because I was going to wear sweats to the airport. I jumped out and threw my clothes on. I was wearing some slightly oversized grey sweat pants and a black t-shirt that fit me quite well. I grabbed my hair drier and started to dry my hair. Once my hair was dry I grabbed my phone to check the time,  6:45.           

I have enough time to pack everything that I might need. I'm only going to be in Colorado for two weeks, I don't that much, or do I? I grabbed my suit case and started to put my clothes in it. A couple pairs of skinny jeans, two pairs of shorts, 7 shirts, some sandals, and lots of jewelry. I also grabbed two of my many snapbacks to wear. As for my electronics, I packed my laptop and it's charger, my 3DS and it's charger and some games to it, my IPod the charger for that, and my phone charger because I was taking my phone with me on the plane.           

"Karoline! Are you almost ready?!" I heard Brian's voice go through the my door.           

"Almost done, Bry!" I yelled back.          

 "Ok, the taxi's here, just to let you know."           

"I'll be down!" I screamed back.           

I turned back to my room and looked at it for one last time for two weeks. I made sure I had everything for I left. I walked down the stairs to see my mom and dad giving Brian a hug. Brian was coming with me. It was only us two for the first week and then my parents were coming for the second week because they couldn't get the first week off of work because of the short notice they gave their work. I jumped the last couple of stairs before setting my suit case down on the ground. I walked up to my parents and gave each a hug and a kiss on the check.           

"Honey, be careful and watch over your brother for me. Ok?" My mom whispered in my ear during our hug.           

"Yes mom, it's fine and I will do." I said pulling away.           

"Be safe, and don't kill each other while we're not there." My dad said with a chuckle.           

"I'll try not to hurt my little brother, that much." I whispered the last part to myself.           

"You're only two minutes older!" Brian yelled at me.          

 "Still, I'm older. Anyways, we should be going the taxi's here. And we don't want to be late for our flight." I said while giving them one last hug. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the door, I turned around and yelled "I love you!" and left.           

I walked to the taxi cab and set my stuff on the ground so the driver could put it in the trunk. I walked around the back of the cab to get in the back. As I sat down, I caught one last glimpse of my house, my parents, my life as the taxi man get in he asked us where we were going. I couldn't talk for some odd reason, so I nudged Brian in the side as he could answer. The taxi man only nodded in response and started to drive. It only took about ten minutes to get to the airport but it seemed longer because nobody talked.           

Once we got there, we grabbed our stuff and paid the taxi driver and left. We slowly walked to the check in and then we waited to go through the security check. It surprisingly took 20 minutes, and yet we still didn't talk. We both knew the reason to why we were leaving. Jake.           

We sat down in some chairs before our flight. I looked at Brian and I still didn't say anything. He noticed I was looking at him and turned to me. "You know, this could be good for us. Right?"

"Brian, I only hope. I only hope...." I trailed off.          

 I grabbed my phone to check the time, our flight was leaving at 7:15. We have about 5 more minutes before we head of to a new state, and I was scarred. Scarred to see my family, scarred to tell them the truth to what had happened, scarred to try and make friends because I had lost them all because of Jake. He messed up my life and I let him. Of course I didn't know what he was going to do, but I should have figured it out when he always had a Band-Aid on his arm in the same place. But, I have to forget about what he had done to my life and to my family.           

"Flight 503, heading to Denver is now boarding. Flight 503, heading to Denver is now boarding."           "Here we go Brian. Time to leave this hell hole." I said standing up. I walked up to the flight attendants and gave them my ticket. They ripped half of it and gave me the stub. They told me to have a nice flight, but I knew I wouldn't. I walked up to my seat and I realized that I had a window seat and that Brian wasn't going to sit next to me. I freaked out.          

 I walked up to Brian's seat. "Brian, I'm not sitting next to you! I'm scarred." and he pulled me into a hug.           

"Sshhhh. It's ok Karoline. If your seat is empty then I might be able to sit next to you, but until then you have to be strong and sit in your own seat. Ok?" He said into my hair. All I could do was nod. I let go of him and walked to my own seat, thankfully it was empty. I sat down and put my seat belt on, this was going to be a long trip. Good bye South Dakota, hello Colorado.


         Author's note
Hey guys, thank you for reading my story. If it has any mistakes, please tell me. This is my first story, so please, don't judge. If you have any ideas for my story, then please comment.


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